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The Hungaroring is a notoriously difficult circuit at which to make a pass. Its winding layout makes it the slowest of the full-time bespoke racing circuits and frequently a race is won and lost on strategic decisions.

First F1 Grand Prix:
Circuit Length:
Race Distance:
Lap Record:

Laps: 70



Friday 28th July

Practice 1

Forecast: 15-25

Saturday 29th July

Practice 3

Forecast: 15-28

Practice 2

Forecast: 15-28


Forecast: 15-28

Sunday 30th July


Forecast: 20-33

Racing Record


Last Seasons Result

1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes
3. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull Racing
4. Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
5. Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing

Our Best Results

2nd Place
Daniil Kyvat (2015)
1st Place
Daniel Ricciardo (2014)
1st Place
Mark Webber (2010)

Overall Results


Drivers Standings

  Driver Team Points
1 Sebastian Vettel Scuderia Ferrari 177
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team 176
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team 154
4 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull Racing 117
5 Kimi Räikkönen Scuderia Ferrari 98
6 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing 57
7 Sergio Pérez Sahara Force India F1 Team 52
8 Esteban Ocon Sahara Force India F1 Team 43
9 Carlos Sainz Scuderia Toro Rosso 29
10 Nico Hülkenberg Renault Sport Formula One Team 26
11 Felipe Massa Williams Martini Racing 23
12 Lance Stroll Williams Martini Racing 18
13 Romain Grosjean Haas F1 Team 18
14 Kevin Magnussen Haas F1 Team 11
15 Pascal Wehrlein Sauber F1 Team 5
16 Daniil Kvyat Scuderia Toro Rosso 4
17 Fernando Alonso McLaren Honda 2
18 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren Honda 0
19 Marcus Ericsson Sauber F1 Team 0
20 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport Formula One Team 0
21 Antonio Giovinazzi Haas F1 Team 0
22 Jenson Button McLaren Honda 0

Constructor Standings

  Constructor country Podiums Wins Points
1 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Germany 13 6 330
2 Scuderia Ferrari Italy 10 3 275
3 Red Bull Racing Austria 6 1 174
4 Sahara Force India F1 Team India 0 0 95
5 Williams Martini Racing Great Britain 1 0 41
6 Scuderia Toro Rosso Italy 0 0 33
7 Haas F1 Team 0 0 29
8 Renault Sport Formula One Team 0 0 26
9 Sauber F1 Team Switzerland 0 0 5
10 McLaren Honda Great Britain 0 0 2

United Kingdom Grand Prix

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team 1:21:27
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team +00:14
3 Kimi Räikkönen Scuderia Ferrari +00:36
4 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing +00:52
5 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull Racing +01:05
6 Nico Hülkenberg Renault Sport Formula One Team +01:08
7 Sebastian Vettel Scuderia Ferrari +01:33
8 Esteban Ocon Sahara Force India F1 Team +1 Lap(s)
9 Sergio Pérez Sahara Force India F1 Team +1 Lap(s)
10 Felipe Massa Williams Martini Racing 0:00:01
11 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren Honda +1 Lap(s)
12 Kevin Magnussen Haas F1 Team +1 Lap(s)
13 Romain Grosjean Haas F1 Team +1 Lap(s)
14 Marcus Ericsson Sauber F1 Team +1 Lap(s)
15 Daniil Kvyat Scuderia Toro Rosso +1 Lap(s)
16 Lance Stroll Williams Martini Racing +1 Lap(s)
17 Pascal Wehrlein Sauber F1 Team +1 Lap(s)
18 Fernando Alonso McLaren Honda DNF
19 Carlos Sainz Scuderia Toro Rosso 0:00:50
20 Jolyon Palmer Renault Sport Formula One Team DNF

Our Partners

TAG Heuer is a legendary timing house and an icon of Formula One. Joining the Team from 2016, TAG Heuer shares Red Bull Racing's passion for innovation and drive to stand out from the crowd.

Formula One is a sport in which every milliseconds counts and as the Official Timing Partner, Official Watch and Team Performance Partner of Red Bull Racing, TAG Heuer is helping the team to ensure that we extract the maximum from every moment.

TAG Heuer's mantra of #DontCrackUnderPressure is something Red Bull Racing will be living by in 2016 as we compete for further success on track.

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Live Updates

See you then!

That's it from us here at Silverstone then. We'll be back in a couple of weeks when we'll be at the Hungaroring, just outside Budapest for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Superb fourth place for Max and a welcome return to the points.

It's been a rough few races for the Dutchman but today he put in a superb shift. Battling with Vettel through the opening phase, consolidating position, bringing it home.

Awesome stuff from Daniel but that's not to take anything away from Max.

Pretty simple: Daniel Ricciardo. P19 on the grid to P5 at the end. A battling, aggressive, calculated and brilliant drive from the Honey Badger.

Right, all that remains for us to do here is hand out our man-of-the-match award. Who are we going to choose?


1. HAM. 2 BOT. 3 RAI. 4 VER. 5 RIC. 6 HUL. 7 VET. 8 OCO. 9 PER. 10 MAS.

Incredible end to the race. GP tells Max that the team was concerned that what happened to VET might have happened to the Dutchman.

What an amazing finish.

Daniel has passed HUL too. It's fourth for Max Verstappen and fifth for Daniel Ricciardo!!

VET has dropped to P7.

HAM takes his fifth British GP win!

Max is now up to P4. Daniel is going to pass him too. VET pits.

Front left for VET as well.

This is amazing.

VET now has suffered a puncture!!!

Max pits too. He wanted to stay out.

RAI has pitted.

RAI has a puncture!!!

HUL is reporting a problem and Daniel is now a second a lap quicker than the German.

Daniel now 2.2s behind HUL. Simon tells his driver that he will catch the Renault with two laps to go.

BOT now 5s behind RAI.

Daniel is 3.4s behind HUL now.

Max closing in by half a second a lap. Five laps to go.

GP has informed VER on the radio that VET is struggling on his front tyres and told him to stay in the hunt.

BOT has passed VET for P3. Fresher tyres, bit more pace.

BOT makes a move. VET defends hard, locks up massively. Holds third. It looks like a temporary defence though. BOT has the pace.

BOT now just half a second behind VET now.

Max is reporting that his tyres are suffering badly. He has a free stop over HUL, so he could pit and change and still hold P5.

Max's lonely road goes on. P5, 10s behind BOT and 35s clear of HUL.


Daniel just 8s behind HUL now.


1 HAM. 2 RAI. 3 VET. 4 BOT. 5 VER. 6 HUL. 7 RIC. 8 OCO. 9 PER. 10 MAS.

Awesome! Daniel on new softs blasts past MAG on starting supersofts into Copse! P7, next target HUL, 10s up the road.
14 laps to go.

Boom! Daniel passes OCO into Stowe. P8.

Daniel passes PER at Brooklands on lap 35. P9 for the Honey Badger. Next target OCO.

Daniel pits - 33 laps on that opening set of supersofts. He emerges in P10 just behind PER. Game on!

BOT pits, takes on supersofts in 2.1s and her emerges behind RAI and VET. P4 for the Mercedes man.

Max lonely in P5 now - 7.8 behind VET and 22s ahead of Daniel.

BOT is about 14s ahead of VET. That's not enough for the Finn to pit and hold P2.

27 laps on starting supersofts for Daniel.


1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 RAI. 4 VET. 5 VER. 6 RIC. 7 HUL. 8 MAG. 9 OCO. 10 PER.

Daniel is up to P6 now bit he hasn't pitted yet. His times are good, the tyres are holding up so he's staying out to see what more ground he can make up.

Softs on, 2.3s. HAM emerges in the lead, just ahead of BOT.

HAM pits.

2.5s to get softs on RAI and he rejoins in P3 behind HAM, BOT (not stops) and ahead of VET and Max both of whom have made a pit stop.

Max currently in P5 as RAI pits.

BOT is P3 at the moment, he'll obviously go longer
on those starting softs.

Daniel has passed VAN. He's now up to P8.

VET flying in P4 behind HAM, RAI and BOT (no stops) but the German is 16s off the lead.

Daniel is up to P9 and chasing VAN as OCO has made a pit stop.

Great defence by Max but the undercut worked for Ferrari there.

Max pits. 3.4s for softs. VET comes flying past as Max exits the pit lane.

Daniel passes MAS. Up to P10 now. On a roll!

Let's see if the undercut works.

VET on softs now. 2.9s stop.

VET has pitted.

Daniel is just half a second behind P10 man MAS.


1 HAM. 2 RAI +3.8s. 3 VER. 4 VET. 5 BOT. 6 HUL. 7 OCO. 8 PER. 9 VAN. 10 MAS. 11 RIC.

Daniel has passed GRO to take P11.

All of this is allowing BOT to close in.

It's a titanic battle as VET tries again and Max makes his car as wide as possible to hold third.

Max holds on and accuses VET of wanting to "play bumper cars".

Massive battle between VET and Max. Vettel tries to go down the inside into Stowe, Max holds his line, they both slide marginally off track...

Daniel blasts past STR at Brooklands. Sweet move, P12.

Daniel has passed ALO for P13.

HAM now 2.6s ahead of RAI. VER is 5.9s further back. VET just 0.8s behind the Red Bull.

Daniel is pressuring ALO for P13. He's six tenths behind the McLaren.

Daniel is working his way through the pack again. Up to P14 now.

So BOT has passed Vandoorne, Perez, Oco and Hulkenberg and he's now chasing down Vettel.


VET is pressuring Max now. BOT is now up to P5.

All the good work undone - he's back to P18.

But wait! Daniel has gone off! At Woodcote. He was trying to go the long way round a Haas and just ran out of space.

Daniel, though, is steaming through. He's up to 12 after the restart!

HAM has held his lead on the re-start ahead of RAI, VER and VET.

We're racing again.

6 OCO. 7 BOT. 8 PER. 9 VAN. 10 MAS. 11 GRO. 12 STR. 13 MAG. 14 RIC. 15 ERI. 16 ALO. 17 WEH. 18 KVY. Out are PAL and SAI.

The order at the top under the SC: 1 HAM. 2 RAI. 3 VER. 4 VET. 5 HUL.

In all of that Daniel has risen from P19 to P14. Great first lap from the Aussie.

The SC has been deployed.

SAI has gone off. KVY went off track and coming back on he collided with his team-mate. Not good.

We're away. HAM holds his lead but Max has got past VET in the first few corners. He's up to P3!

We have an extra formation lap.

Not sure we'll have a start here given where PAL's car is.

He's told to put the car in neutral and stop the car. He was set to start in P11.

PAL on the radio saying his brake by wire has failed and his pedal has gone long. He can't catch a brake.

We're almost ready to go here at the British Grand Prix, our second home race in a row.

Formation lap underway.

So Max obviously on supersofts as part of the top 10. Daniel though opts for supersofts. BOT set his best Q2 time on softs so he starts on those.

Tyre news: Bulk of the grid will start on supersofts. However, starting on softs are: BOT, MAS, STR, MAG, ERI and WEH.

We're just 2
minutes away from the formation lap now.

And from 16-20: 16 MAG. 17 WEH. 18 ERI. 19 RIC. 20 ALO.

From 11-15: 11 PAL. 12 KVY. 13 SAI. 14 MAS. 15 STR.

From 1-10 we have: 1 HAM. 2 RAI. 3 VET. 4 VER. 5 HUL. 6 PER. 7 OCO. 8 VAN. 9 BOT. 10 GRO.

All a bit confusing? Then let's take a look at the grid.

That boosts Max to the back of the second row for today's start.

There was also a gearbox penalty for Valtteri Bottas so he drops to ninth place from his P4 in Quali.

We've taken the opportunity to change some bits on the PU and that's handed Daniel another 10-place penalty but he holds P19 on the grid.

However, due to a swathe of penalties for Fernando Alonso (30 places), Daniel was set to start in P19.

After quali he ended up in P20.

It's been a pretty busy period for us since Quali yesterday with number of PU elements being changed on Daniel's car after that turbo issue in Q1 yesterday.

We're around 12 minutes away from the formation lap.

Good afternoon and welcome to Silverstone where we're live for the British Grand Prix!

Join us then....

And how much fun Daniel can have from P20. Not a great day for him today but so much overtaking to do tomorrow and that's what he's happiest doing!

That's our lot from qualifying, we'll be back tomorrow for the race when we'll see what Max can do from P5 on the grid...

The top 10: 1 HAM. 2 RAI. 3 VET. 4 BOT. 5 VER. 6 HUL. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 VAN. 10 GRO.

And Max Verstappen qualifies in P5 for the British Grand Prix. 1:28.130 for the Dutchman, seven tenths clear of P6 man HUL.

