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Abu Dhabi

Yas Marina Circuit

Ultra-modern in every way. The circuit starts with a couple of high-speed corners before giving way to a second sector featuring two long straights. The third is tight and twisty which demands good traction and braking stability.

First F1 Grand Prix:
Circuit Length:
Race Distance:
Lap Record:

Laps: 55


Yas Marina Circuit

Friday 24th November

Practice 1

Forecast: 19-28

Practice 2

Forecast: 19-28

Saturday 25th November

Practice 3


Sunday 26th November


Racing Record

Yas Marina Circuit

Lap Record

1:40.279 - Sebastian Vettel (2009)

Last Seasons Result

1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes
3. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull Racing

Our Best Results

Overall Results


Drivers Standings

  Driver Team Points
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team 345
2 Sebastian Vettel Scuderia Ferrari 302
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team 280
4 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull Racing 200
5 Kimi Räikkönen Scuderia Ferrari 193
6 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing 158
7 Sergio Pérez Sahara Force India F1 Team 94
8 Esteban Ocon Sahara Force India F1 Team 83
9 Carlos Sainz Renault Sport Formula One Team 54
10 Felipe Massa Williams Martini Racing 42
11 Lance Stroll Williams Martini Racing 40
12 Nico Hülkenberg Renault Sport Formula One Team 35
13 Romain Grosjean Haas F1 Team 28
14 Kevin Magnussen Haas F1 Team 19
15 Fernando Alonso McLaren Honda 15
16 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren Honda 13
17 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport Formula One Team 8
18 Daniil Kvyat Scuderia Toro Rosso 5
19 Pascal Wehrlein Sauber F1 Team 5
20 Marcus Ericsson Sauber F1 Team 0
21 Pierre Gasly Scuderia Toro Rosso 0
22 Brendon Hartley Scuderia Toro Rosso 0
23 Antonio Giovinazzi Haas F1 Team 0
24 Jenson Button McLaren Honda 0
25 Paul Di Resta Williams Martini Racing 0

Constructor Standings

  Constructor country Podiums Wins Points
1 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Germany 24 11 625
2 Scuderia Ferrari Italy 19 5 495
3 Red Bull Racing Austria 13 3 358
4 Sahara Force India F1 Team India 0 0 177
5 Williams Martini Racing Great Britain 1 0 82
6 Scuderia Toro Rosso Italy 0 0 53
7 Renault Sport Formula One Team 0 0 49
8 Haas F1 Team 0 0 47
9 McLaren Honda Great Britain 0 0 28
10 Sauber F1 Team Switzerland 0 0 5

Grande Prêmio do Brasil

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Sebastian Vettel Scuderia Ferrari 1:31:26
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team +00:02
3 Kimi Räikkönen Scuderia Ferrari +00:04
4 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team +00:05
5 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing +00:32
6 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull Racing +00:48
7 Felipe Massa Williams Martini Racing +01:08
8 Fernando Alonso McLaren Honda +01:09
9 Sergio Pérez Sahara Force India F1 Team +01:09
10 Nico Hülkenberg Renault Sport Formula One Team 0:00:01
11 Carlos Sainz Renault Sport Formula One Team +1 Lap(s)
12 Pierre Gasly Scuderia Toro Rosso +1 Lap(s)
13 Marcus Ericsson Sauber F1 Team +1 Lap(s)
14 Pascal Wehrlein Sauber F1 Team +1 Lap(s)
15 Romain Grosjean Haas F1 Team +2 Lap(s)
16 Lance Stroll Williams Martini Racing +2 Lap(s)
17 Brendon Hartley Scuderia Toro Rosso DNF
18 Esteban Ocon Sahara Force India F1 Team DNF
19 Kevin Magnussen Haas F1 Team 0:01:11
20 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren Honda DNF

Our Partners

TAG Heuer is a legendary timing house and an icon of Formula One. Joining the Team from 2016, TAG Heuer shares Red Bull Racing's passion for innovation and drive to stand out from the crowd.

Formula One is a sport in which every milliseconds counts and as the Official Timing Partner, Official Watch and Team Performance Partner of Red Bull Racing, TAG Heuer is helping the team to ensure that we extract the maximum from every moment.

TAG Heuer's mantra of #DontCrackUnderPressure is something Red Bull Racing will be living by in 2016 as we compete for further success on track.

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Live Updates

So we'll be back in two weeks' time for the season's final race - the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. See you then.

Well, that's our lot from the Brazilian Grand Prix. That's 19 down and one to go.

It could have all gone very wrong after that Turn 3 collision but he carved his way through the field to take a very decent result. Good job, fella!

Ahead of the game, we're going to give our Tag Heuer Don't Crack Under Pressure award to Daniel.

Nice moment.

Felipe Massa is standing on top of his car in the pit lane celebrating his final Brazilian GP with the crowd.

That's VET's 47th career win and his first since the Hungarian Grand Prix, before the summer break.

Felipe Massa takes seventh in his last ever Brazilian Grand Prix and Fernando Alonso is eighth ahead of Sergio Perez. The final point goes to Nico Hulkenberg.

Max and Daniel take a solid fifth and sixth respectively.

Valtteri Bottas is second, and Kimi Räikkönen fends of Lewis Hamilton to take the final podium place.

Sebastian Vettel wins the Brazilian Grand Prix!

Two laps left and RAI is hanging on. Max and Daniel solid in P5 and P6 at the moment. Big gaps around them.

Four laps left. Can RAI keep HAM at bay?

Max uses those new tyres to good advantage and power to a new race fastest lap: 1:11.044.


RAI now 1.8s behind BOT, HAM now 1.6 behind RAI.

Max has asked to pit, as there's nothing to lose and he's been granted his wish. He'll push to the end now on a set of softs.

HAM sets a race fastest time on lap 62 - 1:11.918. He's 3.0s behind RAI. RAI, though, is closing on BOT. Just 1.9 between them now.


Daniel has responded to MAS by widening the gap out to 3.9s. Looks like Dan's in race management mode now.


HAM now 4.8 behind RAI.

But he can't hold out and HAM takes fourth, around the outside on the straight before Turn 4.

Max having to defend hard now...


HAM now within DRS range of Max.


MAS is now 3.0s behind Daniel. HAM just 1.9s behind Max.


HAM is closing on Max. He's now 3.0s behind. Max is complaining that his tyres feel like rocks.


Daniel a slightly lonely sixth at the moment. He's 29s behind HAM and 3.6 clear of MAS.


Daniel has quickly cleared ALO and is has chased down MAS. Boom, he's past MAS. P6.

But with fresh tyres he should be able to do that now.

HAM is now in P5 and Daniel has emerged behind ALO and MAS. In the end he couldn't quite clear the Brazilian or the Spaniard

Daniel and HAM finally pit to shed their opening softs.


Daniel's advantage over MAS now out to 18.5.


Daniel is now 17.7
ahead of P7 man MAS. He'll be looking for a free stop ahead of the Brazilian if possible.


Another fastest lap for Max 1:12.763. 4.4 behind RAI now.

Max bangs isn a race-fastest lap - 1:12.864. 5.3 behind RAI now.


Max (P5) is 5.8s behind RAI now.


Max has passed Daniel to take P5.


The leader is HAM, who has yet to stop. Second is VET, third BOT. RAI is in P4 ahead of Daniel who also will have to stop at some point. Max is in P6 now.

Granted he needs to make a stop at some point.

HAM now leads the race after starting from the pit lane.

RAI has now made his stop.

and while that happens, Daniel brushes past Perez in Turn 1 with ease.

Max pits.


BOT pits for softs.


HAM is now 6.9s behind Max.


Daniel now 2.5s behind PER in the battle for P8.


Max has got 9.4s in hand over HAM.

Max is losing time to RAI. The gap is at 2.0s now and he says he's losing the rears.

BOT keeping VET honest - just a 1.7s gap between them.

And now HAM goes past MAS to take P5. He's 17s behind VET now.

HAM has passed ALO through Turn 1 to take P6. His next target is MAS.

Daniel has got past HUL - P9 for the Honey Badger.

HAM is being held up by MAS in P5 and ALO in P6.


Daniel now just 0.4 behind HUL.


1 VET. 2 BOT +1.8. 3 RAI. 4 VER. 5 MAS. 6 ALO. 7. HAM. 8 PER. 9 HUL. 10 RIC.


Max now 1.1s behind RAI.

Daniel now into the points. He went past SAI like the Renault driver wasn't there.


Max hunting down RAI.


HAM passes PER in the Senna S to claim P7. He's now 14 seconds, give or take, behind leader VET.


At the start of the lap, Daniel passes GAS under DRS on the main straight - P11.


HAM passes HUL to claim P8. Daniel now into P12 having got past ERI and STR.


Daniel now up to P15. HAM is up to P10.


We're racing again...

Cars not going through the pit lane this time, so we should be racing soon.

Max is currently P4 and Daniel is down in P17. HAM is up to P14.

So OCO, MAG and VAN are out of the race.

So it was MAG who hit VAN and then he hit Daniel and then later in the lap it was GRO that tangled with OCO.

Looking at the Daniel incident again, looks like VAN got pushed into Daniel by one of the Haas cars.


Under the SC we have – 1 VET. 2 BOT. 3 RAI. 4 VER. 5 ALO. 6 MAS. 7 PER. 8 HUL. 9 SAI. 10 GAS.

In the middle of all that drama we forgot to tell you that VET seized the lead at the start.

It was MAG not GRO involved in that incident.

More softs.

Daniel pits\....

He's on the radio: "I'm not sure I can drive back."

OCO is out of the race.

There's another crash. GRO and OCO. SC

The Honey Badger spins but has got going again.

Looks like VAN collided with Daniel in Turn 2.

Daniel has been hit!!

Here we go.... lights coming on....

HAM starting on softs from the pit lane.

Max starting from P4, Daniel from P14.

So.... formation lap underway!

16 STR. 17 ERI. 18 HAR. 19 GAS and HAM will start from the pit lane.

11 GRO. 12 VAN. 13 MAG. 14 RIC. 15 WEH.

The grid is: 1 BOT. 2 VET. 3 RAI. 4 VER. 5 PER. 6 ALO. 7 HUL. 8 SAI. 9 MAS. 10 OCO.

but when all the other penalties were applied including those for Lewis Hamilton, who broke parc fermé and will start from the pit lane, Daniel will start in P14.

Now Daniel took a 10-place grid penalty ahead of the race that should have dropped him to 15th...

That's according to our good friend at Pirelli, so let's see how that pans out during the race,

The quickest route appears to be a one-stop on soft and then supersoft, but there's not much to call between that and two stints on the superset and then the soft.

That's a full 20 degrees or more warmer than yesterday and the volcanic track temp could play a big part in strategies changing.

...a whopping 60˚C on track!

It's actually the polar opposite of polar - blazing sunshine, blue skies and hot, hot, hot. 28˚C in the air and wait for it...

First of all, the weather, which is about the polar opposite of yesterday's grim and grey conditions.

Hello, and welcome to the Autodromo Carlos Pace here in Interlagos, Sao Paulo where we're live for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

We'll be back with live coverage of the race, so please join us then to see if Max can take the fight to Ferrari and Mercedes and to see if Daniel can battle through the field.

Looks like we're in for a close race tomorrow....

The order: 1 BOT 1:08.322. 2 VET 1:08.494. 3 RAI 1:08.538. 4 VER 1:08.925. 5 RIC 1:09.330. 6 PER. 7 ALO. 8 HUL. 9 SAI. 10 MAS.

Daniel takes P5 with his first run time of 1:09.330. But of course he is set for a grid penalty, so he will drop back on the grid tomorrow.

Max makes a slight improvement to become the fourth man inside 1m09s. A lap of 1:08.925 for the Dutchman.


And BOT takes pole position!

No improvement for VET.

BOT sets a session best S1...

Everyone on track./

At least we think there is rain... there's a board at the pit exit indicating that but no sign of it so far.

PER leaves the garage followed by HUL.

Three mins left in the session.

It's beginning to rain!

Final runs coming...

1. VET. 2 BOT. 3 RAI. 4 VER. 5 RIC. 6 PER. 7 HUL. 8 ALO. 9 SAI. 10 MAS.

Max is P4 behind VET, BOT and RAI with a lap of 1:09.065. Daniel in P5 - 1:09.330.

BOT takes P1 but is eclipsed by VET who sets the pace with a time of 1:08.360.

And now Daniel heads our of the garage. Here we go folks...

Max on track now...

Q3 is go. BOT the first on track...

So Max goes through to Q3 in P3 with that lap of 1:09.050. Daniel through in P5 with his lap of 1:09.533.

However, further back OCO in P11 is eliminated ahead off GRO, VAN, MAG and HAR.

VET takes P1 with a lap of 1:08.494.

Daniel has opted to return the garage. Safe.

Max improved to P3 - 1:09.050.

Unusually perhaps for Q2 the top 5 are all on track again for another run - that's BOT, VET, RAI, Max and Daniel.

Looks like there was just confusion at the weigh bridge as neither Max not ALO knew who was being called to it.

Seven minutes to go...

Daniel has improved to a time of 1:09.533. He's now in P5.

He's pushed back to our garage. Not quite sure what the issue was there...

Some confusion at the pit entry as Max encounters a slow McLaren and then stops.

Daniel is in P6 with a lap of 1:09.791.

Max takes fourth behind RAI. The Ducthman's time: 1:09.398.

VET tucks into P2 with a lap of 1:09.013.

BOT sets first time - 1:08.901...

