They Dreamt Big and now they're a winner!

Three months of excitement, 2,500 dreamers, and more than 9,000 participants—Exness DreamBig has come to a close. A big "thank you" campaign dedicated to our clients and fans, DreamBig is the brainchild that celebrates dreams—be it big or small.

In a first of its kind launched by a forex broker, DreamBig is a non-trading-related campaign that encourages the notion of dream-chasing. Over the past three months, we saw submissions that stretched our imagination and fuelled the passion as fans did all they could to earn the right for our good friends at Exness to make thier dreams become a reality.

I love people with a real drive and desire. Now, it's our part to help someone live their own dream.

Champion of the campaign, Daniel said: "It's been really interesting (the past two and a half months) seeing what people are really passionate about and what their dreams are. We love that here.

"I love people with a real drive and desire. Now, it's our part to help someone live their own dream."

We would like to congratulate Exness DreamBig dreamer, Luyến Hoàng from Vietnam, on winning a prize money of USD 10,000 that will aid in fulfilling his dream of helping fellow villagers attain sustainable income. Hoàng, a marketing specialist, endeavors to set up an e-commerce system that help the sale of handicrafts, which is the main source of income for many of the local craftsmen, helping to bring them to a global platform.

Commenting on the DreamBig campaign and the impact that it brings to the community, Igor Rudi, Marketing Director of Exness, said: "It's not just the passion we saw, but also the big heart that he has in helping and empowering others. We are humbled to be part of the village's transformation, and to be able to make a difference in not just one, but hundreds of lives."

Following this announcement, Exness and Hoàng will work closely on the development of the business plan.

Watch this space for more updates!

The Competition

The DreamBig contest closed on August 15, 2016 and the top 200 scorers' dreams automatically qualified for the winner selection process. All 200 dreams were reviewed by our panel of judges and from there, 25 were shortlisted.

We spoke with all 25 semi-finalists to get to know more about them as well as their passion for living the dream. After an intense week of selection, five finalists were selected for a final review by our judge Daniel Ricciardo.

For more information about DreamBig, visit the Exness DreamBig official website.