Massive lap from HAM - 12:26.600. Pole position, 0.547s ahead of RAI who steals P2 ahead of VET, whose final lap was scrappy. BOT is P4.

Chequered flag. Times to come though...

If anyone can it may be the stewards. HAM is under investigation for possibly impeding GRO.

Here we go then, final runs. Can anyone stop HAM landing his fifth Silverstone pole position?

The order before the final runs: 1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 VER. 6 HUL. 7 PER. 8. OCO. 9 GRO. 10 VAN.

P5 for Max. 1:28.301. That's over six tenths clear of sixth-placed HUL.

HAM sets the early benchmark with a first-run time of 1:27.231. VET is in P2 with a time of 1:27.430. BOT is P3 ahead of RAI. Max ending his first flyer now.

Q3 begins...

Eliminated after Q2 are: 11 PAL. 12 KVY. 13 ALO. 14 SAI. 15 MAS.

1 HAM 1:27.893. 2 BOT. 3 VET. 4 RAI. 5 HUL. 6 VER. 7 OCO. 8 PER. 9 GRO. 10 VAN.

That's it! Max is through to Q3 in P6. That time of 1:29.431 was his best of the segment.

Max currently in P4 with as time of 1:29.431.

Chequered flag, but plenty of times yet to come.

RAI takes P1 with 1 minute to go, but VET goes quicker. 1:28.978 for the German.

Max is out on track again for his final run off this segment.

Three mins to go and in the drop zone at the moment are: 11 PER. 12 GRO. 13 PAL. 14 MAS. 15 SAI.

HAM in P1 now 1:29.097. Max has improved too. He's in P5 with a time of 1:30.252.

Hard to know what the best strategy is - wait it out and let the conditions improve more or keep pounding around in case the heavens open again.

There are 10 mins left in the session.

HUL moves to P1 1:31.085.

The conditions are getting better and better. RAI is now in P1 with a time of 1:31.145. Chunk of time being chewed out now.

Max takes P1 early in Q2 with a time of 1:33.917. But he's ousted soon after by GRO, 1:32.172.

Max straight into the action and this time he's on supersofts.

Q2 is underway.

Q2 will start at 13:30 local.

Through to Q2: 1 ALO 1:37.598. 2 VER 1:38.912. 3 HAM. 4 HUL. 5 BOT. 6 OCO. 7 VET. 8 VAN. 9 RAI. 10 SAI. 11 PAL. 12 KVY. 13 MAS. 14 PER. 15 GRO.

Eliminated after Q1 are: 16 STR. 17 MAG. 18 WEH. 19. ERI. 20. RIC.

Max is through to Q2 in P2 with a time of 1:38.912.

Daniel though is out and in P20. So disappointing.

And lo and behold he track has improved to the degree that he jumps from 20th to P1 with his one and only flying lap of Q1!!

But he scraped through to get the chance of a flyer.

Amazing! ALO was so tight on time to make it across the line before the chequered flag.

Chequered flag.

ALO on track now.

Max still in P1. Daniel has dropped to P13.

ALO has yet to set a time.

In the drop zone with 1 minute to go: 16 VAN. 17 STR. 18 WEH. 19 PAL. 20 ALO.

3 mins to go. Max takes P1 with his next flyer! 1:38.912. Looks like the track is improving quickly now.

Max meanwhile is on track and is currently in P9 with a time of 1:43.166.

PER, BOT, and OCO also improve and Daniel is now in P5.

6 mins to go. HAM takes P1 from Daniel. The time is 1:41.296.

At least in some areas of the track.

We're up and running again, but it looks like the weather has worsened.

The session will re-start in 2 mins.

His RB13 is being moved away from the track edge by marshals, but with the red flags displayed all cars have to return to the pit lane.

Daniel is talking about maybe having a turbo issue.

It's at Luffied, Turn 8. He's out of the car and we have a red flag.

Daniel's stopped on the side of the track!

But Max is dislodged by HUL.

Daniel takes P1 with a time of 1:42.966. Max in P2 with 1:43.166.

As you might expect it's inters all the way at the moment.

Cars stream out pit lane onto the circuit. Everyone's looking for a banker in case the conditions worsen. Max and Daniel are among them.

Q1 is underway.

Valtteri Bottes will also suffer the same penalty.

Remember also that whatever position Daniel qualifies in today he will start five positions further back on the grid due to a penalty for an unscheduled gearbox change.

Where are we at for this session? Daniel finished FP3 in P6, but Max was in P8 as he did not manage to get a supersoft quali sim in before rain fell.

That 90% looks like becoming 100%. There's rain falling here and the umbrellas are up in the grandstands.

10 mins to go now before the start of Q1.

It's still cold, grey and overcast and, wait for it... we have a 90% chance of rain for this session.

Welcome back to Silverstone for live coverage of Qualifying.

That's it from us at the RS for the moment. We'll be back in a couple of hours with live coverage of Quali. Join us then.

HAM is quickest 1:28.063 with VET in P2 0.032 behind. BOT is P3, with RAI in P4. P5 goes to HUL. RIC is P6, GRO is P7, Max is P8. MAS in P9, VER in P10.

That's it then. FP3 done and Daniel finishes in P6 with a supersoft time of 1:29.612. Max finishes in P8 with a time of 1:29.904 set on softs.

Chequered flag.

ERI has a spin too and goes off track in Turn 17.

Treacherous out there.

On the exit of the final corner he caught a bit too much kerb. They're slick with rain and it sent him into a spin. No damage luckily and he's on his way again.

Daniel has had a spin!

Daniel trying out the conditions too.

Max is on inters.

Max on track now.

VAN has a look, tiptoes around and comes back to the pits.

VAN takes to the track on intermediate tyres,

From 11-20: 11 ALO. 12 OCO. 13 MAG. 14 PAL. 15 PER. 16 KVY. 17 SAI. 18 WEH. 19 ERI. 20 STR.

All of the top 10 times with the exception of Max's were set on supersofts.

The Top 10 with 13 mins to go: 1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 HUL. 6 RIC. 7 GRO. 8 VER. 9 MAS. 10 VAN.

The Red Bulls are currently in P6 (Daniel - 1:29.612, supersoft) and P8 (Max - 1:29.904, soft).

VET just three hundredths behind, with BOT in P3.

HAM's 1:28.063 is still the benchmark with 15 mins to go and that's not like to change now.

And there we go. He's back to the pits now. The rain is coming down now.

He's already had a little off in Turn 7.

Can't imagine he will be for long though.

Max on track now, but it seems there is drizzle in some parts of the track. Max is on supersofts.

Umbrellas up here at Silverstone. A few at least.

Daniel has headed back to the garage.

Daniel is chipping away at his lap time - down to 1:29.612 now but he's still in P6.

Looking at a team monitor, it seems rain is expect in the next few minutes.

Daniel, on supersofts, improves to 1:29.644. He moves past Max but stays P6 as HUL has taken P5.

1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5. VER. 6 RIC. Top four on supersofts. Daniel on track now.

VET chases him. P2 – 1:28.095, +0.032.

HAM has switched to supersets and makes the expected advance - 1:28.063. Thats 1.2s quicker than his 2016 pole time.

20 mins in: 1 HAM 1:28.747. 2 BOT 1:28.827. 3 VET 1:29.259. 4 RAI 1:29.395. 5 VER 1:29.904. 6 RIC 1:29.922. 7 OCO. 8 VAN. 9 PER. 10 ALO.

Max and Daniel both in the garage now.

Daniel's first time is in 1:29.922. He's currently in P6. Max has improved to 1:29.904.

So Mercedes on softs at the moment, Ferrari on supersets and the Red Bulls on softs.

Everyone else yet to set a time.

The order: 1 BOT 1:28.827. 2 HAM. 3 VET. 4 RAI. 5 VER. 6 SAI. 7 ERI. 8 WEH. 9. OCO.

Max's time set on soft tyres.

Max into P5 with his first time of the morning - 1:30.098. Daniel on track now.

Max is on track now for his first taste of the conditions.

BOT, who is also set for a 5-place gearbox-related grid drop tomorrow, takes P1 –

VET into P2 on supersets 1:30.191. A scrappy lap from the German especially in the final sector.

HAM, on soft tyres, takes P1 with a time of 1:29.544.

Daniel back in the garage now.

And we have Daniel out on the medium tyre for his first look.

FP3 is go.

At Silverstone, though, there's so much energy going through the tyres in those high-speed corners that getting heat into the tyres over the long lap isn't usually an issue.

The track temp is a good 12-14˚C cooler than it was yesterday afternoon so that's likely to affect things.

So if it's dry at the start expect to see a lot of early activity.

As mentioned, it's grey, cool and overcast here with 15˚C in the air and 20˚C on track. There's also a reported 80% chance of rain for this session.

That is, of course, if the weather holds.

And the times are likely to fall again today.

We've already broken past last year's pole time with Valtteri Bottas setting an FP2 P1 of 1:28.496 and pole in 2016 being 1:29.287.

All week Daniel's been like a kid in a candystore, with the candy being the circuit's high-speed corners and the prospect of taking them on in 2017-spec cars.

But that could be a product of getting set for another blast around Silverstone.

He looks chipper enough in the car at the moment though.

The big (and bad) news is that Daniel has had to have an unscheduled gearbox change, so he's going to take a five-place grid hit tomorrow.

We're about nine minutes away from the start of FP3 here.

Anyway it wouldn't be a proper British Grand Prix unless we could have a good moan about the weather.

But that qualifies as sunny here, right?

We say sunny but what we really mean is cold, grey and overcast.

Good morning and welcome to sunny Silverstone for live coverage of final practice for the British Grand Prix.

Stependous stuff from the Aussie and you can tell he enjoyed it. He's massively pumped up and almost vaults out of the car in parc ferme.

We're not even going to wait to award our Don't Crack Under Pressure award. It goes to Daniel for that awesome defence.

Not quite sure what Daniel was saying on the radio. I think it sounded a bit like: "yeahahahaharrrrrrrghhwwoooooooooooahhhhh!"

Get in. A superb defence.

And Daniel holds off HAM! That's 3rd place for the Honey Badger!

It's knife edge stuff.

Simon tells Daniel to "get your elbows out, this is for the podium".


But Daniel fends off the assault.

HAM is attacking!


BOT is now 1.3 clear of VET. Daniel is still 1.1 ahead of HAM.

5 laps to go - Daniel is 1.3s ahead of HAM.


1 BOT. 2 VET +2.3. 3 RIC +6.3 to VET. 4 HAM +1.4 to RIC. 5 RAI +12.7 to HAM. 6 GRO. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 MAS. 10 STR.

Simon Rennie is on the radio to Daniel: "Let's get through this traffic and then stretch your legs again," he says.


Daniel just 2.3s clear of HAM now.

Nothing between Daniel and HAM - 1:07.730 for Dan on the last lap and HAM just five hundredths of that. We're on lap 58 of 71.

Daniel responds - 1:07.983. HAM pushes hard - 1:07.840. 3.0s now the gap.

HAM has closed on Daniel by a large margin. Traffic for the Honey Badger?

RAI puts in the fastest lap of the race so far - 1:07.680.


1 BOT. 2 VET +3.2. 3 RIC +7.2 to VET. 4 HAM +3.2 to RIC. 5 RAI + 6.7 to HAM.

VET's race engineer Ricardo Adami has just informed his driver that there might be rain towards the end of the race.

Daniel rattling out the PBs - 1:080.36 last time out. That keeps HAM at 4.5s distant.

MAS finally pits. The last of the top 10 to do so. He rejoins in P9.


1 BOT. 2 VET +4.3. 3 RIC +4.1 to VET. 4 HAM +4.0 to RIC. 5 RAI +8.9 to HAM. 6 MAS no stop. 7 GRO. 8 PER. 9 OCO. 10 STR.

Meanwhile, SAI has been told to box as the team needs to retire his Toro Rosso. Shame.

RAI has been passed by BOT and that's the cue for RAI to pit for supersofts. He rejoins in P5 behind HAM.

Looks like BOT had a slightly slow stop. Front right not clean on.

HAM is complaining that he has too much front wing on. He's not happy with the balance.

Kimi Raikkonen leads the Austrian GP, but he has yet to pit.


BOT pits from the lead. Supersofts on.


Daniel puts in a PB - 1:08.359, couple of tenths up on HAM.

Daniel's last lap was a 1:08.583 and HAM a 1:08.530.

L39. 1 BOT. 2 RAI +19.8. 3 VET +6.2 to RAI. 4 RIC + 4.6s to VET. 5 HAM +4.1 to RIC.

The order at the moment is: 1 BOT no stop. 2 RAI no stop. 3 VET one stop. 4 RIC one stop. 5 HAM one stop.

Supersofts for both RIC and VET.

VET now pits.


Daniel pits.