Daniel and Max straight into action.

Q2 is underway...

MAS put in a good final lap of 1:09.789 to edge Max and Daniel back a little, but they're safely through.

Max through in P5 with a time of 1:09.820. Daniel in P6 with a lap of 1:09.828.

Eliminated are: 16 WEH. 17 GAS. 18 STR. 19 ERI and HAM who of course did not set a time.

And he does! Looked like STR was set to improve but he couldn't manage it and Brendon Hartley makes Q2 for the first time.

Max and Daniel naturally staying put in the garage.

HAR has jumped to P15. can he hold it?

One minute to go...

Five mins to go and in the drop zone are: 16 WEH. 17. ERI. 18 STR. 19 HAR. 20 HAM.

7 mins to go: 1 RAI 1:09.405. 2 BOT. 3 VET. 4 VER 1:09.820. 5 RIC 1:09.828. 6 PER. 7 OCO. 8 ALO. 9 SAI. 10 MAS.

Max jumps to P1 with his first lap in anger - 1:09.966, just under a tenth ahead of BOT. Daniel is in P6 with a time of 1:10.322.

Max and Daniel on track now.

With newly-crowned champ HAM's wrecked car cleared, we're back in business.

The session will re-start at 1410 local time.

Front left of his car is destroyed.

HAM just seemed to carry a bit too much speed through Turn 6, got out of shape on the exit and slid off into the barriers.

Red flags.

HAM has crashed!

Green light! Q1 is underway.

Daniel was fifth and Max ninth but neither driver made the most of the last stages of the session.

We had a very tight FP3, with just six hundredths of a second covering the top four drivers.

After an overcast FP3, conditions are pretty much the same for Quali, though the chance of rain has now climbed to 40%.

Welcome back to Interlagos, where we're just under 10 minutes away from Qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

That's our lot from final practice, but we'll be back in a couple of hours with live coverage of Qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix, join us then!

The order: 1 BOT 1:09.281. 2 HAM 1:09.284 +0.003. 3 RAI 1:09.326 +0.045. 4 VET 1:09.339 +0.058. 5 RIC 1:10.244 +0.963. 6 ALO. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 VER 1:10.495 +1.214. 10 SAI.

So P5 for Daniel with a time of 1:10.244, +0.963 to quickest man BOT. Max in P9 with a time 1:10.495 set early in the session on softs.

Max's run on the supersoft ended in that spin, which prior to he had complained of massive understeer.

Pretty inconclusive from a Red Bull point of view as the team focused on longer runs with Daniel

Chequered flag.

Daniel is pounding out the laps on that set of supersofts. 14 laps on the board in total now.

Max back in the garage now. Just under 4 mins to go.

Daniel has improved to 1:10.244 but neither Red Bull looking as comfortable as in FP2.

Max has had a spin at Turn 13. Caught too much of the slippery kerbs and went off. he's OK but that lap is blown.

BOT leads on 1:09.281. HAM is on 1:09.284. RAI 1:09.326 and VET 1:09.339.

Max and Daniel on track now.

The current order: 1 BOT. 2 HAM. 3 RAI. 4 VET. Just 0.058s covers the top four! Now that is tight.

BOT on supersofts now leads. 1:09.281 for the Finn. He's just 0.003 ahead of HAM! Supersoft runs for the Mercs.

15 mins to go.

Max and Daniel now both in the garage. Six laps on the board for Max, seven for Daniel.

P6 for Max - 1:10.495 +0.862 to RAI.

Max now starts his first hot lap but he's on softs.

Daniel's first go on supers jumps him to P10. 1:10.801 +1.168s to RAI.

Daniel out on supersofts now.

Behind them HAM, BOT, ALO all set their best times thus far on soft tyres

Ferrari lead the way still, on supersofts with RAI in P1 and VET in P2.

Just past the half way point at Interlagos and still just those installation laps from the Red Bulls.

25 mins gone and we have: 1 RAI 1:09.633. 2 VET 1:09.673. 3 HAM 1:09.813. 4 BOT. 5 ALO. 6 OCO. 7 VAN. 8 SAI. 9 HUL. 10 PER.

Daniel and Max sitting tight in the garage still.

RAI is now quickest with a time of 1:09.646 on supersofts, followed by VET who is three tenths behind,
also on SS. HAM in P3 with a time of 1:10.014 on softs.

Good recovery from Toro Rosso under a lot of pressure after more engine issues yesterday.

At the moment Brendon Hartley is leading the way for Toro Rosso with a time of 1:12.089.

A little puff of smoke from the back of STR's Williams as he exited Turn 6 and then a complete loss of power.


STR has stopped on track in the second sector. He's saying it's a gearbox issue

Max has had a look, on mediums and now he's back in the garage plotting his next move. Daniel's mirrored that install.

Max on track now for a look around.

Green light. The pit exit opens and we're up and running at Interlagos.

With qualifying forecast to be dry and tomorrow looking to be fine and sunny any rain could render this session largely pointless, so here's hoping the rain holds off.

But looking at the dark grey clouds rolling in over the circuit now, that 30% chance looks to be rapidly increasing.

According to the latest weather bulletin there's a 30% chance of rain for this final practice session.

Bom dia from cloudy and overcast Interlagos, where we're shortly going to get stuck into final practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

...And after Max winning two of the last four races we're definitely looking forward to Brazil in two weeks' time. Join us then...

That's our lot from wonderful Mexico City. The championship might be won but there are still two race wins to fight for...

Utterly unflappable, with the world's driest sense of humour, he managed the race beautifully for Max today and deserved to be on the podium. Top job.

Tag Heuer 'Don't Crack Under Pressure' award. Today we're going to give the gong to Max's Race Engineer, Gianpiero Lambiase.

While Max celebrates on the podium with superstar DJ and fellow Dutchman Hardwell, we'll head off into the Mexican sunset, champagne glass in hand

It's the team's 55th win.

So Max takes his third career win after Spain 2016 and Maleysia this year.

1 VER. 2 BOT. 3 RAI. 4 VET. 5 OCO. 6 STR. 7 PER. 8 MAG. 9 HAM. 10. ALO.

Lewis Hamilton crosses the line in 9th position and wins the 2017 Formula One World Drivers' Championship title.

Superb drive from Max for his third career win and his second of the season.

And Max Verstappen wins the Mexican Grand Prix!!!

ALO defends like a lion for several laps against HAM. Fantastic battle but eventually HAM gets past to take P9.

That's a new race lap record for this circuit.

Max sets the fastest lap of the race! 1:18.892.

Seven laps to go... 1 VER. 2 BOT +18.2. 3 RAI. 4 VET. 5 OCO. 6 STR. 7 PER. 8 MAG. 9 ALO. 10 HAM.

SAI has retired. Not sure what the problem is... we've lost four Renault-powered cars so far this afternoon.

VET has been told the gaps he has to make up to get to P2. "Oh mamma mia," he sighs.

He will surely back right off to let VET by but there would still be a huge gap to BOT - 49 seconds.


VET passes OCO under DRS. P4 for the German. RAI is almost 24s up the road.

.... and at the start of lap 57 he eases past the Brazilian to claim P10 and a points position.


HAM closes on MAS...


Max's pace is superb. He's now 17.4s ahead of BOT.

And he dismisses the Canadian with ease. P5 now for VET. Three seconds ahead is OCO.


VET 1.1s behind STR now.

HAM now 1.5s behind VAN.

PER has pitted after that. Ultras for the Mexican.

VET has got past PER. He's really going for broke. P6 now. he's 3.3s behind STR now.

Hamilton has been told he's likely to finish in P8.


Max, meanwhile, is looking utterly in command of this race at the moment. He's 14.0s clear of BOT now, RAI a further 24.6s back in P3.

HAM passes ERI for P12.

We reckon, though, that if HAM stays out of the points, VET still needs to finish in the top 2 to keep the title fight alive. Massive ask as he 56s behind BOT.

VET is the only man operating in the same space as Max. The Ferrari man's last lap was a 1:19.873. He's now 10a behind PER and lapping 1.6s faster.


30 laps to go and Max has a comfortable 12.8s lead over BOT. He's flying too - 1:20.403 on the last lap to BOT's 1:20.900.

VET passes MAG to take P7. HAM has passed the other Haas of GRO to take P15. Slow progress for the Mercedes man.

HAM is still in P16.

RAI sets the fastest lap of the race 1:20.649.


Everyone has made a stop now. The order is: 1 VER. 2 BOT +9.1. 3 RAI. 4 OCO. 5 STR. 6 PER. 7 MAG. 8 VET. 9 ALO. 10 MAS.

VET took on ultrasofts during that stop. It's maximum attack for Ferrari.

RAI has profited from that stop. He's jumped to P3 ahem do OCO.

That was at the end of lap 32. BOT also pits as does RAI.

And it's the cue for Max to pit. 2.8s supersofts on.

That's brought out the VSC

A shame - he was in P11.

HAR has pulled over, flames licking at the engine cover.


Meanwhile, Max now has a solid 8.0s lead over BOT.

VET makes it past ALO under DRS. The German is now in P8 and setting fastest laps.

VET now chasing down ALO. He won't be easy to pass. And HAM passes WEH for P16.


HAM has also passed Sainz.

Meanwhile, VET has dismissed VAN and is now in P10.

Sounds like an ERS problem for HUL. He was told to stop the car and exit down the nose of the car. Standard procedure when the car is electrically unsafe.

HUL has stopped at the side of the track. He was in P7.

Of the top 10, OCO, HUL and PER have made a pit stop.


1 VER. 2 BOT +5.5. 3 RAI. 4 STR. 5 OCO. 6 MAG. 7 HUL. 8 PER. 9 ERI. 10 ALO.

Max has lapped championship leader Hamilton!

OCO has pitted from P3.


Everyone in the crowd raises his or her right fist in unison in a show of strength following the earthquakes. Nice gesture.

PER pits and takes on soft tyres.

But while the German is making progress. HAM is stuck 0.9s behind SAI.

So HAM's pace in the mid 1m22s is similar to that of VET.

Having said that Max is absolutely flying. He's the only man in the 1m20s bracket at the moment and is setting purple laps...


VER breezes past GAS to take P14. HAM is stuck in P19. He's around 1.2s off the pace at the moment so the damage is clearly casing problems.

It looks like it was a suspected turbo failure for Daniel.

VET passes MAS for P15.

The stewards have sensibly decided no investigation is necessary. Max keeps the lead.

The incident in Turn 1 with Max, Vettel and Hamilton has been noted by the stewards.

VET is now in P16, HAM in P19.


Max now has a 3.8s lead over BOT.


1 VER. 2 BOT. 3 OCO. 4 HUL. 5 PER. 6 RAI. 7 STR. 8 MAG. 9 ERI. 10 VAN.

That is dreadful luck for Daniel.

Oh no it's terminal. He's out of the race and after climbing all the way to P7 in the first five laps.

Daniel pits. Softs?

SAI has pitted for soft tyres. He's going to try to go the distance on those?

Daniel is already up to P9 from P16.

But the upshot is... Max Verstappen leads the Mexican Grand Prix!!

And HAM is in and back out. 8.8 seconds stationary. A punctured rear right and some damage to the rear end but he's running again./

He's limping to the pits for repairs to the rear and VET is in too. New nose for VET.

Drama at the start!!! Max takes the lead from Vettel in Turn 1. Vettel tries to protect his line, HAM passes him, there's contact and HAM is in real trouble..

Seconds away now...

Everybody except ALO and GRO starting on ultras. Those two are on supersofts.

The formation lap is underway!

16-20: 16 RIC. 17 HAR. 18 ALO. 19 VAN. 20 GAS.

11-15: 11 STR. 12 ERI. 13 WEH. 14 MAG. 15 GRO.

1 VET. 2 VER. 3 HAM. 4 BOT. 5 RAI. 6 OCO. 7 HUL. 8 SAI. 9 PER. 10 MAS.

So from 1-10 we have..

That means Daniel is taking a 20-place drop for engine element changes and drops to P16 after all the penalties were applied.

The team wasn't happy with what was going on with his car yesterday so this morning changed the engine.

That gives us about enough time to tell you about the grid changes we've had - which includes a drop for Daniel Ricciardo following an engine change.

And now we're about 7 minutes away from the formation lap.

And we've just a moving salute to the victims of the recent devastating earthquake here.

We've had an amazing Carnaval de Calaveras (Carnival of Skulls) earlier in celebration of the Day of the Dead.

As ever with Mexico the atmosphere is absolutely incredible. The noise being generated by the fans in Foro Sol stadium section is simply massive,

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez for live coverage of the Mexican Grand Prix.

We'll be back tomorrow with live coverage of the Mexican Grand Prix, so join us then!

But for the moment we'll take our leave here in Mexico City.

Daniel will likely be unhappy with his final run and we wait to hear what happened to him.

So Max takes his third career front-row place in qualifying. He was in P2 in Belgium last year and in Singapore this year.

1 VET. 2 VER. 3 HAM. 4 BOT. 5 RAI. 6 OCO. 7 RIC. 8 HUL. 9 SAI. 10 PER.

Daniel hasn't improved in that final run and it means that he's dropped back to P7. His first run time of 1:17.447 still his best.

1:16.574 is the best he can do. P2 for the Dutchman.

The answer is no...

Can Max match it?

P1 for the German - 1:16.488.

VET is flying though...

HAM has made a mistake!

The Max investigation will take place after the session.

Final runs beginning now...


Hang on... Max has been placed under investigation by the stewards for possible blocking BOT during those first runs.

