Rapid Rafters

It’s a big weekend for the Team in Montréal – but it wouldn’t be the Canadian Grand Prix if Daniel and Max didn’t start their residency with something to get the adrenaline pumping and the lawyers checking our liability insurance very carefully...

This year they've headed south of the city to the rapids to catch a little white water. Firstly, we can confirm that they survived the ordeal and we're expecting both to be dry and to have stopped giggling in time for FP1 on Friday.

The boys descended the rapids on the mighty St Lawrence as part of a proper Red Bull family affair. They had Toro Rosso's Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz alongside and a couple of local guides in the shape of Charles Hamelin, 4-time Olympic medal winning speed skater, and Sebastien Toutant, X-Games gold medallist snowboarder – both of whom are native Montréalais.

It was fun, all of us in this cool, inflatable boat

Starting off from LaSalle, they ran the LaChine rapids before beaching a few kilometres short of Île Notre-Dame and the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. While the jet boat experience is a popular pastime on this stretch of water, our guys were strictly old skool paddling for their lives in an inflatable. Afterwards they met the press for a series of TV spots and print interviews.

For Max, rarely off his jet-ski in his downtime, it was a new watersport to try to master: "It's my first time rafting, hitting some waves. I've seen it on TV but I've never thought about it really and you don't know how stable the boat is until you hit the first one but wow! Great fun."

Daniel also took to it like a duck to white-water. "It was fun, all of us in this cool, inflatable boat, going through some rapids," said the Aussie. "Never experienced that and I loved it. I'm not the most comfortable person on water but I felt safe out there, and, yeah, I would happily do it again."

Once they'd packed away the paddles and got the water out of their ears, thoughts turned to this cosmopolitan city and one of the most popular stops on the F1 calendar.

Max said: "Montréal is a great city – lots of good bars and restaurants but also a great culture with a lot of F1 fans that makes it a really special Grand Prix. A lot of fans are already arriving here, looking forward to the weekend."

It's my first time rafting, hitting some waves!

Daniel is a bona fide member of the Montréal fan club, any conversation on the city always bathed in a warm glow of satisfaction for a driver who experienced his maiden grand prix victory at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

"What do I enjoy in Montréal? I love Montréal. Lot of good memories on track but also off-track. 100 per cent one of my favourites, one of the grand prix I look forwards to most: food, bars, nightlife, enthusiastic people. Really good atmosphere, everybody gets involved."

And with that it was time to get on terra firma, swap wetsuits for overalls and back to the day job. No doubt refreshed by the glacial splash of chilly St Lawrence waters, they will be hoping for ice in the veins come Sunday and race time in Canada.