Ultrasofts on for HAM. He pitted from P5 and stays there


HAM pits.

MAG has hit problems. He can't shift gear and his power steering has gone. He's headed to the pits


1 BOT. 2 VET +7.5. 3 RIC +4.5 to VET. 4 RAI. +6.4 to RIC. 5 HAM +1.0 to RAI. 6 GRO. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 MAS. 10 STR.

No further action on the BOT start. He just reacted supremely well.

RAI holding HAM at bay at the moment... and successfully backing the Mercedes driver up a bit.

HAM swarming all over the back of RAI's Ferrari now.


Daniel now 9.0s off the lead, stable at 3.6s behind VET and 6.6s clear of RAI.

HAM now just 1.2s behind RAI.

HAM is in P5 at the moment 2.6s behind RAI. However, he's complaining that his rear supersoft tyres are taking a beating.


HUL pits for Soft tyres.


1 BOT. 2 VET +4.7. 3 RIC +3.2 TO VET. 4 RAI. 5 HAM. 6 GRO. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 MAS. 10 STR.

KVY has been handed a drive-through penalty for causing that Turn 1 collision. BOT meanwhile may have made a jump start. The stewards are looking the incident.

Both Williams cars in the points. MAS in P9 from P17 on the grid and STR in P10 from P18.

1 BOT. 2 VET. 3 RIC. 4 RAI. 5 GRO. 6 PER. 7 HAM. 8 OCO. 9 MAS. 10 STR.

RAI has also passed GRO for P4.

Also.... BOT is under investigation for a possible jump start.

Max didn't lose a front wing after all but he has stopped. Waiting for developments.

KVY braked too late and clattered into ALO who hit Max.

Looks like Max got a bad start and dropped back all the way to where KVY and ALO.

The order: 1 BOT. 2 VET. 3 RIC. 4 GRO. 5 RAI. 6 PER. 7 HAM. 8 OCO. 9 SAI. 10 MAS.

KVY and ALO in the pits. Looks like they collided.

Max is cruising back to the pits. He's lost his front wing.

RAI has dropped to P5.

Daniel is up to third. He passes RAI in Turn 3.

And we're off and away. Max has been hit!

The formation lap is underway.

Tyre news: HAM, STR, MAG, HUL, WEH are on supersofts. MAS and PAL start on softs. Everyone else will start on ultrasofts.

And from 16 back we have: 16 PAL. 17 MAS. 18 STR. 19 ERI. WEH will start from the pit lane after an engine change.

From 11 to 15 we have: 11 HUL. 12 ALO. 13 VAN. 14 KVY. 15 MAG.

From 1 to 10 we have: 1 BOT. 2 VET. 3 RAI. 4 RIC. 5 VER. 6 GRO. 7 PER. 8 HAM. 9 OCO. 10 SAI. HAM drops from P3 to P8 due to a gearbox change.

There has, of course, been some movement overnight.

Let's look at the grid.

The air temperature is currently 28 and the track temp is 44.

We had blazing sunshine this morning but in the last couple of hours the clouds have gathered over the circuit and while it's still sunny and hot, it is looking more changeable.

Most interesting news is that we have a 60% chance of rain for the race.

Hello and welcome back to the Red Bull Ring where we are 15 minutes or so away from the start of the Austrian Grand Prix.

That's our lot here from Qualifying at the Red Bull Ring. Join us again for the race tomorrow.

Still a solid quali from the Red Bulls.

I think he'll feel he had the chance to rise up the order and may have lost concentration momentarily after GRO stopped.

Max had an off there at the end of that session, losing control in Turn 8.

HAM will drop five places so Daniel is set to start in P4 and Max in P5.

BOT takes his second career pole position ahead of VET, HAM, RAI, RIC, VER, GRO, PER, OCO and SAI.

GRO has stopped on track! That's it, yellows out.

Just him and OCO on track at the moment.

Daniel on track for his final run.

4 mins to go.

Max marginally improves to 1:04.983. Still P6.

Big slide for Max but he's recovered. He's pushing hard.

1 BOT 1:04.251 2 VET 1:04.293. 3 HAM 1:04.424. 4 RAI 1:04.779. 5 RIC 1:04.896. 6 VER 1:05.110.

Daniel improves with a time of 1:04.896. Still P5. Max was back in the garage briefly but is out again now.

Daniel drops to P5 as RAI sets a time of 1:04.779.

Daniel takes P4 with an opening time of 1:04.997. Max is P6 at the moment with a time of 1:05.110. Not quite a quick as his Q2 best.

BOT immediately in control again wth an opener of 1:04.251. VET into P2 four hundredths behind and HAM is P3.

Q3 begins! Max is the first on track, immediately followed by Daniel.

Through to Q3: 1 BOT 1:04.316. 2 VET 1:04.772. 3 HAM 1:04.800. 4 VER 1:04.948. 5 RAI 1:05.004. 6 RIC 1:05.161. 7 GRO. 8 PER. 9 SAI. 10 OCO.

Out though go: 11 HUL. 12 ALO. 13 VAN. 14 KVY. 15 MAG.

Daniel improves - 1:05.161. That puts him into P6 and he's comfortably through.

Max currently P4 and in the garage. Daniel P7 and on track still.

Chequered flag. Plenty of time to come in though...

Three mins remaining in Q2.

1 BOT 1:04.640. 2 HAM 1:04.800. 3 VET 1:04.823. 4 VER 1:04.948. 5 RAI. 6 GRO. 7 RIC 1:05.355. 8 PER. 9 SAI. 10 ALO.

Daniel improves to 1:05.355 but he stays in P7.

Max take P4 with a time of 1:04.948. Daniel is P7 with a time of 1:05.449.

That's 1.5s quicker than HAM's old fastest ever lap of the track, set in Q2 last year.

BOT goes even quicker - 1:04.640.

HAM posts a lap of 1:04.800.

VET joins them.

Q2 underway. Sticking to their time-honoured strategy, both Mercedes are out on track straight away.

Those through to Q2: 1 HAM 1:05.064. 2 RAI. 3 VET. 4 SAI. 5 BOT. 6 VER. 7 RIC. 8 GRO. 9 PER. 10 KVY. 11 OCO. 12 MAG. 13 ALO. 14 HUL. 15 VAN.

Max through in P6 1:05.779. Daniel through in P7 1:05.854.

From 16 back out go: 16 PAL. 17 MAS. 18 STR. 19 ERI. 20 WEH.

At the end of Q1 it's a bit of a disaster for Williams with both MAS and STR eliminated!

BOT too set his PB in Q1 on supersofts. He's comfy in P5 ahead of Max.

RAI pops in a good one too to take P2. After setting his opening time on supersofts he's moved to ultras now. VET still sitting on his sufersoft time in P3 now.

SAI jumps to P3! 1:05.675. That's a pretty great lap from the Toro driver.

Four mins remaining. In the drop zone at the moment are: 16 SAI. 17 PAL. 18 STR. 19 WEH. 20 ERI.

BOT has taken P3 from Max - 1:05.760. That's just under two hundredths quicker than Max.

Eight mins to go the order is: 1 HAM 1:05.238. 2 VET 1:05.585. 3 VER 1:05.779. 4 RIC 1:05.854. 5 PER. 6 BOT. 7 OCO. 8 MAG. 9 ALO. 10 RAI.

Max now moves to P3 - 1:05.7709. Daniel is in P4 1:05.854.

MAG has had a suspension failure! He's limping back to the pits.

VET's P1 time of 1:05.585 was set on supersofts tyres as was RAI's P5 time.

Max is in P6 at the moment with a time of 1:06.258.

But he's quickly usurped by VET - 1:05.585.

Daniel takes P1 on ultrasofts 1:06.066.

MAG is setting the early pace here. He finished in P7 in FP3 and is in P1 in Q1 with a time of 1:06.143.

Mac and Daniel on track now.

So Max and Daniel were P5 and P6 respectively in FP3. What can they manage this hour? Remember that HAM is set to take a five-place penalty.

Q1 is go.

Three mins to go here until Q1. The track temperature is a toasty 45˚C and the air temp is 29˚C.

Welcome back to the Red Bull Ring, where we're live for qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix.

Until then, it's over and out from the RS.

So P5 and P6 for the Red Bulls. Solid stuff so far. Join us again in a couple of hours when we'll be back from qualifying.

From 11 back: 11 OCO. 12 HUL. 13 VAN. 14 PAL. 15 ALO. 16 STR. 17 MAS. 18 PER. 19 ERI. 20 WEH.

1. VET 1:05.092. 2 HAM 1:05.361. 3 BOT 1:05.515. 4 RAI 1:05.611. 5 VER 1:05.784. 6 RIC 1:05.896. 7 MAG 1:05.936. 8 GRO 1:06.015. 9 KVY 1:06.279. 10 SAI 1:06.284.

So as clutch of car stop on the grid to make practice starts we have a final FP3 order...

Chequered flag.

But despite not being too happy Max jumps ahead of his team-mate. P5 for the Dutchman - 1:05.784.

Daniel meanwhile has taken P5 and is into 1m05s territory. 1:05.896 for the Honey Badger.

Max is on the radio and doesn't seem happy with how his car is handling - "locking front, understeer, a lot more," he says.

Just six cars in the pits now. Busy on track and given the shortness of the layout it will be hard to get a clean lap with all the traffic.

Three mins to go.

Daniel and Max on track now.

He's in the pits now and judging by the look of the brake assembly on the front right as the wheel is removed it looks like that was the problem.

Looks like he didn't get out of second gear on the limp back to the pits.

Well that was odd. On the run to Turn 3 his car seemed to just lock hard all of a sudden. A load of brake dust and he skids into the escape road.

Big moment for HAM. He's gone off at Turn 3. He's running pretty slowly back to the pits.

11 PAL. 12. ALO. 13 MAG. 14 OCO. 15 GRO. 16. PER. 17 MAS. 18 STR. 19 ERI. 20 WEH.

The order with 10 mins to go: 1 VET. 2 HAM. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 VER 1:06.015. 6 RIC 1:06.180. 7 SAI. 8 KVY. 9 HUL. 10 VAN.

But the German gets by quickly this time and takes P1. Purple across the board to record a lap of 1:05.092. He's 0.269 clear of HAM, with BOT in P3.

VET keeps coming across a slower HAM at the end of his laps...

15 mins to go.

But he's slow in S3 and doesn't improve. Looks like the time is definitely in his car though.

And again in S2 - 28.7.

VET sets a new purple S1 time of 16.6s.

Max and Daniel in the garage now.

He's just 0.023s ahead of VET.

HAM is now up to P1 – 1:05.361.

Longer runs on the ultrasoft at the moment for Max and Daniel. Max in the early 1m09s bracket at the moment. GP tells him the pace is good.

Max and Daniel on track again now.

All those time coming on ultrasoft tyres.

We're at the half way mark. The order is: 1 VET 1:05.384. 2 BOT 1:05.726. 3 HAM 1:05.929. 4 VER 1:06.015. 5 RAI 1:06.038. 6 RIC 1:06.180.

RAI has moved ahead of Daniel. He's a bit over a tenth ahead of Daniel.

BOT takes P1 - 1:05.726. But then VET bypasses everyone with a lap of 1:05.384.

HAM jumps to P1 with a time of 1:05.929. But he's complaining of a vibration with the tyres.

Max and Daniel in the garage at the moment. BOT sets the fastest S1 so far, 16.7, but then VET goes marginally quicker.

VET splits the Red Bulls. P2 with 1:06.036 on ultrasofts.

BOT on track now on ultras. His first lap puts him in P4 behind Max, Daniel and KVY. BOT +0.540 to Max.

No problems on that lap for Daniel - 1:06.180. Just 0.165s behind Max now. Max's P1 time is: 1:06.015.

Daniel's just had a bit of a lock-up into Turn 4. He's P2 though, 0.474 down on Max. Also on ultras.

And Max jumps to P1 with a lap of 1:06.387. He's on ultrasofts.

With Carlos' car out of the way, drivers take to the track once again.

He's being pushed off track but the marshals.

He's told to make a setting change and re-start, but looks like it's not happening.

His race engineer tells him to stay where he is at the moment while they look into it.

Whoops, Carlos Sainz is also on track but he's not going very far. He's stopped on track and over the radio says "engine, engine".

HAM is on track at the moment.

The big news overnight is that Lewis Hamilton has been forced into an unscheduled gearbox change and will therefore take a 5-place grid penalty for the race.

That means a single hour in which to finalise prep for this afternoon's qualifying session and to sort out your approach to the race.

Now then, we have a green light for FP3!

But we agrees the pastures are good, but the pastries are really, really good.

Funny, but spell check just corrected a mis-typing of pastures to pastries...

The mountains, the pastures, it's all ridiculously picturesque.