The order after the first runs: 1 VER 1:16.574. 2 VET 1:16.833. 3 HAM 1:16.934. 4 RIC 1:17.447. 5 OCO. 6 SAI. 7 PER. 8 RAI. 9 HUL. 10 BOT.

Daniel is currently P4 with a time of 1:17.447.

Boom - 1:16.574. Two thousandths slower than his Q2 best but good enough to give Max P1 ahead of VET and HAM.

Max is going again - Purple S1, purple S2 and...

BOT has had a big lock up.

RAI into P2 1:17.794.

HAM takes P1 - 1:16.934.

He backs out in S2, 35.7s there.

Max crosses the line to begin his first flying lap...

Everybody out on track...

We're up and running. Q3 is on...

Eliminated are: 11 MAS. 12 STR. 13 HAR. 14 ALO. 15 VAN.

1 VER. 2 VET. 3 HAM. 4 BOT. 5 RAI. 6 RIC. 7 SAI. 8 HUL. 9 OCO. 10 PER.

But it's Max Verstappen who heads Q2 - 1:16.524. Daniel into Q3 in P6 with a time of 1:17.631.

VET jumps ahead of HAM with his final flyer, 1:16.870 for the Ferrari man, just over three tenths behind Max.

Chequered flag.

1 VER 1:16.524. 2 HAM 1:17.035. 3 VET 1:17.058. 4 BOT. 5 RAI. 6 RIC 1:17.631. 7 SAI. 8 PER. 9 OCO. 10 HUL.

P1 for Max. Whoah... a lap of 1:16.524 - half a second clear of HAM!

Daniel into P5 with a lap of 1:17.631.

He's done another one though, so no harm done!

Max had just set a purple S1 time as the yellows came out.

That's scuppered the Dutchman's lap.

Max was on a quick one but we have yellows at Turn 6 where Hartley stopped.

HAR has stopped on track. He's currently in P8.

VET currently in P1 with a lap of 1:17.058. But he's eclipsed by HAM, 1:17.035.

And VAN is the first out of the traps, followed, as is now traditional, by a couple of early adopting Mercs.

Q2 is green...

Both through on supersofts.

So Max goes through in P3 with a time of 1:17,630 and Daniel eases through in P8, with a time of 1:18.208.

Eliminated at the end of Q1 are: 16 ERI. 17 WEH. 18 MAG. 19 GRO and GAS.

Chequered flag.

3 mins to go and in the drop zone are: 16 GRO. 17 ERI. 18 MAG. 19 VAN and of course GAS who has not taken part.

The next run puts Daniel to P8 - 1:18.208.

But he's starting another quick one now.

Danile has been shuffled down to P12.

At the moment... 1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 VER. 4 VET. 5 RAI. 6 PER.

1:18.897 for Daniel.

Daniel slots into P7 with a relatively cautious first run.

We're on supersofts.

Both Mercs on ultrasofts.

Max into P3 - 1:17.630. He's behind P1 HAM and P2 BOT.

Max and Daniel on track now.

VET now into P1 with a lap of 1:18.045. He's a tenth clear of RAI. Both are on supersofts.

GRO sets the first time of the day - 1:21.359, but HAR quickly rises to P1 with a lap of 1:19.948.

Q1 is underway...

At the moment Pierre Gasly is sitting on the Toro Rosso pitwall. Looks like he won't take part in Qualifying.

Just 3 mins now until FP3.

There's a really close battle brewing for pole.

Daniel finished FP3 in fifth place, 0.248s behind Max.

That was just 0.131s ahead of Lewis Hamilton, with Sebastian Vettel third.

But it was Max who came out on top with a lap of 1:17.113.

Final practice was incredibly tight, with just 0.4s covering the top six cars.

We're all set for what should be a really exciting session.

Welcome back to the Autodrómo Hermanos Rodríguez, where we're about 13 minutes away from Qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix.

So come back to us for that in a couple of hours. Until then, hasta luego.

That's our lot from a very, very tight FP3. Looks like we're all set for a real tussle for pole in Qualifying.

11 HAR. 12 MAS. 13 STR. 14 MAG. 15 ERI. 16 ALO. 17 GRO. 18 WEH. 19 VAN. 20 GAS.

7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 SAI. 10 HUL.

The final order: 1 VER 1:17.113. 2 HAM 1:17.188 +0.075. 3 VET 1:17.230 +0.117. 4 BOT 1:17.283 +0.170. 5 RIC 1:17.361 +0.248. 6 RAI 1:17.517 +0404.

So Max leads the way in final practice: 1:17.113 for P1. Daniel finishes the session in P5: 1:17.361.

Chequered flag

2 mins to go.

Daniel in the garage.

Max on a longer run now.

Max out again. 7 mins on the clock.

10 mins to go...

Top six, VER, HAM, VET, BOT, RIC and RAI separated by just 0.404 at the moment.

Daniel in the pits now.

HAM solves his issues and moves to P2 - 1:17.188, +0.075 to Max.

BOT has improved and that pushes Daniel to P4.

Max in the pits now. 14 mins to go.

Max had a lock-up in the final sector. He was purple again in the opening sectors but he hasn't unlocked S3 yet this morning.

Daniel into P3 behind VET - 1:17.361. But Max has also improved, 1:17.113 now for the Dutchman. He holds

HAM's ultra lap wasn't't great. 1:17.835 still his best time. He's in P5.

Daniel on track now - winding up...

P1 for Max - 1:17.223. Lost a little time in S3 (20.1) but he's 0.007 ahead of VET.

Purple in S2 29.6.

Max on track again. Purple in S1, 27.4s.

BOT improves to 1:17.496 on a fresh set of ultras but VET, on the same tyre now, takes top spot with a lap of 1:17.230. RAI is now P3 on new ultras 1:17.767.

Just the Red Bulls and the Ferraris on supersofts. Everyone else is using ultras.

After 32 mins the order is: 1 BOT 1:17.537. 2 HAM +0.298. 3 VER +0.490. 4 RIC +0.703. 5 VET +0.955. 6 HUL. 7 SAI. 8 PER. 9 OCO. 10 RAI.

Daniel improve to P4 1:18.240. Took a little too much kerb through the Foro Sol. He's +0.703 to BOT now and +0.213 to Max.

Like Max. Daniel is also on the supersofts.

Daniel's first crack nets him P8 - 1:18.878, +1.341 to BOT.

10.25 And Daniel on track now.

BOT lowers the benchmark to 1:17.681.

Daniel currently the only driver not to have left pit lane so far.

Turn 1 proving to be tricky at the moment in these low temps. HUL, SAI and OCO have all had lock-ups there and gone off circuit and across the grass.

Now BOT takes over in P1 - 1:17.963.

His time: 1:18.214.

Max jumps to P2 - just 0.133 behind HAM but Max is on supersofts.

HAM into P1 - 1:18.081. Ultrasofts for him.

Max on track now.

VET jumps to P2 two tenths behind PER as HUL has an off and skitters across the grass.

Local hero PER goes top with a time of 1:18.772 on ultras.

Testing how those purple tyres stand a longer run.

SAI now jumps to P2 - 1:19.255. It's supersofts for RAI at the moment, and for VET who has just started a lap. Ultras all round though for the rest.

RAI is currently in P1 with a lap of 1:18.925. Daniel and Max still in the garage.

And it's all to no avail. What seemed to be the age-old remedy of "try switching it off and on again" hasn't worked and GAS is out of the car.

It's a pretty elaborate sequence of button pushing.

Double yellows out at the moment as Pierre gets instructions on how he might solve the problem.

Except that GAS is no longer on track. He pulled over in a run off area and isa reporting "engine problem, engine problem".

We're underway here. ALO in P1 at the moment with a time of 1:21.470. Just he, VAN and GAS on track at the moment.,

As usual, expect some running on the supersoft and soft in the first half, followed by a switch to the ultras for the quali runs later on.

We've got one hour left to get all the prep done for Quali, so let's see how this final practice session shakes out.

That as 0.131 ahead of Lewis Hamilton with Max third a few hundredths of a second further back.

Yesterday, Daniel was quickest in FP2 with a time of 1:17.801 set on ultrasofts.

And the track conditions are improving all the time. It's 25˚C on the track at the moment. It says 12˚C ambient, but in the direct sunshine it is a good bit warmer.

We're about nine minutes away from FP3 now

Even yesterday we had a sizeable crowd in for the first two practice sessions and arriving at the circuit this morning at 0715 there were plenty of fans already queuing to get in.

It's impossible not to be cheered up by how passionate everyone us about F1 here.

It might be the end of a back-to-back at the end of a long season, but if ever there a place to wake the spirit it's Mexico City.

Good morning from marvellous Mexico City where we're live for final practice.

RS out ;-)

There's not long to wait until the next round, in just a few short days we'll be on a plane to Mexico City, so we'll see you next week for the Mexican Grand Prix.

Everyone at this team knows the effort required behind the scenes to build a title-winning car, so hats off to them for a

We'll also send our congratulations to Mercedes for sealing the Constructors' title today.

As we're little bit speechless, we'll take our leave. Brilliant race from Max. Painful end to the race but a great drive of which he should be really proud.

Whatever - we're going to award out Tag Heuer 'Don't Crack Under Pressure' Award to Max simply for the brilliance of his drive. P16 to P4 is just sensational. Top man, despite the penalty.

Max has been told he won't be on the podium. He's taking it really well but he must be seething inside.

He had 4.0s in hand over Kimi. But he'll now be classified fourth.

He's not going to be third.

But wait.... on no! Max has been given a 5-second time penalty for leaving the track and getting an advantage.

So HAM wins from VET and Max takes his fourth podium of the season.

Incredible stuff from Max - P16 to P3.

Podium finish! Get in. What a move.

Max gets RAI! Amazing!

Final lap. Max now pushing RAI. GP tells him "you'll get one shot at this, Max".

BOT pits and takes a set of ultras.


Max gets past BOT. Boom P4! Good lad.

And RAI moves over to allow VET back into P2. The gamble puts VET back to P2 but he's 14s behind HAM.

Max now pressuring BOT for fourth place.

So now they'll need to Kimi to move over.


VET gets past BOT. Great move.

VET goes purple - 1:37.957.

Is his gamble on supersofts going to cost him two places? RAI is quick in P2.

VET has 3.8s to make up to BOT.


Max is now just 1.7s behind VET.

VET 2 seconds quicker than BOT on lap 44. The gap between them is 7.5s.


RAI gets past BOT to steal P2.

Max sets a race fastest lap on lap 39 - 1:38.060!

End of 39 and VET takes a strategic gamble. He pits and bolts on supersofts. He emerges ahead of Max.

Nothing to lose as the gap to OCO was large enough the stop was free.

But the team instead pits Max and bolts on a set of superspofts. Maximum attack for the final 19 laps.

Max is now closing on RAI and BOT as they battle it out.

L35. Meanwhile RAI has closed right up to BOT. He's within DRS range now.

and now KVY is chasing down PER.

Great move - it took four corners to build but the Renault driver made it stick.

And SAI gets past PER!

But that allows SAI to really close up on PER.

The OCO v PER battle is brewing again. PER has asked to be allowed past and is told no.

May have been traffic... the lap times are almost the same on the next tour. RAI a tenth quicker.

RAI is lapping a lot faster than BOT. about 0.9s quicker on the last lap. That gap is now at 1.7s.


1 HAM. 2 VET +4.6. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 VER. 6 OCO. 7 PER. 8 SAI. 9 KVY. 10 GRO.

He takes ultrasofts and will try to charge to the end.

P6 man MAS pits – finally!

MAS has not yet made a stop. He started on softs and has put almost 29 laps on them now.

Max is now in P5 after his stop.

ALO's race is over. It's a familiar cry of "I think I have an engine issue'". Unfortunate.

And he does so, taking on a set of soft tyres.


Max is about to pit...


Max defends hard against HAM but there's no keeping the Mercedes man, on fresh tyres, at bay.


Max leads the United States Grand Prix!

L21. RAI pits. Softs on.

But holds the place.


HAM in from the lead. Softs on, appears just ahead of VET.

BOT pits and he too goes for soft tyres.

VET has rejoined in P5 behind Max who is now fourth on his starting used supersofts.

VET has pitted and taken on softs. One stop for the Ferrari man?

Disaster for the Honey Badger.


Oh no! Daniel has pulled over at Turn 15 and stopped. "Engine's gone. I think the enigine's gone."

He's now up to P6 as ALO and OCO pit ahead of him.

Daniel setting purple times - his last lap was a 1:40.102.


Daniel swiftly makes his way past SAI to claim P8.

He rejoins in P9, ahead of MAS, wearing a set of supersofts.


Daniel pits!

No further action in the Daniel/BOT investigation.


RAI is pressuring Daniel now as Daniel's tyres fade from his pursuit of BOT. 0.7s between RIC and RAI now.

That's 10 places in 10 laps! That is amazing. "Back in the game!" GP tells him.

And Max has got past OCO to take sixth place!


1 HAM. 2 VET +1.9. 3 BOT. 4 RIC +1.6 to BOT. 5 RAI. 6 OCO. 7 VER +0.7 to OCO. 8 ALO. 9 SAI. 10 MAS.

Whoops... Daniel's attempt to pass BOT on lap in Turn 1 is under investigation.

He's 2.8 behind OCO now.


Max is now up to P7 having dismissed SAI and ALO. This is something else!

But he can't catch the Mercedes.

He gets past on the back straight under DRS. VET is fighting back

HAM has retaken the lead!

