Countdown to Austria: One Month to go

Guess what? One month from today, on July 9th, it's Lederhosen time again – yep, it's our home from home, the Austrian Grand Prix! Ok, ok, we know we go on about it every year but it's not like it's work appropriate to wear Lederhosen when building a race car at the factory, is it?

There's nowhere quite like the Red Bull Ring. Nestled in the beautiful mountains and lush Styrian greenery, it's the perfect excuse for a camping trip with an F1 theme. For the Team, it's also a chance to drop in on our extended Red Bull family and say hello, whilst nomming some yummy schnitzel. (By "some", we mean as much as we can reasonably eat while still being able to fit in our kit.)

Talking of caravans, it turns out that Daniel and Max are fans. Not of staying in them, it seems, but of dragging them around a race track until they resemble anything but a caravan. Don't believe us? Check out their recent spot of caravan racing at the Red Bull Ring below. (For those of a delicate disposition, this one will put you right in the hot seat.) We hope it's not an indication of what they plan to do to the RB13 at the Austrian GP.

Anyway, if you're thinking of heading to our home race but haven't been before, there are plenty of good reasons to go. Aside from the picture postcard scenery and the summery vibe, it's only a short hop from Graz or Vienna, both of which are perfect for soaking up even more of the warm Austrian welcome. On top of that, you'll be camped up close and personal with some of the most passionate motorsport fans on the planet and if previous years are anything to go by, you can expect more than a few campfire singalongs. Oh, and there's a massive bull in the centre of the circuit, for those of you who love a cool selfie.

1) That schnitzel though
2) The chance to rock the Lederhosen
3) Taking giant bull selfies
4) Camping next door to Daniel and Max
5) Austrians are awesome

1) So much tasty schnitzel
2) So much tasty schnitzel
3) So much tasty schnitzel
4) So much tasty schnitzel
5) So much tasty schnitzel

Make a date with our home race and grab your Austrian GP tickets here. We'll see you there!