OK, yes, we're a little bit biased as it's one of our two home races but without doubt, this circuit is one of the most beautiful we visit all season.

Good morning and welcome to the glorious Red Bull Ring!

Join us then. RS over and out.

We'll be back in two weeks' time from our second home, The Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Austria.

That's it from us here in Baku, where we have to admit, we're positively drained after that race.

Why? For staying out of trouble, keeping his head down, doing the times and capitalising amid the chaos. Nice job, fella!

Tag Here Don't Crack Under Pressure Award to Daniel.

which is why, naturally, we're going to present our...

Daniel a little nonplussed perhaps to taken that win but that's what it's all about...

Looks like Pierre Wache, our Chief Engineer of Performance Engineering, is going up on the podium with Daniel.

Amazing race, amazing result.

He's also the youngest driver to score a podium in a rookie season at 18 years and 239 days.

Stroll meanwhile is the first Canadian to feature on the podium, we believe, since Jacques Villeneuve in 2001 in Germany.

And all Daniel can do is giggle!

Its the team's 53rd grand prix victory.

His first since Malaysia 2016.

That's Daniel's 5th career win.

But your winner is.... DANIEL RICCIARDO!

STR is third ahead of VET and HAM. OCO is P6 ahead of MAG, SAI, ALO and WEH.

BOT gets STR across the line!!

Daniel Ricciardo wins the Azerbaijan Grand Prix!!!

Final Lap!!!

HAM is inside DRS range of VET.

2 laps to go! Daniel 2.3 ahead of STR and 7.5s ahead of BOT. BOT is just 2.2 off STR now.

3 laps to go. Daniel in P1. 6.1 clear of STR. 9.4 to BOT. VET is P4 2.6 behind BOT. HAM in P5, 1.3 to VET.

BOT now 4.4 behind STR. 4 laps left.

HAM is asking Mercedes to back up BOT up into VET if he's not engaged in a fight. But he's told that BOT is chasing STR.

5 laps to go. Daniel is now 11.7s ahead of BOT. 6 ahead of STR.

Daniel is now 14.5s ahead of BOT. 8 laps to go.


1 RIC. 2 STR. 3 BOT. 4 VET. 5 HAM. 6 OCO. 7 MAG. 8 SAI. 9 ALO. 10 WEH.

VET has passed OCO and now HAM does the same.

PER has retired.

1:45.397 for Daniel on lap 41. 1:44.612 for BOT. That's good pace from Daniel. 16.4 the gap.

Daniel in clearer air now. 1:45.308 on lap 40. The gap is now 17.2 with 10 laps remaining.

BOT now the fastest man on track - 1:44.933 the last lap. Daniel's last lap 1:48.824. The gabs is down to 18s.

BOT in P4 is 20.0 behind Daniel. 12 laps to go.

OCO and a resurgent BOT pass MAG.

Daniel currently 4.6s ahead of STR and 18s ahead of MAG.

VET passes ALO to ake P5. VET is 21.4 behind Daniel at the moment. HAM also passes ALO.


1 RIC. 2 STR. 3 MAG. 4 OCO. 5 ALO. 6 BOT. 7 VET. 8 HAM. 9 SAI. 10 GRO.

VET rejoins in P7, just ahead of HAM.

Daniel Ricciardo leads the Azerbaijan Grand Prix!

VET pits!

Meanwhile VET has been handed a 10-second stop and go penalty!

HAM told to pit because a loose head restraint. He pits and drops to P8.


1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 RIC. 4 STR. 5 MAG. 6 ALO. 7 SAI. 8 OCO. 9 BOT. 10 GRO.

MAS pits. He retires with a broken damper.

HUL has damage! Front right hanging off. He's stopped at Turn 8.

MAS clearly has a car problem. It's three abreast as he's passed by MAG and HUL.

Brilliant move.

MAS definitely had a problem and STR went past him, but as MAS tried to hold station, Daniel went past the Brazilian down the inside and held it together under braking to pass STR.

Daniel has passed STR and MAS!! Awesome move from the Honey Badger! He's into P3.

MAS thinks he has a car issue!

SC in this lap.

Here we go then. RAI and PER on track and joining the pack. The SC leaves the pit lane and the field follows.

Great repair work by both crews.

Looks like PER and RAI will rejoin the race!

5 mins until the re-start.

Just to recap. We've completed 22 laps in Baku and the order under the red flag is: 1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 MAS. 4 STR. 5 RIC. 6 HUL. 7 MAG. 8 ALO. 9 SAI. 10 GRO.

The race will resume at 18.15 local.

The incident between VET and HAM is under investigation.

Red flag!

Also in all that mess VET and HAM collided as HAM backed the field up under the SC it seems.

Daniel has really profited from that mess. He's now up to P5, behind the two Williams cars of MAS in P3 and STR in P4.

So that's both Force Indias out and RAI out.

Spoke too soon - looks like they're trying to get both going again.

Looks like it's over for both.

OCO has a right rear puncture, as does RAI.

It's all go here!

RAI has suffered a puncture from the debris.

PER and OCO clashed as MAS pressured VET.

SC again!

Everybody is attacking VET! MAS gets past PER and tries to pass VET. VET holds his line again and keeps P2.

Daniel is now in P9 having got ahead of MAG.

Will PER line up for another shot at VET?

SC in at the end of lap 19.

HAM is complaining that the VSC should have been deployed. He's also saying the SC is too slow and that keep temperature in the tyres is too hard.

Everyone's being directed through the pits while that debris is cleared it seems.

Seems odd.

Looks like RAI's car shed something and there are marshals on the track, so the SC has come out again.

Whoah another SC!

HAM escapes ahead.

He's got the power down the straight to pull ahead but VET protects the line and stays ahead through the first corner.

PER is attacking VET.

SC in at the end of lap 16.


1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 PER. 4 RAI. 5 MAS. 6 OCO. 7 STR. 8 HUL. 9 MAG. 10 RIC.

He's wheeled back into the garage and his race is over. Such a shame.

Max is in the pits as well. But in his case the visit is not temporary.

A flurry of stops on lap 13. HAM, VET, PER, RAI, MAS, OCO, STR all take the opportunity to change tyres.

SC deployed! Looks like it's for KVY's stranded Toro.

Replays show a puff of smoke emerging from the back of VER's car on the long straight.

STR has got past him now.

He's down to P7 and has been passed by RAI, MAS and OCO.

"Here we go again," he says.

He's not happy with the engine.

Max is dropping back!

KVY has stopped at Turn 12. Looks like his race is over too.


Daniel now just 1.3 behind SAI.

If it wasn't for bad luck the poor lad would have no luck at all.

Looks like PAL's race is run. He's headed to the pits and is being told to switch off when he arrives.

"Understood," is the response and Daniel gets his head down and sets off after SAI who is five seconds up the road. P15 for RIC at the moment.

Daniel has made a pit stop. Debris in the brake ducts has been cleared and Simon Rennie tells him he's now clear to race.


HAM now has a 2.6s lead over VET. PER is in P3 with Max 0.6 behind the Force India.

Max is a bit worried about his car and GP tells him he might have some debris lodged in the radiator duct. It's being monitored.

Re the BOT/RAI incident. From replays looks like BOT got on the kerbs on the inside in Turn 1, and skidded into RAI. BOT has had a new front wing and nose. P20 now.


The order after lap one – 1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 PER. 4 VER. 5 RAI. 6 MAS. 7 OCO. 8 STR. 9 RIC. 10 HUL.

KVY goes off track and as he rejoins SAI takes evasion action and spins.

Action-packed start! There's contact between BOT and RAI and BOT has putted for repairs.

The race is on!

Formation lap underway.

Tyres News: With the exception of VAN, GRO and ERI, who are starting on Softs, everyone else will start on supersoft tyres.

Three minutes to go now.

And VAN take a 35-place penalty for the same reason.

ALO has a 40-place penalty for sundry PU elements.

SAI drops from P12 to P15 due to a 3-place penalty for causing a collision at the last race.

FROM 11-15: 11 KVY. 12 MAG. 13 HUL. 14 WEH. 15 SAI. 16 GRO. 17 ERI. 18 VAN. 19 ALO. 20 PAL.

From 1-10: 1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 RAI. 4 VET. 5 VER. 6 PER. 7 OCO. 8 STR. 9 MAS. 10 RIC.

There's been a bit of movement - mostly due to PU penalties for McLaren.

Seven minutes to go until the start, so let's have a quick look at the grid for this afternoon's race.

But it is hot here. At least it feels very hot. The air temp is 27˚C but due to 71% humidity it feels considerably hotter. Track temp is 49˚C.

Not some something you see every day.

Actually, wait a minute, we've also just seen Kevin Magnussen being attacked with a leaf blower.

And watched Will.I.Am have his lunch, but now we're all set for the main event of the weekend - the race.

We'e just been watching Mariah Carey attempt to take over as Safety Car driver for the weekend.

Hello and welcome to the Baku Street Circuit, where we're live for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

OK, that's it from us here in Baku. We'll be back tomorrow in the RS for love coverage of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. See you then.

So the top 10 order: 1 HAM 1:40.593. 2 BOT 1:41.027. 3 RAI 1:41.963. 4 VET 1:41.841. 5 VER 1:41.879. 6 PER. 7 OCO. 8 STR. 9 MAS. 19 RIC 1:43.414.

HAM the only man below 1m41s.

But pole position goes to Lewis Hamilton with a simply blistering lap. Four tenths to the good over BOT in S2 and then a stunning 24.4s final sector for a lap of 1:40.593.

Max takes P5 with a time of 1:41.879.

Here we go then....

BOT and HAM behind Max.

Here we go... Max is first in the queue. One minute until the re-start.

But it is a long track so every chance to get some clean air.

So, with 3:33 left on the clock there will be time for another run. It's going to get crowded out there though.

That's a rare error from the Honey Badger.

Daniel clipped the wall and damaged the rear left.

Daniel lets loose a fairly long expletive. Simon says "understood".

3:33 left on the clock.

Red flag

Daniel has stopped on track!

But he's managed to use the escape road and he carries on.

VET has had a spin at Turn 2!

And sure enough, BOT takes provisional P1 with a time of 1:41.274. HAM is P2 with 1:41.428. Max is P3 now and Daniel is in P6 with a time of 1:43.414.

Max into P1 with his first run - 1:42.261 - but it looks like everybody is heading for a second lap.

Here we got then. Q3 is go. The battle for pole is on.

Out at this stage are: 11 KVY. 12 SAI. 13 MAG. 14 HUL. 15 WEH.

RAI is P5 and Daniel is through in P6 in 1:42.215. Also through are P7 STR followed by PER, MAS and OCO.

VET takes P3 (1:41.911) and Max goes through with a lap of 1:41.961.

So, HAM tops Q2 with a blistering lap of 1:41.275. BOT jumps to P2 in the final laps with a time of 1:41.502.

Q2 ends.

VET takes P2 from Max - 1:41.911 for the German.

Toros on the brink at the moment with KVY in P11 and SAI in P12. One minute to go.

Daniel improves to 1:42.215. P5.

Max takes P2 - 1:41.961. Big lap from the Dutchman

Max currently P4 – 1:42.439

Daniel down to 1:42.620 now and P7.

HAM powers through to a time of 1:41.275. That's impressive.

Both drivers were quicker in Q1 so more in the tank before the end of this segment.

9 mins to go and its HAM from BOT and RAI at the moment with PER in P4. Max is P5 with a time of 1:42.560 and Daniel is in P8 with a time of 1:43.108.

Green light, Q2 starts.

Out though go: 16 ALO. 17 GRO. 18 ERI. 19 VAN. PAL failed to set a time.

Comfy. No stress there.

Daniel through in P4 - 1:42.678.

Max goes through in P2 with a lap of 1:42.544. just over half a second down on HAM's P1 time.

Q1 over.

MAG, who was in P17, puts in a superb lap to jump to P14 ahead of WEH and that pushes ALO to P16.

ALO is P15 just over a tenth ahead of GRO.

2 mins to go. In the drop zone: 16 GRO. 17 MAG. 18 VAN. 19 ERI. 20 PAL.

Daniel in P4 now with a lap of 1:42.857.

No time yet for PAL and there won't be as Renault repair his car following the fire that halted his efforts in FP3.

5 mins left in Q1

Max has been edged out to P3 by RAI who sets a lap 1:42.678, but Max isn't having any of that and retakes P2 with a lap of 1:42.544.

Daniel back up to P6 - 1:43.254.

HAM now in P1 with a time of 1:42.384. max is P2 on 1:42.860. Daniel down in P9 now with that 1:144.480.

RAI now into P1 with a time of 1:43.419.

MAS splits the Red Bulls as PER takes P1.

Daniel P2 1:44.480.

Max into P1 - 1:43.750.