The Finn is holding the Aussie up and that's putting RAI into play.

Daniel really pressuring BOT now.

And he's done it. PER dismissed. Max is in the points already.

Now he's after PER.

That's STR, ERI, GRO and KVY he's passed in two laps...

Max already marching forward.


1 VET. 2 HAM. 3 BOT. 4 RIC. 5 RAI. 6 OCO. 7 ALO. 8 SAI. 9 MAS. 10 PER. 11 VER.


Massive battle between Daniel and BOT through the opening corners of lap 2. BOT just holds on to to the place.

Daniel holds P4 on lap one, Max is up to P15.

And VET has passed HAM into Turn 1 to take the lead!

The race is on!

Cars forming on the grid...

Everyone else on ultrasofts.

WEH is starting on softs.

MAS, ERI, STR, VER, MAG, VAN are on supersofts.

That mean we just have time to bring you tyre news.

Sprint legend Usain Bolt gets the formation lap underway!

MAG and STR were give 3-place penalties for impeding other drivers in quali.

VAN took a 30-place PU penalty, HAR a 25-place PU penalty, HUL a 20-place penalty and Max a 15-place penalty of the same sort.

From 11-16: 11 KVY. 12 GRO. 13 ERI. 14 WEH. 15 STR. 16 VER. 17 MAG. 18 HUL. 19 HAR. 20 VAN.

So, from 1-10 we have: 1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 BOT. 4 RIC. 5 RAI. 6 OCO. 7 SAI. 8 ALO. 9 PER. 10 MAS.

Daniel will keep his qualifying position of fourth place.

Of course Max is one of the drivers taking a grid drop and he'll start today from P16.

Let's have a look at the grid, as there have been some changes overnight due to penalties.

There was very heavy rain early this morning when we were on our way to the track but it's cleared up beautifully and the conditions are now perfect.

The air temp is 24˚C and 33˚C on track.

We're about 8 minutes away from the formation lap here in Austin...

Not sure it was very Formula 1 but it was very, very American!

That involved famous boxing announcer Michael Buffer (the 'Let's get ready to rumble' guy) introducing the drivers.

And we've had plenty of razzmatazz in the build up to this afternoon's race with a revamped pre-race programme

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Austin, Texas and to the Circuit of the Americas where we're live for the United States Grand Prix.

And with that we'll take out leave from Quali at COTA. We'll be back for the race, what should be a fantastic contest, tomorrow. See you then...

He's not alone in that, so there will be some movement on the grid tomorrow. He qualified in P6 and now we'll wait and see how the penalties shake out...

But Max is set to take a grid drop tomorrow for engine elements changes.

So Daniel will line up on the second row of the grid for the US Grand Prix in fourth.

The Top 10 in qualifying: 1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 BOT. 4 RIC. 5 RAI. 6 VER. 7 OCO. 8 SAI. 9 ALO. 10 PER.

He's been quickest in every session and in Q3 he edges VET by just over two tenths.

But it's HAM who dominates to take pole position.

Wow Daniel on exactly the same time as RAI! But Daniel takes P4 by virtue of having set it first.

Chequered flag.

That compromised his lap. He has to settle for P6 - 1:33.658.

Max made a mistake in the penultimate corner and ran wide...

Daniel improves to 1:33.577. Big leap and he moves to P4.

Everyone on track...

So after the first runs we have: 1 HAM 1:33.108. 2 BOT 1:33.568. 3 RAI. 4 VET. 5 VER 1:33.868. 6 RIC 1:34.130. 7 OCO. 8 ALO. 9 PER. 10 SAI.

And the Dutchman then gets bounced, first by VET (1:33.867) and then by the quicker RAI (1:33.852).

But he's demoted by Max with a time of 1:33.868.

Daniel's opening lap puts him third - 1:34.130.

Q3 is go. Here we go then, the top 10 shootout begins...

The Q3 top 10: 1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 RAI. 4 VET. 5 RIC. 6 VER. 7 PER. 8 SAI. 9 ALO. 10 OCO.

Max goes through in P6 with his 0.221 further back.

Daniel eases through to Q3 in P5 with that lap of 1:34.495.

Eliminated after Q2 are: 11 MAS. 12 KVY. 13 VAN. 14. GRO. 15 HUL.

Chequered flag.

Daniel and Max have opted to stay in the garage for the final runs.

In the drop zone: 11 ALO. 12 VAN. 13 GRO. 14 KVY. 15 HUL.

After the first runs we have... 1 HAM 1:33.560. 2 BOT. 3 VET. 4 RIC 1:34.495. 5 RAI. 6 VER 1:34.716. 7 OCO. 8 PER. 9 SAI. 10 MAS.

Max set that time on supserosfts.

Max is in P6 at the moment - 1:34.716.

But he drops to fourth as VET logs a lap of 1:34.389.

Daniel quickly into P3 with a time of 1:34.495.

Q2 is underway....

Daniel safely through in P11 - 1:35.991.

Max goes through in P2 with that time of 1:34.899, seven hundredths off P1 man HAM.

Bad luck for HAR who sets a time of 1:36.889. Five hundredths away from an impressive first go.

ERI is out in P16 with a 1:36.842. Seven thousandths of a second between Q1 and Q2.

A cluster of drivers in the 1:36.8 bracket. GRO takes P15 and Q2 place with a 1:

And after the final laps its ERI, STR, HAR, WEH and MAG who are eliminated.

Chequered flag

He's almost 1.7s clear of the drop so unlikely to appear again.

Max currently in P2 and comfy in the pits. Daniel in P10 also in the garage.

Three mins to go. In the drop zone: WEH, GRO, ERI, HAR, MAG.

Mercedes and Ferrari have set their times on supersofts.

HAM now into P1 - 1:34.899.

Whoah!! GRO encounters a very slow STR and trying to get off line STR nearly collected both...

Max find the space he needs and... boom! P1 - 1:34.899.

It's... 1 BOT. 2 OCO. 3 RIC. 4 RAI. 5 SAI. 6 VET. 7 HAM. 8 VAN. 9 STR. 10 WEH.

Daniel into P3 with a time of 1:35.991, despite a couple of wobbly moments.

GP tells him "you will have to make the next lap count".

Max is unhappy with the amount of traffic around him. "it's a big mess," he says.

OCO is the pace at the moment - 1:41.980 but he's bounced out of P1 by BOT on supersofts - 1:35.309.

Daniel and Max on track now.

KVY puts the first time on the board - 1:37.682.

First out are Brendon Hartley, that's HAR from now on, ERI, WEH, KVY.

Green light and we're underway in Q1

Just 0.277s separated a top four of HAM, VET, BOT and RAI in FP3 so this could be a tight session.

One minute to go now before Q1...

But there is a strong breeze out there, which could make things a little tricky for the drivers this afternoon.

Weather update: it's 31˚C in the air and 39˚C on track. Pretty much perfect conditions.

Welcome back to Austin's Circuit of the Americas, where we're just about 5 minutes away from Qualifying for the US Grand Prix.

It's a bit later than usual today, at 4pm local time, but we'll be back then with coverage of qualifying for the US GP. Join us in just under four hours' time.

Indeed just 0.277s separates the top four. Looks like we're in for a tight qualifying session.

So P5 for Max and P9 for Daniel. HAM sets the pace but just 0.092 ahead of a much-improved VET.

1 HAM 1:34.478. 2 VET 1:34.570. 3 BOT 1:34.692. 4 RAI 1:34.755. 5 VER 1:35.103. 6 MAS. 7 HUL. 8 SAI. 9 RIC 1:35.723. 10 PER.

The order at the end of FP3...

Chequered flag.

Daniel improves but again it's not enough. P9 for the Honey Badger 1:35.723.

Daniel on track now.

Middle sector - the long straight – is where it's costing us at the moment.

Max improves to 1:35.103 but it doesn't advance his position. Still P5.

Max on track again now... let's see what this run brings.

Max back in the garage. He doesn't look too happy with the car at the moment. Fighting it a bit on those last laps.

Daniel['s back on track for another run.

The order with 18 mins left: 1 HAM 1:34.478. 2 VET 1:34.570. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 VER 1:35.217. 6 RIC 1:36.101. 7 MAS. 8 ALO. 9 STR. 10 OCO.

The times are flowing now. HAM steals P1 back with a time of 1:34.478. Just under a tenth clear of VET.

But VET goes a lot quicker on his next run: 1:34.570. That's P1 for him.

Max makes that lap stick – 1:35.217, into P2. Nice.

22 mins to go.

Daniel on track again now.

It is pretty blustery out there. Looks like the back end just got way from Max.

There's plenty of chat with GP going on about what caused that off. GP thinks it was wind-related.

With the VSC still deployed. Max has come back to the pit lane. He drives through and heads out on track again.

That's brought out a VSC.

However, we have a Haas in the gravel. It's Grosjean.

And he's had a small off. Just overcooked it and went wide but he's OK.

Max crosses the line to start a lap. This weekend's pink-banded Ultras on.

Top five in the pits at the moment.

Max on track now after that delay.

Max still currently in the garage.

25 mins in: 1 HAM 1:35.125. 2 VET 1:35.543. 3 BOT 1:35.545. 4 RAI 1:35.562. 5 RIC 1:36.101.

VET pops in a decent lap. A time of 1:35.543 puts him into P2.

HAM now moves clear, again on ultrasofts: 1:35.125. He's four tenths clear of BOT now.

Max out of the car at the moment.

BOT now slots into P2 – 1:35.637. HAM follows and takes P4.

Daniel out on ultrasofts – 1:36.534. But RAI moves ahead of him into P1 – 1:35.562.

SAI in P1 for Renault at the moment with a time of 1:37.125. Just three times on the board at the moment.

Max back in the garage now after that install.

Max on ultrasofts. Daniel still in the garage at the moment.

VET is using a different chassis after experiencing problems yesterday with the one built for him to use here.

Green light, final practice underway, and Max is first on track followed by VET.

No surprise really. Max was just under 0.4s behind pacesetter Lewis Hamilton in FP2, so we're keen to narrow that gap even more.

Just over a minute to go now and Max is waiting patiently at the end of the pit lane, keen to get started.

It is very humid though - at around 72%.

It's a lovely morning here in Austin, with an air temp of 26˚C and a track temp of 30˚C.

Morning y'all and welcome to Texas, to Austin and to the Circuit of the Americas where we're just about 10 minutes away from the start of FP3.

Join us then!

That's out lot from here in Japan. We'll back in two weeks' time, stuffed full of Texan enthusiasm (and BBQ) for the US Grand Prix from Austin.

Pretty lonely race once he'd got past OCO but then he had resist pressure from BOT and he did that superbly to take his first Suzuka podium. Top man.

And today we're going to go for Daniel.

Last job for us here ins Japan is to hand out the Tag Heuer Don't Crack Under Pressure award.

And it's Daniel's first podium finish at this circuit.

That's Max's second P2 in a row at Suzuka.

So the final order: 1 HAM. 2 VER. 3 RIC. 4 BOT. 5 RAI. 6 OCO. 7 PER. 8 MAG. 9 GRO. 10 MAS.

A shame though that Max wasn't afforded the chance of attacking HAM. We'll see what the stewards say about ALO after the race.

Daniel was able to hold off BOT off on that final lap.

Another excellent double podium for the team.

And Max Verstappen takes second place, with Daniel Ricciardo third!

Lewis Hamilton wins the Japanese Grand Prix...

Chequered flag!!

Alonso is under investigation for ignoring blue flags. He got in between HAM and Max as Max was about to launch an attack.


Final Lap!

Max asked if he's "allowed to give it everything". He's told yes, as long as he's sensible.

Max has closed right up to HAM as the Briton hits traffic.

Three laps to go!

the gaps is now just 1.2s as BOT sets the fastest race lap.


We're racing again. The VSC bought Daniel valuable time but BOT is closing hard.


STR's car is being removed. VSC still in place.

The VSC is still in force.

That was a lucky escape for... we think Daniel.

Looks like STR suffered a front right suspension failure.

STR has parked up, that looks like a.... VSC

Whoah! Lance Stroll makes a mistake and almost takes out a Red Bull.


Daniel just 3.4s ahead of BOT now. Max is 2.4s behind HAM.

BOT over 0.6s quicker than Daniel on lap 44.

Remember that BOT is on supersofts and Daniel on softs.


Max now 2.6s behind HAM. Daniel 10.3 further back and BOT now 5.5s behind Daniel.

But it was all to avail and he has retired.


HUL's race is over. His DRS was stuck open. He came into the pits, his mechs had a good go at punching it into compliance.


1 HAM. 2 VER +2.5. 3 RIC +8.3 to VER. 4 BOT +10.0 to RIC. 5 RAI. 6 HUL. 7 OCO. 8 PER. 9 PAL. 10 MAS.


Max now just 2.4s behind HAM.


RAI has passed HUL to claim P5.


HAM says he is struggling with his rear tyres. Max is just 3.0s behind.


RAI pits to get rid of his opening softs. He takes supersofts and rejoins in P6 ahead of OCO.

And BOT lets the title leader past. Can Max get past BOT?

HAM has BOT ahead and the Finn is slowing the Briton down.


Max is closing in... the gap is now 1.1s.


Daniel pits. Softs on, 3.1s.

Max also setting purple times, which can't hurt! 1:33.813 on the last lap.

HAM is in P3 after his stop, but just 1.8s ahead of Max. The undercut gained Max some ground.

Daniel leading the Japanese GP at the moment, 4.3s ahead of soft tyre shod BOT.

Softs on and a 2.3s stop.