There's usually a longer wait for the Bulls. But yellow flags a plenty so far and two red flags yesterday on this tight track it's a sound strategy to get a banker in early.

Plenty of early adopters here and unusually Max and Daniel are among them.

Here we go then. Q1 is underway.

4 mins to go until Q1.

The Dutchman did have a technical issue with the car towards the end of the session however.

Daniel was fourth quickest in FP3, with Max in P6.

The weather hasn't got any worse while we've been gone. Still 26˚C in the air, but now the track has dropped to just 49˚C.

Welcome back to Baku where we're just over 10 minutes away from Q1.

That's it from FP3 here in Baku. We'll be back in a couple of hours for what should be a pretty thrilling Qualifying session. Join us then.

11 HUL. 12 VET. 13 SAI. 14 ALO. 15 MAG. 16 VAN. 17 GRO. 18 ERI. 19 WEH. PAL.

The order at the end of FP3: 1 BOT 1:42.742. 2 RAI +0.095. 3 HAM +0.416. 4 RIC +0.545. 5 OCO. 6 VER +0.872. 7 MAS. 8 KVY. 9 STR. 10 PER.

Max, who stopped on track late in the session, takes P6 with a time of 1:43.614, +0.872 to P1.

Daniel takes P4 with a time of 1:43.287. 0.545 off P1 man BOT.

Session over.

STR has gone off track at Turn 2. That's brought out double yellows so there'll be no further improvements.

The order with 4 to go: 1 BOT 1:42.742. 2 RAI +0.095. 3 HAM +0.416. 4 RIC +0.545. 5 OCO. 6 VER +0.872. 7 MAS. 8 KVY. 9 STR. 10 PER.

Looks like RAI is done for the morning. He's out of the car and walking out of the garage. He's in P2 at the moment. 1:42.837, +0.095 to P1 man BOT.

"Everything just switched off," he says over the radio.

He seems to have had an issue on the approach to 15 as he went wide there and then just coasted to 16 where he stopped.

He's stopped at Turn 16.

Max has a problem with the car!

10 mins to go.

MAS jumps to P4 with a time of 1:43.738. That pushes Daniel to P6 at the moment.

The order at the moment: 1 BOT 1:43.057. 2 HAM 1:43.348. 3 VER 1:43.614. 4 RAI 1:43.771. 5 RIC 1:43.783.

Seems to have done the trick though: Max up to P3 on supersofts - 1:43.614. 0.266 off HAM's P1 time.

Lots of chatter going on between Max and GP. Mode this, position that, fuel the other. That's technical talk

Daniel up to P5 with his first lap on supersofts. 1:44.294.

Max on track now on supersofts.

HAM jumps to P1 on supersofts - 1:43.348. 0.372 up on BOT's PB set on softs.

Scrappy lap from BOT. No improvement there.

His PB on softs was a 1:43.720.

P1 man BOT is out on supersofts now.

Daniel heads to the pits at the end of that lap. 12 up for him on that stint and a bit of time to think about the switch to supersofts.

Daniel still working those softs. Onto his 13th lap now.

Max pits now.

Max is currently P14 on soft tyres, with 10 laps on the board. Daniel P15 on the same total.

Heading for the half way point in the session and the order is: 1. BOT 1:43.720. 2 RAI +0.395. 3 PER. 4 MAS. 5 OCO. 6 KVY. 7 SAI. 8 HAM. 9 HUL. 10 STR.

Everybody on supersofts so far, except for: Max and Daniel, the Mercedes and the Saubers.

Seven laps each on the board for Max and Daniel as they gather more info about the soft tyre.

HAM takes P2 on softs 0.274 behind team-mate BOT.

It's all just getting started though. BOT then does a 1:44.522 on softs to keep P1. Max lowers his PB to 1:46.922.

BOT drops them to P3 and P4 respectively as the Finn's 1:47.262 puts him in P1.

Daniel slots in behind VER. 1:49.556. He's also on softs.

Max into P2 with his first lap - 1:48.610. Soft tyres.

Daniel and Max ready to rock. Both on track now.

Replays show flames coming from the rear of the car as he approached Turn 2. He parked up in the escape road and jumped out as the marshals got busy.

PAL has pulled off track, smoke pouring from the back of his Renault. Marshals are quick to respond with fire extinguishers.

As ever, it's all calm in our garage. Plenty of prep going on but no rush to join the action as yet.

Green light. FP3 is underway! PAL, VAN, WEH, MAG and VET the first drivers on track.

The kerb on the left side on entry has been re-profiled overnight however to open the corner up a little.

There were a couple of red flags during yesterdays session, with PER and PAL crashing at the very narrow Turn 8.

Yesterday, Max and Daniel were right in the mix, with Max quickest in both practice sessions and Daniel in P2 and then P3.

We've got supersoft, soft and medium tyres this weekend and most of the focus so far has been on the softer compounds.

It's currently a very pleasant 26˚C ambient but the track temp is a scorching 56˚C, so it will be interesting to see what that does to working the tyres here.

We're under 10 minutes away from FP3 here on the edge of the Caspian Sea.

Good afternoon from Baku where we live for final practice for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Daniel Ricciardo for withstanding that intense pressure from the Force indias on quicker tyres. Mighty job by the Aussie and he got his reward. Superb drive.

While we get ready for the podium celebrations we'll make a quicker and easy decision on our Tag Here Don't Crack Under Pressure award for today. It goes to...

That's HAM's 56th career win.

Grandstand finish there I think you'll agree.

PER not likely to be on his Christmas card list this year then.

OCO is not happy. He brands Force India's end to the race as "not fair racing at all".

Awesome drive by the Honey Badger under sustained pressure at the end.

And his second in Canada, after his 2014 win.

That's Daniel's 20th career podium finish.

VET is fourth ahead of PER, OCO, RAI, HUL, STR and HUL.

HAM wins the Canadian GP. BOT is second and Daniel Ricciardo is third!!!

The order: 1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 RIC. 4 VET. 5 PER. 6 OCO. 7 RAI. 8 HUL. 9 STR. 10 GRO.

Final lap: Daniel is 3.9s ahead of VET.

ALO has retired but he heads into the grandstands to watch the end of the race with the fans. Fantastic!!

VET passes PER!

That's all helped Daniel - he's 3.2s clear of PER now. Three laps to go.

Now VET goes wide. But the positions remain the same.

VET attacks. OCO goes off track. PER holds P4 VET is P5.


Daniel now 1.0s clear of PER.


VET now just 0.4s behind OCO.

VET just 1.5s behind OCO now.

RAI has just overshot the final chicane. He's now P6, VET is P6 and chasing OCO.

Just 0.359 between Daniel and PER now. The pressure is intense. Nine laps to go.


1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 RIC. 4 PER. 5 OCO. 6 RAI. 7 VET. 8 HUL. 9 STR. 10 ALO.

This is all good for Daniel.

PER and OCO knocking seven bells out of each other and PER is being asked to move to let the quicker OCO through.

VET pits. Lap 50.

PER told by his pit wall to push with everything he has. Game on.

Daniel told by Simon that is he can withstand the pressure from PER for a little linger, PER's times should begin to drift as his supersofts go off.


3 RIC. 4 PER +0.5. 5 OCO +1.0 to PER. 6 VET +1.1 to OCO.

PER is attacking Daniel again. Just 0.4s between them now.


ALO finally pits. Supersofts for him.


RAI pits fior a second time. Ultrasofts. He drops to P7.


ALO in P8 is the only one of the top 10 who hasn't pitted yet.

Daniel is now 2.0s clear of PER. 12.7s down on BOT.


1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 RIC. 4 PER. 5 RAI. 6 OCO. 7 VET. 8 ALO. 9 HUL. 10 KVY.

All of the front runners have pitted now.

OCO rejoins in P6.

and OCO.

HAM pits.

BOT and OCO fighting each other and their lap times have dropped to the early 1m17s. Daniel in the late 1:16s and closing.


Daniel is P4. 12.2s behind Bottas and almost 12.5s behind Ocon.

BOT now 1.0s behind OCO.

OCO is P2 and also needs to pit at some point.


HAM yet to make a first stop.

PER is right on Daniel's gearbox but the Honey Badger is biting back.

He also opts for soft tyres. He rejoins in P3, ahead of Daniel.

BOT pits from P2.

Daniel now in P4. ALO dismissed. PER is in P5 0.8 behind Daniel. RAI is P6.

Daniel is currently in P5 behind ALO who has yet to pit.

VET is back up to P10 already.


Softs on for Daniel.

Daniel pits!


RAI pits.

KVY has received a drive through for failing to regain position before SC line 1 on the formation lap. Harsh.


We're racing again.

The wind also just picked up hugely. Might have been the expletives being vented by Max.

Just seen a disconsolate Max walk back into the paddock, headed for the garage. Not happy.


1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 RIC. 4 PER. 5 RAI. 6 OCO. 7 KVY. 8 ALO. 9 VAN. 10 MAG.

He's out of the race. Christian holds his head in his hands.

It's not a crash. Max has had a technical problem and he lost power out of Turn 2. Seems like it immediately shut down.

HUL pits under the VSC.

It's at Turn 2.

Max has crashed!!

At the start looks like GRO and SAI collided and SAI spun through Turn 3 and into MAS.

Lots of work happening and a lot of time lost. VET is now down in P18.


VET pits.

Massive moment for RAI as he got on the dirt. He save it though and holds P7.

BOT tries to pass Max on the restart but there's nothing doing. Max defends perfectly. Behind BOT, VET locks up briefly.


SC in at the end of this lap.

So the order is: 1 HAM. 2 VER. 3 BOT. 4 VET. 5 RIC. 6 RAI. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 HUL. 10 KVY.

GRO and WEH have pitted. GRO has taken on supersofts.

Carlos Sainz loses control in Turn 3 and slams into Felipe Massa's Williams. They're both out.

But we have a Safety Car.

Terrific start by the Red Bulls.

Max makes an amazing start. he's up to P2! Daniel also gains a spot. He's in P5!

Lights out, we are go for the Canadian GP!

Tyre news: Ultras for everyone except MAG (P18) and WEH (pit lane). They'll start in supersofts.

So, settle down and strap yourselves in, this could get bumpy this afternoon. One minute until the Formation Lap.

WEH will start from the pit lane after mods under parc fermé. He also took a penalty for a gearbox change following his Q1 crash yesterday.

And from 16 back: 16 VAN. 17 STR. 18 MAG. 19 ERI.

From 11-15: 11 KVY. 12 ALO. 13 SAI. 14 GRO. 15 PAL.

From 1-10: 1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 VER. 6 RIC. 7 MAS. 8 PER. 9 OCO. 10 HUL.

Five mins to go, so juts time to do the grid.

In terms of temps we're at 28˚C in the air and 40˚C on the track.

It'll definitely cause balance upsets and its acting as a headwind into the final chicane. Choosing braking point between gusts could get interesting.

That's not lie. We're supposedly getting gusts of around 55km/h this afternoon, which is pretty strong.

Weather update: It's really bloody windy!

Plus we've just seen X-Men director Bryan Singer. It's all go here.

We've just had the national anthem and now we're being buzzed at deafening volume by an air force jet.

Hello and welcome to Montreal's Circuit Gilles Villeneuve where we're live for the Canadian Grand Prix!

Until tomorrow then... RS out.

But we've revived it, all the teams bar a red team and a silver team.

It's a tradition that dates backs decades but the race hasn't been run for many years,

As we prepare for an intra-team Raft Race on the rowing basin this evening.

That's our lot from Quali, we'll be back tomorrow for the race. In the meantime we've got another race to go to...

Breathtaking stuff and the fastest ever lap of Montreal recorded, breaking a 13-year-old record.

So the order is 1 HAM 1:11.459. 2 VET 1:11.789. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 VER 1:12.403. 6 RIC 1:12.557. 7 MAS. 8 PER. 9 OCO. 10 HUL.

Max improves marginally to 1:12.403, but it doesn't alter the order. He's in P5 and Daniel in P6 with a lap of 1:12.557.

VET is four tenths down at the end of S2. It's done. HAM is on pole.

RAI can't improve. He stays P4.

HAM crosses the line: 1:11.459!

Max and Daniel begin their final flyers. Here we go...

But now the championship leader returns to the track.

Everyone on track bar VET now.

HAM is heading out again.

It's not done yet - three mins to go.

Wow! P2 for VET - just four thousandths of a second behind HAM! 1:11.795.

a PB in S2 23.1 but that's 2/10th down on HAM's best there.

VET on track now and has just set a purple S1 - 19.7.

Max is still running but despite PBs in S1 and S2, his final sector is not as good and he fails to improve.

Hardly anything between the Red Bulls this afternoon.

Max is in P5 after the first runs with a time of 1:12.540. Daniel in P6 - 1:12.557.

BOT has beaten Schumacher's time too - 1:12.177 to take P2.

But HAM smashes the all-time lap record here with a time of 1:11.791. That's 0.484 up on Ralf Schumacher's 2004 time.

VET draws first blood in Q3 - 1:12.341.

Here we go then... Q3 begins.

Out go: 11 KVY. 12 ALO. 13 SAI. 14 GRO. 15 PAL.

From 1-10: 1 HAM 1:12.496. 2 BOT 1:12.563. 3 RAI 1:12.580. 4 VET. 5 VER. 6 RIC. 7 MAS. 8 PER. 9 OCO. 10 HUL.

And Daniel makes Q3 in P6 with a lap of 1:12.810.

So at the end of Q2 Max is through in P5 with a time of 1:12.751.

KVY has a right-rear puncture. He's back into the pits. P11 for him

Max has returned to the pits. Job done for him too. He's P5 now with a time of 1:12.751.

One minute remaining...

It's tight out there. Just half a second from P1 to P7 so no holding fire in the garage for the final runs... except for VET who reckons he's done enough.

In the drop zone with just under 5 mins left: 11 KVY. 12 SAI. 13 ALO. 14 PAL. 15 GRO.

Just seven hundredths of a second between Daniel in P5 and Max in P6.

7 mins left in Q2 and the order is: 1 HAM 1:12.496. 2 RAI 1:12.580. 3 BOT 1:12.584. 4 VET. 5 RIC 1:12.810. 6 VER 1:12.883. 7 MAS. 8 PER. 9 OCO. 10 HUL.

Meanwhile SAI has spun at Turn 1 and continued but he's on the radio saying his car is "a nightmare" and that he "cannot do anything".

Daniel then takes P5 with a time of 1:12.810.

Max straight into P3 behind HAM and BOT with a time of 1:12.883. But that becomes P5 as RAI slots into P2 and VET passes him,

Q2 is underway.

Max through in P4 (1:13.177) and Daniel through in P8 (1:13.543).

So SAI is safe in P15 but out go: 16 VAN. 17 STR. 18 MAG. 19 ERI. 20 WEH.

That's scuppered the chances of improvement.

WEH took too much out of the exit of Turn 1, got on the dirt and spun backwards into the barriers.

Yellows in sector 1 - WEH has spun.

SAI is the man in danger now, P15 a tenth up on VAN.

2 mins left. 16 VAN. 17 STR. 18 MAG. 19 ERI. 20 WEH.

MAG moves to P16 just a tenth off STR.

STR is currently on the bubble in P15 with a time of 1:14.209.

In the drop zone at the moment. 16 VAN. 17 PAL. 18 WEH. 19 ERI. 20 MAG.

The order with 6 mins left: 1 BOT 1:12.685. 2 HAM. 3 VET. 4 VER 1:13.177. 5 PER. 6 OCO. 7 RIC 1:13.543. 8 RAI. 9 MAS. 10 ALO.

And PER now pushes Daniel to P7 by taking fifth place.

Daniel takes P4 with a time of 1:13.543, but is quickly demoted to P6 as Max takes P4 with a time of 1:13.177 and Ocon slots between the Red Bulls.

The Red Bulls also on the softest compound.

Both Mercedes drivers on ultrasofts.

VET takes P1 -1:13.046.

Max and Daniel on track now. 12 mins to go.

In FP3 the P16 time was VAN's 1:14.228. We can expect things to be a bit quicker than that but 1:13.548 looks a banker at this stage.

RAI into P1 - 1:13.548. VET P2 – 1:13.787.

VET and RAI are on track on supersofts.

SAI posts the first time - 1:14.785.

As ever Max and Daniel sitting out the opening exchanges. Both still in the garage, but not long to wait now.

Here we go then.... Green Light. Q1 is go.

Daniel finished the session in P8 as he spent most of the session making up for time lost in FP2 yesterday.

Quick recap on FP3: Max was fourth quickest, just under 0.4s behind pacesetter VET.

We're just under 10 minutes away from Q1 here in Montreal. The air temperature is currently 22˚C and the track temp a toasty 44˚C.

Welcome back to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for this afternoon's Qualifying session.

....and we're back in the room!

That's our lot from FP3. We'll be back in a couple of hours with live coverage of Quali. Join us then.

The order. 1 VET. 2 RAI. 3 HAM. 4 VER. 5 BOT. 6 HUL. 7 MAS. 8 RIC. 9 OCO. 10 SAI.

Daniel takes P8 in a session more about making up for time lost in FP2. 1:13.545 for the Honey Badger +0.973 to VET and the last inside a 1s to P1.

Max takes P4 with that lap of 1:12.965. That's +0.393 to VET. Nice work.

VET is FP3's fastest man with a lap of 1:12.572. RAI in P2 0.292 behind his team-mate. HAM is P3 0.354 down on VET.

The chequered flag is out. Session done.

Max now in P4 - 1:12.965.

Max catches a big slide on the exit of the final chicane, Wall of Champions missed - just.

Daniel definitely the busiest man out there. 26 laps on the board now.

20 mins to go. 1 VET 1:12.572. 2 RAI 1:12.864. 3 BOT. 4 HAM. 5 VER 1:13.527. 6 RIC 1:13.545. 7 SAI. 8 ALO 9 KVY. 10 HUL.

Daniel climbs to P5 behind Max. 1:13.807 from him.

RAI joins his team-mate. P2, 1:12.864.

Edging nearer to that record.

VET the first man below 1m13s. Retains P1 with a time of 1:12.704.

Daniel's out on a fresh set of ultras now.

Max now in P4 but remember that's a supersoft time from him. So more to come.

Half an hour gone, here's the order so far: 1 VET 1:13.015. 2 HAM 1:13.516. 3 VER 1:13.763. 4 BOT. 5 SAI. 6 RIC 1:14.090. 7 RAI. 8 KVY. 9 ALO. 10 GRO.

Max is up to P3 now – 1:13.763.

Max on track now. On the supersofts.

The fastest lap ever on this configuration is a 1:12.275 set by Ralf Schumacher in 2004. Quite likely that will be broken today.

FP2's top time, on ultras, was a 1:12.935 for RAI. VET currently 0.080s off that.

But he's quickly bounced to P4 as RAI takes P2 and BOT P3.

VET now down to 1:13.766. Daniel chipping away in P2. He's now down to 1:14.739.

Max still in the garage at the moment.

VET moves to P1 ahead of Daniel. 1:14.533 for the Ferrari driver.

Daniel down to a 1:15.472 now, seven laps on the board.

No surprise as he knocks five seconds off his opening time and feels his way around the conditions.

The Honey Badger was sidelined for a good stretch of FP2 yesterday with an engine issue, so he's got plenty of work to do this morning.

Daniel straight into action, and he's the first to put a time on the board with a lap of 1:21.07. Ultras on.

Daniel out on track now.

It's a beautiful day here in Montreal, with the air temperature hovering around 20˚C and the track temp ten degrees higher. Perfect conditions.

Both Ferraris out as soon as the pit exit light goes green.

FP3 is underway.

Little late to the game this morning, but we're just a minute away from the start of the session here.

Hello and welcome to the Race Station and to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for final practice for the Canadian Grand Prix.

That's our lot then from Monaco. We'll be back in 2 weeks' time from Montreal! See you then. RS out.

And we're handing it to... the pit crew for Daniel's stop. 2.8s, and that played its part in allowing him to jump Max and Bottas to take that podium. Top job, fellas!

We're going to head on down for the celebrations. So we'll leave you with our man of the match award..

So the result: 1 VET. 2 RAI. 3 RIC. 4 BOT. 5 VER. 6 SAI. 7 HAM. 8 GRO. 9 MAS. 10 MAG.

Max shouldn't be too disappointed. That's his best finish here. In fact his only finish here! Good job.

Outstanding effort from Daniel. That's his third podium finish in Monaco in four years. Third in 2014, second last year and now third again.

VET breaks a 16-year Monaco drought for Ferrari and scores his first win here since 2011 when he won for, oh yeah, us!

Bottas is fourth. And Max Verstappen finishes in P5!

Sebastian Vettel wins the Monaco Grand Prix! Kimi Raikkonen is 2nd and... Daniel Ricciardo is third!!!

Final lap...

Penultimate lap: Daniel just 0.9 behind RAI.


Max is juts half a second behind BOT. Daniel just 0.9 ahead of the Finn. Tight battle.

And sure enough that incident will be investigated after the race.


KVY is out, collided with PER at Racasse. Don't think Dany will be too happy with the Mexican's move. It was ambitious to say the least.


1 VET. 2 RAI +2.1. 3 RIC +1.6 to RAI. 4 BOT +0.6 to RIC. 5 VER +0.4 to BOT. 6 SAI. 7 HAM. 8 GRO. 9 KVY. 10 PER.

Replays show Daniel tapping the barriers at Sainte Devote. It's hairy down there now with the track apparently breaking up.

But they all hold position behind the two Ferraris. Behind though VAN goes off at Sainte Devote and he's out too. Looks like plenty of worn brakes out there.


Race on again! Max tries to attack BOT, who is pressuring Daniiel!

It looks like he was overtaking the SC to Dunlap himself and just overdid it.

Not clear what happened there really! He was behind the SC and just seemed to steer into the barriers. His car has now been cleared.

ERI has driven off at Sainte Devote.

MAS has decided to pit for ultras.

WEH is now out. But he looks pretty shaken. Not surprising. That was nervy.

So SC and the gaps close...

BUT broke his front right suspension and he's out too.

Looks like he got hit by BUT as they went though Portier and the angle on impact flipped the Sauber onto it's side.

Looks liken WEH is OK. He's been on the radio and said he was able to jump out.

Lots of activity in the pits as teams get ultrasofts ready should they be needed.

BUT has stopped too.

That looks like WEH. The car is on its side.

It's after the second Portier - a car in the wall



That's a big hit.



Daniel in P3 +1.8 to RAI. Max in P5 just 0.7s behind BOT.


Daniel now just 1.6s behind RAI!


1 VET. 2 RAI +11.5. 3 RIC +3.5 to RAI. 4 BOT +13.0s to RIC. 5 VER +1.2 to BOT. 6 SAI. 7 HAM. 8 GRO. 9 KVY. 10 VAN.


Max, meanwhile is tucked up behind BOT. He's a second behind the Mercedes and looking to clear the Finn.


It's now 3.9s. Great stuff.

Huge lap from Daniel 1:15.7 and he's now just 4.5s off RAI.


VET now 10s ahead of RAI, whose times are out to the 16.8s. Daniel's last lap was a 15.756. He's closing hard. The gap is now 4.5s.

Good strategy calls from Mercedes for the Briton.

Where has he emerged.... P7.

HAM in, supersofts on. 2.7s.

No sooner said than done!

VAN has made his stop so only HAM need to pit now. He's still P6 on that set of ultras.


1 VET. 2 RAI +3.5. 3 RIC +6.5 to RAI. 4 BOT +7.9 to RIC. 5 VER +1.2 to BOT.

Meanwhile Daniel has jumped both Max and BOT in the stops! He's up to P3!


VET pits. Supersofts in 3.1 and he leads from RAI!

And VET heads towards pit lane too...


Daniel pits - supersofts and away. 2.8s. Nice work boys!

Max currently in P6 behind BOT after their stops.


Daniel now in P2 following the stops and he sets the quickest lap of the race 1:16.019.


RAI pits from the lead. Supersets on a 3.4s stop.

And he re-emerges just ahead of Max. Just 0.695 between them!


BOT pits.


Max takes on supersofts in a 3.5s stop. BOT told to push hard.

Max is be
ing called to pits.

He's carrying on but the error has cost him time. Daniel closes to 2.2 behind.

Big moment for Max! He overcooks the swimming pool section and has to go off at the second part of the complex.


1 RAI. 2 VET +1.1. 3 BOT +3.5 to RAI. 4 VER +1.9 to BOT. 5 RIC + 2.9 to VER.

HAM is now up to P10 thanks to HUL's retirement and PER's pit stop.


VET is closing on RAI. The gap is 1.4s now.

He was in P7.

PER pits for a change of front wing and for supersofts.

He pulls into the escape road before the tunnel entrance and that's his race done.

That's it - according to his engineer it's a "major gearbox problem".

And more...

More smoke....

Smoke coming from the back of HUL's car.


Max is in P4 (+2.1 to BOT). Daniel in P5 (+2.7 to VER). RAI leads.

WEH has been handed a 5s penalty for an unsafe release.

Trouble is, there was a kerfuffle in the pitlane with BUT who also pitted and the Sauber man is under investigation for an unsafe release.

Interesting: WEH pitted to change starting supersets for ultras at the end of lap one. He'll presumably try to take those to the end.