They do. HAM pits on the next lap.

Will Mercedes react to Max's stop?


Max pits. 2.3s stationary, softs on and he emerges in P4 just ahead of RAI.


OCO pits. Softs on. He rejoins in P12.


RAI has passed PER under DRS into Turn 1 to take P6.


The gap from HAM to VER is steady at around 4.2s at the moment. Daniel is 8.3s behind Max and 3.1s ahead of BOT. OCO is P5 ahead of PER, RAI, HUL, MAG and GRO.


HAM has a big lock-up into the hairpin.


Daniel now 2.8s clear of BOT.


The gap between HAM and VER is now 3.6s. Daniel is a further 6.5s back.

No mercy this time though and under DRS he jinked left and powered past the Force India.

Again OCO seemed to move around quite a lot as Daniel got a run on him down the pit straight.

Track clear and Daniel blasts past OCO to reclaim P3. That's the stuff!

Looks like ERI went off at Degner 2.


ERI has crashed out and we have a VSC in place.

Is that championship over?

And there it is: Ricardo Adam on the radio to VET: "Box Sebastian, box. We retire the car I'm afraid."

MAS has also passed VET. Definitely something up with VET.

VET has now been passed by PER. Is there a problem with the Ferrari?


The track is green.

The order: 1 HAM. 2 VER. 3 OCO. 4 RIC. 5 BOT. 6 VET. 7 PER. 8 MAS. 9 HUL. 10 MAG.


We're still under the SC.

That's for Carlos Sainz. He went off at the start and ended up beached in the gravel trap.


Daniel attacks OCO on the pit straight at the end of lap one. The Force India driver seems to move about four times!

Daniel has also been passed by OCO.

Max has got past Daniel at the start and through the hairpin he gets past Vettel too!!

Here we go... cars forming up on the grid.

So, Red Bulls on row two.

From 11 back, ERI, WEH, PAL, SAI are on softs, everyone else on supers.

Now, as the formation lap gets underway, a bit of tyres news. Of the top 10, all on supersoft except BOT and RAI who start on supersofts.

The changes were as a result of various penalties for engine changes and gearbox change.

16 ERI. 17 WEH. 18 PAL. 19 SAI. 20 ALO.

11 HUL. 12 MAG. 13 GRO. 14 GAS. 15 STR.

The revised grid looks like this: 1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 RIC. 4 VER. 5 OCO. 6 BOT. 7 PER. 8 MAS. 9 VAN. 10 RAI.

We've had quite a few grid changes overnight. In fact we think HAM might be the only driver start from the position in which he qualified!

Max Verstappen will start alongside Daniel on row two, from P4.

No surprise that he's happy as he's starting from P3 on the grid, directly behind pole position man Lewis Hamilton.

And down on the grid Daniel Ricciardo is doing a little dance as he listens to something on his earbuds.

We're just about eight minutes away from the start of the formation lap.

Good afternoon and welcome to Suzuka for our coverage of the Japanese Grand Prix.

Join us 15 mins before the race tomorrow to find our how that shapes up and for live coverage of the Japanese Grand Prix!

That's our lot from Qualifying in Suzuka. There are plenty of grid penalties to apply (to BOT, RAI, ALO, PAL, SAI) so we'll have an altered grid tomorrow.

So we will have a front row of HAM and VET and the Red Bulls will start on the second row with Daniel third and Max fourth.

However, BOT has to take a five-place penalty tomorrow as he had a gearbox change following his FP3 crash.

Daniel Riccardo is fourth and Max fifth.

So, Lewis Hamilton claims his 71st career pole ahead of BOT. VET is third.

BOT has beaten VET as well.

...But the Honey Badger fights back! 1:28.306.

Max also improves... 1:28.332. That moves him ahead of Daniel...

HAM improves slightly to 1:27.319...

Everyone on track now....

Neither RAI nor ALO did a first run.

The order after the first runs: 1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 BOT. 4 RIC. 5 VER. 6 OCO. 7 PER. 8 MAS. 9 RAI. 10 ALO.

Max's time there a couple of tenths slower than his Q2 best so evidently a couple of miscalculations on that Q3 opener.

Max is in P5 with a time of 1:28.985.

Daniel takes P4 with a lap of 1:28.444.

VET is P2, 0.452 adrift of HAM with a lap of 1:27.797. BOT takes P3.

After the first runs, HAM takes provisional pole with a time of 1:27.345.

Q3 is underway...

The order at the top in Q2: 1 HAM 1:27.819. 2 VET 1:28.225. 3 BOT 1:28.543. 4 VER 1:28.747. 5 RIC 1:27.935. 6 RAI. 7 OCO. 8 PER. 9 MAS. 10 ALO.

Neither took to the track for those final runs, thus saving a set of supersofts.

Max P4 1:28.747 and Daniel P5 1:28.935, again comfortably through.

It's something of a Pyrrhic victory though as ALO has grid penalties to take.

ALO is the man to make progress. He pips team-mate VAN to take P10.

Chequered flag.

In the drop zone ahead of the final runs: 11 ALO. 12 HUL. 13 PAL. 14 MAG. 15 SAI.

The order after those runs: 1 HAM 1:27.819. 2 VET 1:28.482. 3 BOT 1:28.543. 4 VER 1:28.747. 5 RIC 1:28.935. 6 RAI. 7 OCO. 8 PER. 9 MAS. 10 VAN.

But BOT moves both down a spot by stealing P3 with a lap of 1:28.543.

Max now takes P3 - 1:28.747. Daniel into P4 1:28.935.

HAM takes P1 with a lap of 1:27.819 on supersofts. RAI is P2 on softs but is then bumped to P3 as VET on supersofts pops in a lap of 1:28.482.

GRO's car has been removed and the debris cleared and Q2 has just been green lit.

Comfortable for the Red Bulls in a session topped by HAM and RAI, which sounds like a sandwich.

Daniel through in P6 - 1:29.475.

Max through in P3 – 1:29.181.

So out go GRO in P16 followed by GAS, STR, ERI, WEH.

So that's it. GRO's crash will have compromised a lot of quick laps. He won't be the most popular man in the paddock at the moment.

There's just 1:18s left on the clock so not enough time for anyone to get round and pass the start/finish line for a flyer before the flag.

Grosjean has gone off heavily at the top of the Esses. He's out of the car though and alright.

Red Flag.

Into the final 2 mins now and in the drop zone: 16 GRO. 17 GAS. 18 STR. 19 ERI. 20 WEH.

RAI now moves into P2. 1:29.163. The Finn's crash this morning has led to his gearbox being replaced so he'll take a penalty tomorrow.

HAM moves to P1 now 1:29.047.

The order after 10 mins: 1 VER. 2 HAM. 3 BOT. 4 VER. 5 RIC. 6 RAI. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 MAS. 10 ALO.

Max in P1 - 1:29.181. Daniel is currently P5 with a time of 1:29.475.

Here we go then... Green light, pit lane open, Q1 is underway.

Five minutes to go...

Let's see how it plays out.

The session wasn't exactly conclusive... so this session is hard to call at the moment.

Even still, the soft tyre times of the Mercs took the top two stops ahead of VET's supersoft best and then Max and Daniel in P4 and P5 respectively.

And then Kimi Raikkonen went off at Degner 2 and clattered the wall.

That was down to two red flags in swift succession. First P1 man of the session Valtteri Bottas went wide out of Spoon and scattered debris across the track.

Now, we had a fairly mixed up FP a little earlier, with Mercedes topping the timesheet on soft tyres and a number of drivers missing out on supersoft runs.

The weather is pretty good too for this session. 23˚C in the air and 27˚C on the track. Just a 10% of rain.

We're 10 minutes out from the start of Q1 now.

Welcome back to Suzuka for qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix.

See you for Quali.

For the moment though, with the Bulls ending the session in P4 (Max 1:29.910) and P5 (Daniel 1:30.018), we'll take out leave.

All will be revealed, though, when we come back in two hours for live coverage of Qualifying.

Not quite sure what to make of that!

A scrappy session, no big improvement on the supersofts at the end, two stoppages and BOT's soft tyre time from early in the session takes P1.

Well that was a bit inconclusive really!

Chequered flag.

He advances to P5 - 1:30.018.

Bit of Force india-shaped traffic slowing him on the exit of Spoon.

Daniel midway through his run.

VET doesn't improve with his run. He stays in P3 with his earlier supersoft time of 1:29.379.

Max is P4 after that quali run on supersofts - 1:29.910.

Max is on track now.

Just a handful of drivers on track now, including HAM, as everyone in the garages thinks about a quali run.

The order with 13 mins to go: 1 BOT 1:29.055. 2 HAM 1:29.069. 3 VET 1:29.379. 4 VER 1:30.389. 5 ALO 1:30.424. 6 RIC 1:30.839.

VET improves on his next lap on supersofts to 1:29.379. That's three tenths down on BOT's P1 soft tyre time.

No improvement for Max, who is on soft tyres. 1:30.389 still his best lap, set earlier on softs.

Max and Daniel both on track.

VET up to P3 - 1:29.717.

VET currently in P10 with a soft tyre time of 1:33.486.

BOT is still in P1 on that soft tyre time of 1:29.055.

VET is out on supersofts.

We'll be looking at quali sims soon. 20 mins left.

RAI's car has been moved very quickly and we're back up and running now. Just a 5-minute halt.

Old school tracks punish mistakes but the natural extension is that you have to stop things if mistakes lead to cars being in vulnerable spots.

And given how little space there is and the need to get recovery vehicles into the traps then there's really no option but to halt the session.

You might think it's a bit excessive to red flag the session with the car in the gravel trap, but the run-offs are pretty shallow here.

RAI just lost control on the approach and arrowed off into the barriers. Carrying too much speed.

And yes, it's Degner 2 again.

And we're red-flagged again.

RAI has gone off now!

With the exception of BOT, everyone is on track now.

OCO and SAI are first out.

12:31 and we're back in business.

Re-start in a minute.

Looks like he went wide on the exit of Spoon and couldn't rescue it, basically just clattering along the grass against the barrier on the right side
up the hill.

particularly the rear right.

He's limping back to the pits with quite a bit of damage to the right-hand side.

But BOT hasn't been so lucky. He's hit the barrier somewhere and we have a red flag.

What were we saying about Degner 2. VET has been off there and rejoined and Daniel too runs wide but is OK.

20 minutes into the session and the order is: 1 BOT 1:29.055. 2 HAM 1:29.069. 3 VER 1:30.389. 4 RIC 1:30.839. 5 ALO.

Max, meanwhile, is out on soft tyres, and he posts a lap of 1:30.389 to steal P3 from his team-mate.

Daniel into P3, 1:30.839. Supesofts for the Aussie at the moment.

BOT takes over now - 1:29.055. Soft tyres for the Mercedes drivers at the moment.

HAM is in P1 at the moment - 1:29.069.

Daniel and Max holding fire in the garage at the moment.

With yesterday morning's quickest man, VET, following soon after.

Here we go then... green light and GAS and ALO are the first out on track.

It's always tricky but with the higher speeds we can expect here it could catch out a few overambitious drivers, who try to carry too much speed through there.

It's Degner 2 we're keeping an eye on this year.

The snaking Esses, the technically tricky Degner corners, the big loads of the Spoon curve, flat out 130R. It's got it all really.

So, five minutes to go here at mighty Suzuka, a track that's right up there in the list of circuits we most like to visit.

The air temperature is 21˚C and the track temp is 27˚C. Just a 20% chance of rain for this session.

After the deluge of yesterday (it started to rain at just before 2 and didn't stop until early this morning), we've got kinder conditions today.

Just five drivers set a time in that session, so there's a lot to get through this morning as everyone tweaks their set-up for this afternoon's quali session.

And it's sure to be a pretty busy hour as yesterday afternoon was almost a wash-out thanks to torrential rain that disrupted FP2.

We're about nine minutes away from the start of the session.

Konnichi-wa and welcome to Suzuka for coverage of final practice for the Japanese Grand Prix.

So from all of us at the RS, it's over and out and here comes the Champaaaaaaaaggggnnnneeee!

...and a race against time to make it to the next race in Japan, next weekend.

Now then, we'd love to hang about but we have a podium to attend, backdown to do...

Also Max wins the final Malaysian Grand Prix. Great way to sign off on this race.

Pretty good haul from a circuit that's not supposed to be one our best.

So Max P2 in 2016 and P1 this year. Daniel P1 last year and P3 this year.

He won last year of course.

That's Daniel's second career podium finish in Malaysia.

Max Verstappen! Absolutely flawless drive by the 20-year-old. Executed a brilliant overtake of HAM and didn't look back. Just brilliant,

Out Tag Heuer Don't Crack Under Pressure award goes to...

We're going to get this over with quickly...

What an amazing result.

So Max is P1, HAM is P2 and Daniel takes P3.

Vettel keeps fourth place though.

That is just bizarre!

He's getting a lift from Pascal Wehrlein.

The whole rear of his car is destroyed!

Wait..... what's happened to Vettel!!! He's been hit by Lance Stroll

It's the first win of his third decade on the planet. :-)

That's Max's second career win and it comes in his 55th grand prix.

What a fantastic race by the birthday boy!


Here we go... back straight, final corner., pit straight....

Final lap!

Two laps to go....

Took too much out of the tyres perhaps.

And it certainly seems that VET has given up the fight. He's now 3.0s behind Daniel.

"I think you've broken Vettel's spirit," says Simon.

We're not tempting fate...

Dutch fans in the crowd are already celebrating!

VET moves out to 1.9s behind Daniel,

He doesn't want to burn his tyres so has retreated a little. Daniel trying to get Vettel to destroy his supersofts. Cat and mouse.

Daniel is in P3 and, 10.9 behind HAM and now 1.2s ahead of VET who has backed off slightly to prepare for another attack.


Max is now 7.8s clear of HAM.

It's close though. Can he hold VET off for another eight laps?

VET attacks in to Turn 1, Daniel shuts the door!

VET is not happy with ALO as the Spaniard makes it difficult to get past.


Daniel in traffic but he drops ALO into the space between himself and VET. Nice move.


VET now inside DRS range of Daniel.

VET now 2.2s behind Daniel.

VET really closing on Daniel now. The gap is just 4.4s. Simon tells Daniel that VET will be with him in about five laps.


Max now 8.9s ahead of HAM and Daniel is 7.0s behind HAM. VET now 6.5s behind Daniel.

Stewards obviously looking for a quiet afternoon: no investigation necessary in the MAG vs ALO incident.

Meanwhile ALO and MAG have been knocking seven bells out of each other, and that too has been noted by the stewards.

Perhaps because SAI has retired?

The incident between OCO and SAI apparently requires no investigation.


1 VER. 2 HAM +7.3. 3 RIC +10.9 to HAM. 4 VET +13.2 to RIC. 5 BOT. 6 PER. 7 VAN. 8 STR. 9 MAS. 10 OCO.

Looks like SAI's race is run. "No engine, no engine," he reports and limps into the pit lane.


Daniel pits. Softs on in a 2.3s pit stop.

BOT has pitted and he emerges behind VET.

HAM setting fastest laps now in P3 behind Daniel and Max.

Daniel leads the race and he's told that the pit wall is extending his stint.

He's followed by VET who makes thew switch to supersofts from starting softs.


Max pits. Softs on.

The incident between SAI and OCO has been noted by the stewards. No investigation yet.

He rejoins just in front of team-mate BOT.


HAM pits. Softs on, 2.4s stationary.

VET now attacking BOT for P4.

He gets going again.

OCO has collided with SAI in Turn 1. OCO sent into a spin.

Front left lock-up for HAM in Turn 15 allows Daniel to edge a little closer. The gap back down to 4.6s.


VET now 1.4s behind BOT.


VET closing hard on BOT. The gap is 2.1.

Daniel has lost a little ground to HAM. The gap has widened now to 4.9s.


VET now up to P5 as he passes PER into Turn 1.

The gaps: Max is 9.0s ahead of HAM and Daniel is +4.3s to HAM.

Max is reporting that his fronts are starting to "give up a little bit, into 7 and 8".

The order: 1 VER. 2 HAM. 3 RIC. 4 BOT. 5 PER. 6 VET. 7 ALO. 8 SAI. 9 OCO. 10 VAN.


Max Verstappen leads the Malaysian Grand Prix. He's 7.3s ahead of HAM. Daniel Ricciardo is in P3, 5.5s behind HAM.

Daniel's gap to HAM has been cut to 5.4s.

That's called chipping away...

Max goes quickest again. 1:36.246. He's now 5.7s clear of HAM. Daniel is now 6.6s behind HAM. The Mercedes driver has upped his pace: 1:36.849 on the last lap, Daniel did a 1:36.570.


MAS the first to shed his opening supersofts. Softs on.

Daniel now running at the same pace as Max too. He's a second a lap faster than HAM at the moment.

P1 and P3 now for the Red Bulls.

Daniel launched the attack in Turn1 and then battled with the Mercedes through the next three corners before getting ahead and firmly shutting the door on any further resistance.


Daniel gets past BOT. Great battle between the pair.

Max setting purple laps now. 1:36.863. He's 2.4s clear of HAM now.

Daniel is now attacking BOT.

"That's how you do it!" says Max as he powers past the Mercedes in Turn 1.

Max takes the lead!!


HAM leads from VER, BOT, RIC, VAN, PER, OCO, STR, MAS, MAG. VET is already up to P13.

BOT makes a great start and passes Daniel through Turn 1. He's pressuring Max but the 20-year-old resists and holds P2.

And the race is on.

Light coming on now....

So Max is P3 behind HAM and Daniel is P4, with a clear view to Turn 1.

The front 18 are all on supersofts. WEH, ERI and VET will start on softs.

The formation lap is underway,

11 MAS. 12 PAL. 13 STR. 14 SAI. 15 GAS. 16 GRO. 17 MAG. 18 WEH. 19 ERI. 20 VET.

The grid looks like: 1 HAM. 2 RAI. 3 VER. 4 RIC. 5 BOT. 6 OCO. 7 VAN. 8 HUL. 9 PER. 10 ALO.

That means that Daniel (P4) will have a clear view of the long run to Turn 1.

During his laps to grid, the Finn reported a los of power and though Ferrari tried to get it resolved on the grid they eventually had to give up and return to the garage,

Where already we've had drama, with front-row starter Kimi Raikkonen being wheeled off the grid and back to the pits as Ferrari try to fix a mechanical issue.

Hello and welcome to Sepang for live coverage of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

It's all set up for a cracking contest tomorrow, so join us at 1700 local time here in Malaysia tomorrow.

And HAM is saying how he's a bit concerned about our long-run pace.

Row two lock-out for the Red Bulls then for tomorrow's race.

The order: 1 HAM 1:30.076. 2 RAI 1:30.121. 3 VER 1:30.541. 4 RIC 1:30.595. 5 BOT. 6 OCO. 7 VAN. 8 HUL. 9 PER. 10 ALO.

Hamilton takes pole position! But he's just 0.044s ahead of RAI who almost pips the Mercedes man!

Max, though, does make a gain! 1:30.541 for the Dutchman that puts him into P3, five hundredths ahead of Daniel.

Couple of errors in the second and third sectors..

Daniel fails to improve on that final run.

Here we go then... Daniel first on track as the final runs begin.

1. HAM. 2 RAI. 3 RIC. 4 VER. 5 BOT. 6 PER. 7 OCO. 8 VAN. 9 ALO. 10 HUL.

Just under four hundredths of a second between the Bulls!

After the first runs, HAM leads the way with a time of 1:30.076. RAI is in P2 (1:30.308) and Daniel is in P3 (1:30.595). Max is P4 - 1:30.634.

First flying last starting now...

Q3 is underway.

The 10 to contest Q3 are: 1 BOT 1:30.803. 2 RAI 1:30.926. 3 VER 1:30931. 4 HAM 1:30.977. 5 RIC 1:31.061. 6 PER. 7 OCO. 8 HUL. 9 VAN. 10 ALO.

Out though go: 11 MAS. 12 PAL. 13 STR. 14 SAI. 15 GAS.

BOT is quickest ahead of RAI and Max goes through in P3 with a time of 1:30.931.

Daniel's final time is a 1:31.061. That puts him 5th.

Chequered flag...

Here we go final runs.... Daniel on track.

P10 currently occupied by PAL with a time of 1:32.257.

In the drop zone ahead of the final runs: 11 VAN. 12 PER. 13 SAI. 14 GAS. 15 STR.

Max slots into P2 again - 1:30.931. HAM is in P3 ahead of BOT and Daniel is currently in P5 with a time of 1:31.452.

RAI goes quickest early on in Q2 with a time of 1:30.926.

Green light - Q2 is underway.

The order: 1 HAM. 2 VER. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 MAS. 6 RIC. 7 OCO. 8 GAS. 9 PAL. 10 HUL. 11 SAI. 12 PER. 13 VAN. 14 STR. 15 ALO.

Daniel through in P6 (1:32.416) and Max through in P2 (1:31.920).

Good performance by GAS - P9 in Q1 of his first Qualifying session.

Eliminated at the end of Q1 are: GRO, MAG, WEH, ERI and Sebastian Vettel!

Chequered flag.

Top 7 still in the garage.

That's it - looks like VET's Qualifying session is over!

VET was going to come out on track but then they held him again. 1:50 to go.

In the drop zone ahead of the final runs. GAS, WEH, GRO, ERI, VET.

Three mins to go.

Engine cover going back on VET's car.

The order with 5 mins to go: 1 HAM 1:31.605. 2 VER 1:31.920. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 RIC 1:32.416. 6 OCO. 7 PER. 8 VAN. 9 MAS. 10 ALO.

At the moment the top four time (HAM, VER, BOT, RAI) have been set on soft tyres, Daniel in P5 is the first supersoft runner.

Ferrari have about 4 minutes to fix whatever is ailing VET's car.

Max takes P2 - 1:31.920. He hits that mark on Softs,

Daniel slots into P4 with his first run - 1:32.416. That was on supersofts.

So VET is using a new ICE and a new MGU-H. That's his fourth of each so far this season.

He says it feels like he has no turbo.

Looks like VET has a problem. He says he's limping back.

And Max follows. 12 mins left.

Daniel on track now.

RAI goes quickest with a time of 1:32.277. That's a tenth clear of P2 man HAM.

Just Daniel, Max and ALO in the garages at the moment - everyone else on track.

Here we go then... Green light, Q1 begins!

Plenty of work going in the Ferrari garage. VET had a problem late in FP3 and his team have decided to change his engine as a precaution.

It's 31˚C ambient ahead of qualifying and 47˚C on track. The cloud cover is light and there's only a 20% chance for rain for this session.

Hello and welcome back to Sepang where we're just about 10 minutes away from Qualifying for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

That's our lot from final practice here in Malaysia. We'll be back in a couple of hours with live coverage of qualifying. Join us then.

The gaps: 1 RAI 1:31.880. 2 VERT +0.162. 3 RIC +0.211. 3 BOT +0.449. 5 HAM +0.659. 6 VER +0.699.

The order at the end of FP3: 1 RAI 1:31.880. 2 VET. 1:32.042. 3 RIC 1:32.091. 4 BOT 1:32.329. 5 HAM 1:32.539. 6 VER 1:32.579. 7 PER. 8 MAS. 9 OCO. 10 VAN.

The chequered flag has been shown.

Meanwhile PAL has lost the right side of his front wing.

Well i t looks like Max had a very strange spin at the end there. Not quote sure what happened but he lost control in the final corner.

He's currently 0.699 off RAI's P1 pace. Daniel is 0.211 behind RAI.

Max returning to the garage now. He hasn't looked entirely comfortable with the car so far this afternoon.

VET is out of his car. Just two mins to go in the session.

Max improves to 1:32.579. That keeps him sixth but it's half a second better than his previous time.

Max finally getting a quali run now.

VET has a problem. He's very slow on the final straight. His engineer tells him to stop the car but VET nurses it back to pit lane.

Pretty crowded out there now. Just Daniel, ALO, PAL and GRO still in their garages.

Top six all on track again now.

15 mins to go now: 1 RAI 1:31.880. 2 VET 1:32.042. 3 RIC 1:32.091. 4 BOT 1:32.329. 5 HAM 1:32.539. 6 VER 1:33.092. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 STR. 10 ALO.

RAI into P1 now ahead of VET. The Finn's time is 1:31.880. He's 0.162 ahead of VET. Daniel in P3 now.

Daniel into P1 - 1:32.091.

Max is out on track again on more supersets.

25 mins in now and HAM still leads with a time of 1:32.53

Max and Daniel in the garage now.

The order with a quarter of the session gone: 1 HAM 1:32.650. 2 RAI 1:32.665. 3 VET 1:32.686. 4 VER 1:33.092. 5 BOT 1:33.094. 6 RIC 1:33.432. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 SAI. 10 HUL.

Max takes a couple of tenths out of his previous lap time - 1:33.092. He's in P4 at the moment.

Slight improvement for Daniel on that last lap - 1:33.432. Five laps now on those softs.

Daniel's now in P6 but is running the soft tyre at the moment.

VET usurps Max - P2 for the Ferrari driver, 1:32.865. Tow tenths down on RAI, and VET is complaining that a bit of plastic has become stuck on a tyre.

Max takes P2 - 1:33.324. That's 0.659 behind RAI. Supersofts used on that run.

Daniel's opening time is a 1:33.607 for P3 behind RAI and BOT.

Daniel and Max on track now having a look around.

He's on the radio complaining of oversteer but it looked like just the opposite issue in Turn 15!

That included an overcooked final corner however, where he went so deep he was almost in the pit lane.

Toro Rosso new boy Pierre Gasly, who has the awesome timing sheet name of GAS, sets the first time of the day - 1:37.083.

And we're off and running in Sepang. FP3 is green.

Max, meanwhile, was fourth fastest with a time of 1:32.109.

Daniela and Max were in good shape in the quali sims in FP2 yesterday, with Daniel setting the session's third quickest time of 1:32.099 to sit just behind the two Ferraris.

It's a hot and humid 32˚C in the air, 45˚C on the track and the humidity is at 55% currently. There's a 20% chance of rain for this session.

We're about 7 mins away from the start of FP3, so let's have a quick weather update.

Can't quite believe that a driver in his third full season of F1 and with one win and eight podium places under his belt is only 20, but there you go, kid's a bit special.

And first things first - a big happy 20th birthday to Max Verstappen!

Hello and welcome to Sepang for live coverage of final practice for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Join us for that in two weeks' time!

So after the 10th Singapore GP, we'll take out leave and head home to prepare for the next race, the 19th and, for the time being, last Malaysian Grand Prix,

Nice work guys.

But they managed this weekend and this race superbly, especially that 2.4s stop for Daniel.

This is always one of the toughest races of the season due to the schedule and the heat and the humidity.