RAI is now 2.0s ahead of VET who is 3.2 ahead of BOT. Max is 1.5s behind the Mercedes, Daniel 1.4 behind his team-mate.

16 PAL. 17. STR. 18 ERI. 19 WEH. 20 BUT.

The order after 2 laps: 1 RAI. 2 VET. 3 BOT. 4 VER. 5 RIC. 6 SAI. 7 PER. 8 GRO. 9 MAG. 10 HUL. 11 KVY. 12 HAM. 13 VAN;. 14 MAS. 15 OCO.

Further back KVY has dropped to P11 from P9 on the grid.

RAI is away in the lead and its regulation at the front. RAI, VET, BOT, Max and Daniel.

The race is on!

Nice touch at McLaren. They've patched Fernando Alonso through on the radio to wish BUT luck. But responds with a "thank you, I'm going to pee on your seat".

Here we go. Formation lap underway.

2 mins to go.

Weather wise - well, the technical term is 'flippin' gorgeous'. It's 26 in the air and 48 on track. Perfect conditions.

BUT also had engine penalties, so the mods were a sensble move. He will though start on the ultrasofts he qualified with.

And from 16 back are: 16 PAL. 17 STR. 18 WEH. 19 ERI (5 place penalty for gearbox change). 20 BUT (Pit lane start after car mods under parc ferme).

From 11-15 we have: 11 MAG. 12 VAN (3 place penalty from last race). 13 HAM. 14 MAS. 15 OCO.

From 1-10 we have: 1 RAI. 2 VET. 3 BOT. 4 VER. 5 RIC. 6 SAI. 7 PER. 8 GRO. 9 KVY. 10 HUL.

But all of that rubber-necking is behind us now as we get set for the main event, so let's have a look at the grid, which has changed a bit overnight.

In short the place is awash with superstars.

We brushed past Jose Mourinho yesterday and the legend that is George Lucas.

We bumped into Mark Webber this morning, sporing some very natty grey suede loafers, as well as MotoGP star Bradley Smith and WRC driver Thierry Neuville.

We've had all sorts of celebs on the ES yesterday and today, including many of our own Red Bull athletes.

Until now, when it's absolutely heaving out there - especially on the grid, which is routinely one of the busiest of the year.

We've spent the morning shuttling between the Energy Station, paddock and the garage and every time we've come across the bridge the crowds have got bigger and bigger.

We're about 13 minutes away from the start of F1's most famous and most glamorous race and in proper Monaco style it's a complete zoo.

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to Monte Carlo for live coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix!

So we're set to line up fourth and fifth tomorrow. Should be a fascinating race. We'll be back then.

Far and away Max's best qualifying in Monaco. Fourth easily tops his 9th place in 2016 with Toro Rosso and last year he started 21st.

But on pole is Kimi Räikkönen! That's the Finn's first pole position since the French Grand Prix of 2008 - almost nine years ago!

Behind them SAI is in P6 ahead of PER, GRO, BUT, and VAN. Button P9 on his return. Pretty good.

Max is P4 and Daniel P5! Max's lap a 1:12.496. Daniel's a 1:12.998.

BOT is P3 and....

VET is slower - 1:12.221!

RAI lowers the benchmark to 1:12.178.

Here we go folks...

And as the clock turn over to signal those 2 mins. Daniel takes to the track.

Daniel the last man left in the garages now. 2 mins to go.

Max leaves pit lane for his final runs.

Daniel and Max...

RAI and VET back on track again.

So after the first runs: 1 RAI 1:12.296. 2 RIC 1:12.998. 3 VET. 4 BOT. 5 VER 1:13.136. 6 PER. 7 SAI. 8 GRO. 9 BUT. 10 VAN.

VET now takes P3 1:13.002.

RAI takes P1 - 1:12.296. Daniel takes P2 with a lap of 1:12.998. BOT is P3 ahead of Max whose opener is a lap of 1:13.136.

Q3 is go!

Out go: 11 KVY. 12 HUL. 13MAG. 14 HAM. 15 MAS.

So, at the top at the end of Q2: 1 RAI 1:12.231. 2 VET 1:12.449. 3 VER 1:12.697. 4 BOT. 5 RIC 1:13.011. 6 GRO. 7 VAN. 8 SAI. 9 PER. 10 BUT.

Monaco always throws up come kind of anomaly and HAM going out in P14 certainly qualifies as that.

It's VAN into the barriers at the Swimming Pool.

There's a McLaren in the wall! Yellow flags out. That ruins HAM's chances. He's out in Q2!!

He's trying again. 50 seconds to go.

He's struggling with the handling of that Mercedes - constantly correcting. And the lap isn't good. He stays 14th.

HAM onto a flyer now.

VET has nicked P2 from Max. The German's time is 1:12.449. RAI went faster too to hold onto P1 - 1:12.231.

No clean lap yet from HAM and he's struggling a bit with 4 mins to go.

In the drop zone: 11 SAI. 12 GRO. 13 MAG. 14 HAM. 15 MAS.

The order at the top: 1 RAI 1:12.780. 2 VER 1:12.788. 3 VET. 4 BOT. 5 RIC 1:13.011. 6 VAN. 7 BUT. 8 KVY. 9 PER. 10 HUL.

Max improves - he's P2 now behind RAI. 1:12.788. just 0.008 behind the Finn.

Max takes P3 with a lap of 1:12.896. Daniel is P5 with his lap of 1:13.011. Safe laps from both.

Daniel and Max now onto their flying laps.

Bit of a moment there for HAM. Big correction as Massenet as his Mercedes almost gets away from him.

Max and Daniel are on track now. Looking for some clean air.

Q2 is green lit. As usual Mercs out straight away, but so are Ferrari. Daniel and Max wait it out a little bit longer.

Unfortunate for OCO. Clearly something still up as team-mate PER goes through in P8.

At the other end of the timesheet, though, out go: 16 OCO. 17 PAL. 18 STR. 19 WEH. 20 ERI.

Max leads the way with a time of 1:13.078. Daniel is through in P4 with a time of 1:13.219.

That's Q1 over!

Trouble for ERI. He's stopped his Sauber at Turn 10 and is saying something is broken.

In the drop zone with 3 mins to go: 16 GRO. 17 STR. 18 PAL. 19 WEH. 20 ERI.

The order with 5 mins left: 1 VER 1:13.078. 2 VET 1:13.090. 3 RAI. 4 RIC 1:13.219. 5 BOT. 6 PER. 7 MAG. 8 HAM. 9 VAN. 10 KVY.

GRO is a spinner. On the run to the hairpin. He's got going again.

Max is back into P1. 1:13.078

Quickest in S2 and S3.

And that's P1 for the Honey Badger - 1:13.219.

He sets the quickest S2 so far at 34.4.

Daniel's second lap of this run is a little quicker than his outlap, but his winding up now.

P1 for Max with a 1:13.278.

Max onto a flyer now.

Daniel also on track now.

VET lops more than a second off his time to take P1 - 1:13.289. RAI is P2 having also improved to 1:13.496.

RAI sets the early pace - 1:14.296, 0.065 ahead of VET.

Now Max makes a move. He leaves the garage and heads for the pit exit.

15 cars on track now. Daniel and Max no among them. They're holding fire for the moment.

Q1 is go and a stream of cares heads out of track - RAI, VET, PAL, MAS, BOT...

Here we go then... 20 seconds until Q1.

His mechanics have got about 7
mins to go before the start of Q1.

Plenty of work going on down at Force India to repair Esteban Ocon's car after an FP3 crash that saw the Frenchman go off hard into the barriers at the Swimming Pool

Wait a minute, is that Jose Mourinho having a chat with Max? It is. Nothing like Monaco for bringing out the celebs.

Even though VET was three tenths ahead of RAI in FP3, four in front of BOT and five ahead of Max, there's still the suspicion that there's more to come from some.

Why? Well, because by no means is this cut and dried.

RS has spent the last two hours lounging on the pool deck of the Energy Station watching the world go by, but now we're all set for what should be a thrilling session.

Welcome back to Monaco for live coverage of Qualifying.

That's out lot for this session. We'll be back for Quali in a couple of hours. Until then we're heading for the deck of the ES for some R&R.

So the order at the end of FP3: 1 VET 1:12.95. 2 RAI +0.345. 3 BOT +0.435. 4 VER 1:12.940 +0.545. 5 HAM. 6 RIC 1:13.392 + 0.997. 7 SAI. 8 KVY. 9 MAG. 10 VAN.

Daniel has gone off at Set Devote. He's forced to use the escape road. No damage but he radios in to say the "BBW failed. The pedal went to the floor."

Chequered flag.

OCO's Force India is wedged into the Tecpro. There's a lot of brute force being applied by the track marshals. We imagine that's causing a lot of wincing in the team's garage.

He clipped the barrier in Turn 15 and then took much kerb through 16 which bounced him across the track in to the barriers.

He's out of the car and is OK.

OCO is in the wall at the swimming pool. VSC.

PB in S1 for Daniel but slow final sectors mean there's no improvement.

Getting very busy on track now. Daniel going for another lap.

Max and Daniel on track again now.

Over three tenths quicker than yesterday's quickest time. More than 1.2s quicker than Dan's 2016 pole time.

Quicker again from VET - 1:12.395 now.

VET goes quicker: 1:12.558 the benchmark now. RAI edges past Max to steal P2 by seven hundredths of a second.

Daniel edges close with a time of 1:13.392. Half a second off Vettel now.

Boom! Max into P2 - 1:12.940. That's just 0.050 off VET.

Max is currently 0.348 down on VET's P1 time, Daniel 0.584 adrift.

Daniel ups the pace and moves up to P5 with a lap of 1:13.474. Just over two tenths behind Max.

Half way through the session and the order is: 1 VET 1:12.890. 2 RAI +0.123. 3 HAM. 4 VER +0.348. 5 KVY. 6 BOT. 7 VAN. 8 RIC +0.940. 9 SAI. 10 BUT.

Daniel slots into P7 with his first real flyer of the morning. 1: 13.830.

KVY into P5 with a time of 1:13.563. The Russian really looks like he's enjoying his weekend so far. He's over three tenths up on team-mate SAI at the moment.

Max knocks almost three tenths off his best. Down to 1:13.362 now and into P4.

Daniel now on track too - purple boots on.

Macs slots into P5 with his first meaningful lap of the day. The time: 1:13.659.

Current order: 1 RAI 1:3.379. 2 VET +0.035., 3 BOT. 4 HAM. 5 SAI. 6 PER. 7 OCO, 8 KVY. 9 HUL. 10 GRO.

Max on track now, on his outlap.

RAI moves into P1, on ultrasofts, with a time of 1:13.568.

BOT drops the benchmark to 1:14.122.

BOT is the quickest man at the moment: 1:15.249. Fairly conservative so far. He's on ultrasofts.

Couple of quick installs for Max and Daniel. Both in the pits now.

Pit exit open and FP3 is underway.

We'll find out over the course of FP3, which starts in four minutes' time.

VET's P1 time of yesterday was a 1:12.720. That was almost a second quicker than last year's pole time. Can they go quicker in this session?

FP2 was a scrappier session for some but not for Daniel. He finished in P2, four tenths behind VET. Max was sixth behind KVY and SAI of Toro Rosso, whose car look very good here.

Ten minutes to go until FP3 so just time for a quick reminder of what happened yesterday. In FP1 Max finished and Daniel fifth.

It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

At present we're hunkered down in our Energy Station bolthole, gulping strong coffee and desperately trying to get over the last couple of nights' heavy 'workload'.

Well, live is a fairly loose description.

Good morning everybody from beautiful Monaco where we're live for final practice.

That's our lot. We'll see you in two weeks' time when we'll be live from the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Honey Badger carried the team's hopes on a lonely Spanish GP afternoon, but he didn't flag and got the job done in fine style. Top man.

We'll just leave you with our Tag Heuer Don't Crack Under Pressure Award and all we can do is offer it to Daniel.

Mixed emotions then as we leave Barcelona. Delight for Daniel but disappointment for Max.

The Spanish GP result: 1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 RIC. 4 PER. 5 OCO. 5 HUL. 6 HUL. 7 SAI. 8 WEH. 9 KVY. 10 GRO.

That's Daniel's first top-3 finish since Mexico last year.

The last man to have multiple wins here was RAI in 2005 and 2008.

Hamilton is first driver in 10 runnings to have won more than once here.

Too right. That's a superb result for Daniel.

Daniel on the radio: "The Honey Badger will take what he can get."

That's Daniel's second third-place finish in Spain. He landed his first career podium finish here with P3 in 2014.

Daniel Ricciardo is third!!

At the front HAM wins the Spanish Grand Prix!

WEH has a 5-second penalty to take for an earlier infringement, so KVY is told to close hard if he can.