Tag Heuer 'Don't Crack Under Pressure Award'. Today we're going to hand it to the boys in the garage.

We're all pretty delighted with that second place though. More points in the bag, our 11th Singapore podium finish and our 143rd overall.

So there we have it. Terrible day for poor Max. Good day for Daniel, though we get the distinct impression that he's not completely overjoyed with that result.

The order at the end of two hours: 1 HAM. 2 RIC. 3 BOT. 4 SAI. 5 PER. 6 PAL. 7 VAN. 8 STR. 9 GRO. 10 OCO. 11 MAS. 12 WEH.

Carlos Sainz is a career-best fourth place.

Valtteri Bottas is third for Mercedes.

And Daniel Ricciardo takes his third second place in a row in Singapore and his fourth consecutive podium finish here.

The time is up. The 2-hour mark has passed and the flag comes out. Lewis Hamilton wins the Singapore Grand Prix!


Daniel has cleared any threat from BOT. The gap is now 4.7s.


HUL has retired. Looks that earlier problems has done for his Renault.

Looks like HAM made a mistake on that lap 1:49.543. Daniel fastest lap 1:46.999. The gap is now 1.7s.

The tough thing for Daniel now is that he'll have to keep BOT at bay as well as try to attack HAM.


SC in at the end of this lap.

It's a long circuit and the field was spread so hard to find a gap to send out the recovery vehicle until the pack is closed up.

It's taking a long time to close up the pack to make it safe for ERI's car to be recovered.

Order under the SC: 1 HAM. 2 RIC. 3 BOT. 4 SAI. 5 PER. 6 PAL. 7 VAN. 8 STR. 9 GRO. 10 HUL.

HUL has pitted and their an air pressure problem somewhere on the car. He's sitting in the pit box and the crew are pumping away like the car's a deflating balloon.

Daniel is obviously silent on that issue.

HAM is questioning the need for the SC and asking why a VSC wasn't used.

Lap 38 and we're under SC. MAS has pitted for new tyres.

We have a third safety car! ERI has crashed.

Daniel responds with a purple lap of his own 1:49.354 on lap 34.

HAM goes purple on the next tour - 1:49.453. Widens the gap to 9.5.

Another fastest lap for Daniel - 1:50.994. Another tenth chipped out of HAM's lead, 8.5s now.

But it's beaten by those following - the track is improving now.

Race fastest lap for Daniel - 1:52.285.


1 HAM. 2 RIC +8.7. 3 BOT +16.0 TO RIC. 4 HUL. 5 SAI. 6 PER. 7 PAL. 8 VAN. 9 STR. 10 GRO.

HAM pits now - ultras, 2.5s.

Ultrasofts in a 2.4s stop for the Honey Badger. HAM is still out there on inters.

Daniel has pitted too.

MAS has pitted and has opted for Ultrasofts. We've hit the crossover point it seems.


Daniel now a whopping 11.4s ahead of BOT.

Daniel is responding to HAM's pace. Both in the 2m1s bracket now. They're the only drivers operating at that level. The gap is 3.0s.

HAM is pushing on - purple laps from the leader. 2:01.989 on lap 16 to open a 2.3s gap to Daniel.

Pretty damp still in others though. The crossover still looks a way off.

Looks like the track is drying quickly in some sections.

HAM holds the lead, Daniel is still P2.

About to go racing again. Daniel on new inters in P2.


SC in at the end of this lap.

It's pretty much
stopped raining out there...

Daniel has pitted

Well, it wouldn't be the Singapore Grand Prix unless we had multiple Safety Car periods.

SC deployed.


Dany Kvyat has crashed!


1 HAM. 2 RIC. 3 HUL. 4 PER. 5 PAL. 6 BOT. 7 VAN. 8 SAI. 9 OCO. 10 MAG.

HAM responds and goes a second quicker again. The gap is up to 5.2 now. HUL is a distant third - 9.5s behind Daniel.


Daniel has reduced the gap to HAM to 4.0s. Just over a second quicker than the Mercedes on that lap.


Daniel is now 5.0s behind HAM and 5.6s clear of HUL.

Daniel holds P2 behind HAM.


We're racing again!

Out are VET, VER and RAI.


1 HAM. 2 RIC. 3 HUL. 4 PER. 5 BOT. 6 PAL. 7 VAN. 8 OCO. 9 SAI. 10 MAG. 11 KVY. 12 ALO. 13 STR. 14 MAS. 15 GRO. 16 ERI. 17 WEH.

The upshot is that HAM leads under the SC, with Daniel in 2nd place!

It looks like Vettel spun after the start and lost his nosecone when he hit the wall.

Obviously the SC has been deployed.

RAI got a superb start and not looked like he might take the lead but VET came across and squeezed Max, Max adjusted and hit RAI.

And immediately there's chaos! Max has collided with RAI. VET has lost his nosecone. It's a mess.

Seconds to go now...

RAI says there is a lot of spray "it's very difficult to see, even at this stage". GRO reports that the "visibility is terrible".

The formation lap is underway.

HUL, ALO, VAN, PAL, PER and OCO are on full wets.

Tyre news: The top 6 are all on intermediate tyres, including Max and Daniel.

16-20: 16 MAG. 17 MAS. 18 STR. 19 WEH. 20 ERI.

11-15: 11 PAL. 12 PER. 13 KVY. 14 OCO. 15 GRO.

From 1-10: 1 VET. 2 VER. 3 RIC. 4 RAI. 5 HAM. 6 BOT. 7 HUL. 8 ALO. 9 VAN. 10 SAI.

Let's have a look at the grid...

5 mins to go now.

And how much the artificial light will reflect in the rain and whether that will have a significantly adverse affect on visibility.

What's most important is how visibility is affected by the rain under lights.

We've been coming to Singapore since 2008 and in all that time - nine editions - we have never had a wet race.

Which means we're heading into uncharted territory here.

Just hearing that this rain is likely to last for half an hour.

Definitely going to a wet track to start - even if the rain abates

The laps to grid were largely dry, but as the national anthem started, another shower began.

Another arrived about half an hour ago but it quickly stopped.

There have been intermittent showers since early this afternoon when we woke up.

It's raining!

Good evening and welcome to the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore. We're just 15 minutes away from the formation lap and...

That's our lot from quali here at Marina Bay. We'll be back tomorrow for live coverage of what's shaping up to be a really fascinating race. Join us then...

The top order in Quali then: 1 VET (1:39.491). 2 VER (1:39.814). 3 RIC (1:39.840). 4 RAI. 5 HAM. 6 BOT. 7 HUL. 8 ALO. 9 VAN. 10 SAI.

"Is your race pace better than Ferrari's?" The answer from Dan: "Yep."

Daniel's saying he'll accept a little bit of defeat today but that he still think the team will get victory tomorrow.

Daniel will start in the top 3 here for the fourth time.

Max takes his third P2 in quali and is set for a second career front-row start!

VET takes pole of the Singapore Grand Prix.

But he loses out in S3 and he has to settle for third as Max sets time of 1:39.814.

Daniel's goo through the first two sectors....

1:39.491 for VET....

sniff S2...

VET quickest of all through S1...

Chequered flag...

Final runs starting - Max in P2, Daniel in P3 - both a bit over a tenth down on VET.

VET, Max and Daniel the only driver sub-1m40s at the moment.

After the first runs we have: 1 VET (1:39.669). 2 VER (1:39.814). 3 RIC (1:39.862). 4 RAI. 5 HAM. 6 BOT. 7 ALO. 8 VAN. 9 HUL. 10 SAI.

But he's outdone by VET - 1:39.669!

Max into P1! Provision pole for the Dutchman – 1:39.814!

Max exits the pit lane, Daniel follows soon after. VET between them.

Pit exit open - this is it folks, Q3 starts.

Eliminated are: 11 PAL. 12 PER. 13 KVY. 14 OCO. 15 GRO.

RAI is third ahead of VET, HAM, VAN, HUL, BOT, ALO and SAI.

Max has slightly improved at the top - 1:40.332. Daniel takes P2 - 1:40.385. Hardly anything between the Red Bulls. That's how they finish Q2...

Flag is out.

ALO jumps to P8 with a lap of 1:41.442.

ALO in P11 is currently just 0.135s behind 10th placed PAL.

RAI has opted to go out again, as has HAM. Max now on track too and Daniel. VET now heads out. All the top 10 going for another run.

Here we go, final Q2 runs starting...

In the drop zone as we head into the final runs: 11 ALO. 12 PER. 13 KVY. 14 OCO. 15 GRO.

The current order: 1 VER (1:40.379). 2 VET (1:40.529). 3 RIC (1:40.776). 4 RAI. 5 HAM. 6 VAN. 7 BOT. 8 HUL. 9 SAI. 10 ALO.

And Daniel takes P3 with a lap of 1:40.776.

Boom! Max into P1 - 1:40.379. VET is P2...

Max and Daniel's times to come in...

VET takes an early P1 with a time of 1:40.529.

Daniel quickly follows.

Q2 is underway.... and Max is on track.

Also through are: 6 HAM. 7 PAL. 8 KVY. 9 HUL. 10 BOT. 11 RAI. 12 VET. 13 PER. 14 OCO. 15 GRO.

At the top of the Q1 chart: 1 MAX (1:41.010). 2 Daniel (1:42.063). 3 ALO. 4 SAI. 5 VAN.

So at the end of Q1 out go: 16 MAG. 17 MAS. 18 STR. 19 WEH. 20 ERI.

One minute to go.

Top 8 staying their garages now.

In the drop zone: 16 ERI. 17 MAG. 17 WEH. 18 WEH. 19 STR. MAS is outside 107%.

The order with three mins to go: 1 VER. 2 RIC. 3 HA, 4. BOT. 5 RAI. 6 VET. 7 PER. 8. OCO. 9 VAN. 10 GRO. 11 ALO. 12 HUL. 13 KVY. 14 SAI. 15 PAL.

Max isn't settling for P3 - he's had another go and posted a time of 1:42.010 to re-take P1. That's only five hundredths of a second ahead of Daniel.

Yep he hit the wall hard in sector 3.

Rear right, but he's back into the pit lane.

Looks like a puncture for MAS.

HAM splits the Red Bulls - P2 for him, 1:42.884.

That's a challenger to Daniel and one the Aussie accepts. He edges past into P1 - 1:42.846.

But Max is in the final sector and he blasts past that time to set a new benchmark of 1:43.031.

ALO takes P2 from VET. His lap is 1:44.120. But then VAN takes top spot! 1:44.008.

VET into P2 - 1:44.680.

GRO has used the escape road at Turn 7.

Eyes down - the first come from RAI and KVY and the Ferrari driver takes P1 with a lap of 1:44.060.

Long old lap this... Still waiting for a time to come in.

Anyway, here we go - green light. Q1 is upon us.

There's an added variable today, an oil residue at the entrance to Turn 20.

So we're hoping he can replicate the lightning quick pace he displayed yesterday.

Daniel, though, didn't complete his quali sim as he had a brush with the wall and returned to the garage for checks.

Max was quickest in final practice, edging Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel by seven hundredths of a second,

but we're focused now on the headline act - qualifying.

It's properly dark now and Singapore is fulfilling its role of stunning backdrop with aplomb. We can just about hear Ariane Grand performing elsewhere at the track...

Well almost. We're a bit late to join you as we were wolfing down lunch, which consisted of a Cornetto and a bit of another Cornetto. Don't judge us.

Hello and welcome back to the Marina Bay Street Circuit and it's Quali time!

Max has gone out again, but it's just precautionary, to check that everything is now OK.

Chequered flag.

The order: 1 VER (1:41.829). 2 VET (1:41.901, +0.072). 3 HAM. 4 ALO. 5 VAN. 6 RIC (1:42.517). 7 HUL. 8 BOT. 9 RAI. 10 PER.

Well that was an eventful few minutes.

Whoah more drama! Max has slowed right down. It looks like there is a problem! GP tells him to bring the car very slowly back to the pits.

e's heading back to the pit lane.

Daniel has clipped the barriers.

Max retakes P1 - 1:41.829.

HAM has slotted in between Max and Daniel with a lap of 1:42.425. Max now P2 and Daniel P4 with their times from the first half.

Max and Daniel on track now.

VET has shaved 0.018 of his time. The time to now beat is 1:41.901

12 minutes remaining.

ALO pops up with a decent lap – 1:42.612 – to claim P4.

Neither Daniel nor Max on track again as yet...

And a PB in S3 nets him P1 - 1:41.919. That's 0.330 up on Max.

VET going for a quick one - purple in sectors one and two...

19 mins left in the session. It's going to get crowded out there now

The order as we get under way again: 1 VER. 2 RIC. 3 VET. 4 BOT. 5 HUL. 6 PER. 7 SAI. 8 OCO. 9 RAI. 10 HAM.

Two minutes until we re-start at 1841 local.

Marshals busy sweeping up the debris.

He's managed to make it back to the pit lane but there's damage to the rear of his car.

Looks like Marcus Ericsson has crashed.

We have a red flag.

Just over halfway through the session and the order is: 1 VER (1:42.249). 2 RIC (1:42.517). 3 VET. 4 BOT. 5 HUL. 6 PER. 7 SAI. 8 OCO. 9 RAI. 10 HAM.

Daniel improves to 1:42.517 to take P2, seven tenths clear of VET.

And Max takes P1 - 1:42.249, that's 0.988 quicker than VET.

Daniel jumps to P2 with his first timed lap: 1:43.547, +0.310 to VET.

...and Daniel.

Max on track now.

More coming in now: PER jumps to P2 with a lap of 1:44.031. +0.794 to VET. OCO slots into P3.

22 minutes in and just nine times on the board.

Nice and relaxed in our garage at the moment with both Daniel and Max biding their time.

RAI back into P2 with a time of 1:44.176 - 0.939 behind VET.

HAM now takes P2 with a lap of 1:44.230, 0.993 behind VET. It's ultras all round at the moment.

VET now moves into P1 taking a full second out of RAI's time.

RAI was ninth in FP2, even though he did managed to get in a quick run.

RAI takes P1 with a time of 1:44.271. Ferrari had an oddly muted dat yesterday. After VET finished in P2 in the early session he failed to get in a quali sim in the evening and ended up 11th.

BOT is the first man to put a time on the board - 1:45.222 on ultrasoft tyres.

And yep, just a quick look around. He's back in the garage now.

Daniel on track now - soft tyres on for this quick exploration.

FP3 gets the green light and we're off and running at the Marina Bay Circuit.

Daniel's FP2 table-topped yesterday was a 1:40.852. That was 1.732s quicker than the fastest ever lap of Singapore - set by Nico Rosberg in Q3 last year.

Let's see how quick the drivers can get round this 5km circuit today.

Right, two minutes to go before the pit exit light turns green.

At the head of that Red Bull 1-2, Daniel was seventh tenths of a second quicker than third-placed Lewis Hamilton.

The Aussie topped the FP1 timesheet a tenth ahead of Sebastian Vettel and then went very quick indeed in FP2 to beat Max by over half a second.

In the middle of all that excitement it almost went unnoticed – though not at RS Towers – that Daniel aced both practice sessions yesterday.

We also had Renault announcing they're going to borrow Carlos Sainz from Red Bull for 2018, leaving Jolyon Palmer without a seat for next season.

We had McLaren and Honda divorcing, McLaren moving in with Renault and Honda hooking up with Toro Rosso.

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past 24 hours or so (which might the case if you're from Shaanxi province in China, where people do still in caves), you'll know that yesterday was a day of big news in F1.

The final practice session gets underway at 6pm local, which means it'll still be daylight for this session. Well. twilight, as sunset will occur at around 7pm.

Good evening everyone and welcome to Singapore where we're about 12 minutes away from the start of FP3.

We can't wait. See you in two weeks' time.

We can

Excellent recovery for the Red Bulls after those penalties, which leave us in good shape for the next race, under the floodlights - in Singapore.

So, as the tifosi invade the track to salute VET's podium, we'll take our leave.

Honourable mention thought to the pit crew for that epic 2.2s stop to put Daniel in touching distance of RAI. Great work there.

We'll get this over with nice and early and hand him our man-of-the-match awards. Nicely done, Badger!

Daniel, though, undoubtedly delivers the driver of the day - P16 to P4. Quick, aggressive, surgically precise.

Getting his excuse in early there? ;-)

VET is on the radio saying that something was wrong with his car in the final 15-20 laps and he was up and down on engine power.

Max has recovered from his early woes to finish in 10th place, taking a hard won point.

Mercedes utterly dominant. HAM finishes 36.3s ahead of championship leader Vettel.

Hamilton wins the Italian Grand Prix. BOT is second and VET takes third... 4.0s ahead of Daniel.

Purple again for Daniel - 1:23.361. 1.1s quicker than VET. 4.6s behind.

Max is under investigation for that move on MAG.

5 laps to go now - 5.7s between RIC and VET.

Daniel continuing to set purple times. 1:23.675 on lap 47, The gap to VET is now 6.2s

Magnussen fights back and Max protects the line. MAG is forced to cut the chicane and is not happy.

He's in the points. Red Bulls marching on.

Meanwhile, Max has been steadily working through the pack and he's just muscled his way past MAG to claim 10th place.

Daniel - fastest race lap so far 1:23.748. A second quicker than VET again. The gap is down to 8.7s.

Right, the Badger is now 11s behind VET but he's lapping a second quicker than the Ferrari. 11 laps remaining. Gonna be tight but it is game on.


Boom! Daniel blasts past RAI. Clinical. P4.

PB in S2 and S3. He's now 1.5 behind RAI.

Daniel sets the quickest S1 so far.

Daniel pits. Mega quick! 2.2s stop by the boys. Nice work to get him out just behind RAI. 2.6s the gap.

Max is now in P14 and starting to chase down SAI. The Spaniard in 9.9s ahead.

Daniel is now 8.1s ahead of VET and 20s clear of RAI.

PER in now. It's a slow stop for softs. 4.1s. Daniel still circulating in P3.

HAM pits, softs on and he emerges in P2.

That puts Daniel into third on the road.

VET pits from P3. Softs on.

Max pits again. Supersofts on this time for the Dutchman.

More importantly he's 21s clear of RAI who has already pitted. The Honey Badger is flying!

Further ahead Daniel is now 14.3s behind VET and has built a 7.6s gap to PER.

RAI passes OCO for P6. Both have already made a pit stop.

Further back, Max is now in P16.

Daniel now lapping as quickly as the Mercedes. In the mid 1m25s.

Simon tells Daniel that "now is the time to push" and the Aussie obliges, green sectors all the way.

That puts Daniel into P4.

MAS pits/.

Daniel is now in P5, 0.9s behind MAS.

Simon tells Daniel "Massa's alone now". Daniel's response? "I like 'em vulnerable".

Daniel just 0.2s behind MAS now.

Daniel has passed PER, nice move! Up to P6 now as the stops unfold.

OCO int the pits now. Hew takes softs as well.

RAI took soft tyres during that stop.

Max has passed GRO.

He rejoins in P11. \

RAI into the pits.

Meanwhile Max has closed a 4.0s gap to GRO at the back of the field. Just half a second behind the Haas now.

Daniel in DRS range of Checo now.

Daniel takes another half second out of PER.


Daniel is now just 1.7s behind PER. At the front HAM is 3.1s clear of BOT and a whopping 8.0s ahead of VET.

No further action in the Max/Massa incident.

Daniel's like a stealth badger - quietly and effortlessly picking off rivals as the laps tick away. P9 from P16 on the grid and now 3.6s behind PER.

VET passes OCO at the start of lap 8 to take P3.


1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 OCO. 4 VET. 5 STR. 6 RAI. 7 MAS. 8 PER. 9 RIC. 10 MAG.

Daniel is now up to P12.

And that incident with MAS is under investigation by the stewards.

Max in the pits - new nosecone, new tyres.

VET has passed RAI too.

BOT has passed STR and now as he crosses the start line he passes OCO to take P2.

Oh no! Max has tangled with MAS and he's sustained a front-right puncture!

Daniel is up to P14.


The order – 1 HAM. 2 OCO. 3 STR. 4 BOT. 5 RAI. 6 VET. 7 MAS. 8 VER. 9 PER. 10 MAG.

Daniel has held his 16th place.

Max is up to 8th place from P13 on the grid!

The Italian Grand Prix is go!

The formation lap is underway.

Right we're almost ready for the off.

16-20: 16 RIC. 17 PAL. 18 VAN. 19 ALO. 20 GRO.

11-15: 11 ERI. 12 WEH. 13 VER. 14 HUL. 15 SAI.

So, from 1-10 we have: 1 HAM. 2 STR. 3 OCO. 4 BOT. 5 RAI. 6 VET. 7 MAS. 8 KVY. 9 MAG. 10 PER.

It means that after all the sanctions have been applied, Max will today start from P13 and Daniel from P16.

and they've also been helped by penalties elsewhere.

Max qualified in P2 and Daniel in P3 yesterday, which went a long to mitigating the damage of those drops...

Most importantly of course, Daniel took a 20-place penalty for using additional power unit elements, and Max took the same drop for the same reason.

Right, there's been quite a lot of grid movement overnight due to penalties, so let's detail that for you.

The place is absolutely jam-packed. The massive banners are flying, the flares are going off and the grid is wreathed in smoke.

We've also got a typically amazing atmosphere at Monza.

Today we have blazing sunshine, 25˚C ambient and 34˚C on track.

Yesterday was almost a wash-out, though we eventually had a qualifying session 2hrs and 40mins after the scheduled start time.

And what a difference 24 hours makes.

Good afternoon and welcome to Monza for live coverage of the Italian Grand Prix.

That's out lot from what was a marathon qualifying session. We'll be back tomorrow with live coverage of the Italian Grand Prix. See you then.

We'll find out just how the grid gets shaken overnight.

Massive result for the team, but of course it's tempered by the knowledge that both will take grid penalties tomorrow.

Max is second in Quali and Daniel third.

So, Lewis Hamilton takes the all-time pole record with that phenomenal lap in very tricky conditions,

Max is P2 in Quali with a time of 1:36.70s and Daniel takes P3 with a time of 1:36.841.

Noooo.... HAM takes it and it's a massive lap - 1:35.554.

Daniel into P2. HAM....

P1 for Max 1:36.702!!

Max purple in S2 33.4.

Max beats it! 30.7s.

OCO sets the quickest S1 so far.

Ferrari seem to be struggling in these conditions. VET in P8 and RAI in P9. 2 mins to go.

Max's last lap isn't an improvement.

4 mins left on the clock.

HAM retakes P1 - 1:36.913.

1 RIC. 2 HAM. 3 VER. 4 OCO. 5 BOT. 6 STR. 7 MAS. 8 VET. 9 VAN. 10 RAI.

Five mins to go.

P1 for the Honey Badger!

But Daniel gets past him! 1:37.143!!

And HAM takes P1 - 1:37.237.

BOT takes P2.

Max improves to 1:37.737.

OCO splits the Red Bulls.

HAM. BOT and VET yet to complete their laps.

Daniel into P2 - 1:38.107.

Max takes P1 - 1:37.782.

The first run could determine pole here. Th conditions are getting worse.

Max sets off on a flying lap.

Max and RAI on the same piece of track looking for a clean run. Max passes the four-time champ to claim the position he thinks best.

It's green and Q3 is underway.

It'll be back to full wets for Q3 we think. Heavy rain now.

Q3 is due to start in 2 mins.

It's raining hard now.

Eliminated though are: 11 PER. 12 HUL. 13 ALO. 14 KVY. 15 SAI.

The top 10 in Q2: 1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 VER. 4 VET. 5 STR. 6 RAI. 7 RIC. 8 MAS. 9 VAN. 10 OCO.

Daniel improves at the last moment - 1:37.313. P7 and through to Q3. Max is through in P3 1:36.113.

1 minute to go.

Daniel is in P9 at the moment.

Just under 4 mins to go: 1 VET. 2 HAM. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 VER 1:37.739. 6 STR. 7 HUL. 8 RIC 1:38.109. 9 MAS. 10 OCO.

VET pushes him to P2 with a best time so far of 1:36.223.

But HAM behind to feel the benefit of inters and jumps to P1 with a time of 1:36.447.

Daniel is P3.

Seems they're working for some and not others.

He's on inters.

VET takes P1 and then improves to 1:36.787.

That appears to be the way to go at the moment as HAM, on inters, slots into P2 with a time of 1:38.116.

Max takes P1 with a time of 1:37.739. That was set on full wets.

Spin for VAN. He saves it and continues.

GP tells Max that there is an increasing risk of rain in this segment.

Green light, Q2 begins...

Eliminated though are: 16 MAG. 17 PAL. 18 ERI. 19 WEH. GRO did not take part of course after his early crash.

Max is through in P4 with a time of 1:37.344. Daniel is through in P7 with a lap of 1:38.304.

BOT tops the order with a last gasp lap of 1:35.716.

Chequered flag.

VET on inters moves to P3.

Whoah! RAI almost released into the path of a Force India in pit lane. He narrowly avoids a crash and also leaves the pit lane with a small fire on his front right brake.

Daniel is matching that move. He's in P6 at the moment on 1:38.304, but he's gone green one tyre choice.

VET has gone out on intermediate tyres.

Daniel is the last across the line - 1:38.912. That puts him in P7. Max currently P2 after an improvement to 1:37.344. HAM is P1 1:36.981.

The track is clearly a lot better.

VET moves past that - 1:38.225.

Max takes P1 - 1:38.557.

At the moment HAM's 1:40.128 is the P1 time.

12 mins to go in Q1. Max says the conditions are better now than 2hrs40m ago.

Daniel wait for the traffic to abate and heads out now.

Max is first on track.

Pit exit open!!

In fact it's so long that Marcus Ericsson can't pull out of the Sauber garage as his way is blocked!

Huge queue at the pit exit...

We'll find that out in 10 minutes.

if the conditions hold

Something about Lewis being in P1, Grosjean goring off and that was it really. There are 13 mins left on the Q1 clock so plenty of time to get laps in...

Now, can we even remember what happened two and a half hours ago....

The news that Q1 will re-start at 1640 appears on the big screens and massive roar goes up from the grandstands.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we are going to have a session.

Could it maybe, possible, somehow be... time for Quali?

Whisper it... the weather seems to be clearing a little. There are vehicles on track brushing away some of the water and the safety cars is out on what looks like a much improved track surface.

And while we've been watching that, Race Contol have announced another 15-minute delay. Zzzzzzzzz...

That involved steaming into the Mercedes garage and trying to get a shot of suspension geometry - causing much consternation!

Everybody's getting a bit silly now. Daniel has just nicked a TV camera and gone on his own shoot.

Well they haven't called time on Quali just yet... another 15-minute delay.

Further info at 1600. Which is when we think Race Control will call it for today.

Sorry about... nodded off there for a moment. No news is... bad news. Next update at 1545.