That promotes KVY to P9 behind team-mate SAI.

There's still drama further back though. MAG has a puncture and pits.

It's over as a contest now. HAM sets the race fastest with two laps remaining. He now has 4.4s in hand over VET. Daniel is P3 still.


1 HAM. 2 VET +3.5. 3 RIC +61.9 to VET. 4 PER. 5 OCO. 6 HUL. 7 WEH. 8 SAI. 9 MAG. 10 KVY.

HAM has been told he will go the end on this set of softs.

Looks the answer is that the gap from HAM to VET is enough to rule out a gamble by Ferrari.

They're setting the same times now, late 24.3s.

Will HAM's tyres fade badly at the end?

He has 55s in hand over Daniel, but would there be enough time to reel in HAM? Thirteen laps to go.

What will Ferrari do on strategy here? Stop for softs and try to attack?


HAM is now lapping half a second quicker than VET.


1 HAM. 2 VET +1.8. 3 RIC. 4 PER. 5 OCO. 6 HUL. 7 WEH. 8 SAI. 9 MAG. 10 KVY.

Daniel, meanwhile, says he's "in no-man's land". He's in P3 52.4s down on VET and 16.2 ahead of PER.

Great battle between the front pair. VET is close. He's on mediums. HAM's on softs. The Briton's tyres are overheating. What can VET do?


HAM passes VET under DRS into Turn One!


Daniel puts in the race fastest lap - 1:23.686. He's 50.8s down on the leaders but maybe he's sensing that things might get a little bit tasty between HAM and VET.

He was running an old power unit after having had to swap out his Barcelona PU overnight on Friday.

Looks like BOT had an engine failure, He lost power on the way through Turn 3 and heading to Turn 4.

We need to see what happened to the Finn.

That puts Daniel into P3!

BOT is out!

The battle hots us again. HAM closes.

HAM says "that was dangerous".

VET emerges marhginally ahead of HAM. They tussle into Turn One. It looks like HAM has the lead but VET holds firm and keeps the lead!


VET pits for mediums.


HAM pits. Softs on - 2.6s.

VAN and MAS are under investigation.

So the VSC sets a pace and drivers must adhere to those limits. It doesn't close the field.

It's the cue for a flurry of stops. In come WEH, HUL, MAG, KVY, STR and MAS.

The Brazilian was trying to pass down the inside but VAN turn in too sharply. The result broken front suspension on the McLaren. VSC.

VAN collides with MAS!


1 VET. 2 HAM +6.3. 3 BOT. 4 RIC. 5 PER. 6 OCO. 7 WEH. 8 HUL. 9 MAG. 10 SAI.

Looks like HAM might have the edge here on strategy.

VET now just 4.5s ahead of HAM. The German sets a 1:25.285 on softs. HAM sets a 1:25.501 on mediums.

BOT pits for Mediums.

Meanwhile Daniel is a lonely fourth at the moment. He's 28.9 behind Hamilton and 13.1s ahead of PER.

BOT, who needs to pit, lets HAM to chase down VET.

VET finally gets past, a do or die effort under DRS. Great stuff.

The gap drops from 7.3 to 5.2.

BOT is furstrating VET's attempts to pass. VET is losing time to HAM behind.

HAM has rejoined 7.3s behind VET. BOT leads at the moment but needs to stop.

Daniel pits on lap 22.

Long second stint in prospect. Two-stopping.


Hamilton pits. Mediums on.


1 HAM. 2 BOT +10.6. 3 VET +14.4 to HAM. 4 RIC +12.8 to VET. 5 WEH. 6 PER. 7 OCO. 8 HUL. 9 MAG. 10 SAI.

SAI and MAG have tussled during their stop, with the matter reported to the stewards.

Stewards say no further action warranted on the VER, RAI, BOT incident.

All three drivers, Max, RAI and VER are under investigation for causing a collision.

The matter was looked at by the stewards but they decided no action was warranted.

Both suffered suspension damage and it was game over.

That's unfortunate. RAI's rear right got inside BOT's front left and there was contact. That bounced RAI across track where his front left hit Max's front right

Looks like RAI first tangled wth BOT and was pitched into Max.


1 VET. 2 HAM +2.5. 3 BOT. 4 ROC +2.3 to BOT. 5 PER.

Max's car on stands and being wheeled back into the garage.

Massa too had some damage. He's pitted and is on track again.

There was drama too for ALO as he went off track in Turn One. He's dropped from P7 on the grid to P11.

And they collided. Raikkonen's front left suspension is ruined and he's out. Max dropped to P19 and is in the pits.

Max tried to go around the outside of the Finn in Turn One as the Ferrari driver got boxed in but Raikkonen went for the same route

But there a collision between Max and Raikkonen!

Vettel makes a superb start and takes the lead off the line. He holds it into Turn One,

Here we go then. Seconds away from the start now.

Formation lap about to begin.

And from 11-20: 11 MAG. 12 SAI. 13 HUL. 14 GRO. 15 WEH. 16 ERI. 17 PAL. 18 STR. 19 KVY. 20 VAN.

From 1-10 we have: 1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 VER. 6 RIC. 7 ALO. 8 PER. 9 MAS. 10 OCO.

Wew're just three minutes away from the formation lap here, so let's have a quick look at the grid.

Hello and welcome to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for coverage of the Spanish Grand Prix.

That's our lot from qualifying here in Barcelona. We'll be back for live coverage of the Spanish Grand Prix tomorrow afternoon. Join us then.

So, we lock out row three for tomorrow's race, plus it looks like we've closed the gap to the front runners a little in quali. Max just 0.557s behind HAM.

So, HAM is on pole for the 64th time in his career. He's just one behind all-time record holder Ayrton Senna now.

That's a second behind Daniel but in the circumstances that is astounding from the Spaniard. He finishes ahead of PER, MAS and OCO.

And wow look at this - ALO claims P7 in front of his home crowd with a time of 1:21.048.

Daniel takes P6 with a lap of 1:20.175.

Max puts in a great final lap to find a few hundredths but he can't eclipse RAI and so takes P5 with a lap of 1:19.706.

BOT is P3, but RAI makes a mistake in the final sector and he can';t improve. He drops to P4.

Just five hundredths between HAM and VET!

VET finds time though. He climbs to P2 with a lap of 1:19.200.

No improvement from HAM.

Final runs starting now.

Six tenths between Max and HAM at the moment.

Daniel takes P6 with a lap of 1:20.265.

Max slots into P5 with a time of 1:19.767.

RAI takes P3, 1:19.439, VET is P4 1:19.661.

Big slide from BOT through the final corner there. He briefly takes P1 with a time of 1:19.390 but HAM breezes past that, 1:19.149.

Looks like OCO, MAS, PER and ALO are opting to sit out the first run in Q3.

BOT, HAM and VET the earliest adopters.

Green light, pit exit open. The battle for pole begins.

HUL fails to make Q3 for the first time since the season's opening race in Australia, where he was P11.

Big recovery there from MAS who had a shaky looking Q1 but nailed it in Q2.

Through to Q3: 1 HAM. 2 VET. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 VER. 6 RIC. 7 OCO. 8 MAS. 9 PER. 10 ALO.

Stunning lap by ALO to get McLaren in Q3. He ends Q2 in P10. Eliminated are: 11 MAG. 12 SAI. 13 HUL. 14 GRO. 15 WEH.

The top six stayed in the garage for the final runs. Max through in P5 with that time of 1:20.722 and Daniel in P6 with 1:20.855.

At the wrong end of the timesheet in Q2 currently: 11 GRO. 12 MAS. HUL. 14 PER. 15 WEH.

The order after the first runs of Q2: 1 HAM 1:20.210. 2 VET 1:20.295. 3 BOT 1:20.300. 4 RAI 1:20.621. 5 VER 1:20.722. 6 RIC 1:20.855. 7 SAI. 8 OCO. 9 MAG. 10 ALO.

They're both then dropped a position by VET who takes P2.

Daniel takes P4 with a time of 1:20.855 but is then bumped to fifth by Max who goes just a tenth quicker - 1:20.722.

Green light - Q2 is underway.

Eliminated are: 16 ERI. 17 PAL. 18 STR. 19 VAN. 20 KVY.

At the top of the order HAM is quickest with 1:20.511 ahead of RAI, VET and BOT.

Max goes through to Q2 in P5 1:21.430. Daniel right behind him in P6, with a lap of 1:21.704.

Poor session as well for Williams. STR is eliminated in P18. MAS through to Q2 but in P14.

And KVY can't do it. He's stuck in P20 and out of the session. Team-mate SAI is in P9. Something clearly amiss there.

KVY in P20 is on his final hot lap now - as are all his immediate rivals.

MAG has jumped to P8 and that's put ERI in the drop zone.

VET is out on track again.

At the other end the current drop zone is: 16 VAN. 17 STR. 18 PAL. 19 MAG. 20 KVY.

The order at the top with 6 mins remaining: 1 HAM 1:20.511. 2 VET 1:20.939. 3 BOT. 4 RAI. 5 VER 1:21.430. 6 RIC 1:21.704. 7 PER. 8 SAI. 9 OCO. 10 HUL.

Max slots into P4 with a time of 1:21.430. Daniel takes P5, just under three tenths further back.

Daniel and Max on track now. Softs on.

There are 9 minutes left in the session. Will Ferrari be able to get VET out in time?

VET has pitted.

His engineer mentions too much rear locking and that his team will looking into it.

That was at Turn 13. Looked like the car was out of shape through the previous corner and that carried on through 13 where it swapped ends.

It's all go here. GRO has had a spin.

That's now been revised as Adami tell him to "try to reach the box".

Ricardo Adami tells Vettel to stop the car.

But there's a problem!

Vettel out on track already, on softs, and delivers a swift thanks to his crew for getting the PU change done in time for the session.

The green lights are on at the end of the pit lane, which means that Q1 is.... go!

In FP3 this morning Max was P5 and Daniel P6, behind the two Mercedes and the two Ferraris. Max was just over 0.8s off RAI in P1, while Daniel was a second off the pace.

It is pretty blustery out there though. That's something the circuit is famous for and it can lead to a pretty interesting ride for the drivers as the balance is upset by heavy crosswinds.

The weather here is particularly pleasant at the moment - track temp 44˚C and air temp of 26˚C.

We're 5 mins out from the start of FP1 now.

The Ferrari driver was stopped as he left the team's garage at the end of FP3 when his team didn't like the look of telemetry and they've since swapped out his PU.

It's engines changes all over the shop here today. BOT had an engine change earlier and missed the bulk of FP3, while VET has also just had an engine change.

And fully fuelled for qualifying.

Having availed of hospitality at the ES, the RS is now full as an egg.

Welcome back to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya where we're live for Qualifying.

We'll see you in two hours. Join us then.

Well, it's not everyday we welcome back our racing home from home, so gotta make most of it. ;-)

Until then, we're heading up from out Barcelona bolthole to sample the delights of the Energy Station.

Looks like we've close the gap a little too. Solid in P5 and P6. It's all set up for a fascinating quali sesison in a couple of hours.

So Ferrari take over at the top from Mercedes who were comfortably quickest in both sessions yesterday.

The top 10 order: 1 RAI 1:20.214. 2 VET +0.242. 3 HAM +0.381. 4 BOT +0.654. 5 VER +0.811. 6 RIC +1.035. 7 HUL +1.456. 8 MAS. 9 SAI. 10 ALO.

FP3 done. And it's Kimi Räikkönen who leads the way with a lap of 1:20.214. VET is second ahead of HAM, BOT and then it's Max and Daniel. Two by two at the top then.

Chequered flag.

1:21.249 for the Honey Badger. P6.

Daniel midway through his first hot lap on the yellow-banded tyres.

Max into P5 with his first crack at the Softs - 1:21.025.

P4 for BOT on softs – 1:20.868.

With not much time to play with BOT is straight onto the Softs.

Max on track again now.

With 9 mins left on the clock, Mercedes' BOT makes his first appearance of the session, apart from an install.

VET has a problem. He's stopped in pit lane and the mechanics are rushing to wheel him back to the garage.

Top four times all set on Softs. Just a thousandth of a second between Daniel and Max at the moment. Both in the garage.

44 mins: Current order – 1 RAI 1:20.214. 2 VET. 3 HAM. 4 HUL. 5 RIC 1:23.062. 6 VER 1:23.063. 7 SAI. 8 STR. 9 GRO. 10 ALO.

Max in the garage at the moment. Daniel still lapping.

VET slots into P2 behind the Finn - 1:20.456.

RAI, on softs,
lowers the P1 benchmark massively. 1:20.214. That's a two-second gain over his best medium time.

Max also finds some time. He gets down to 1:23.063 - that's 0.654 off RAI's P1 time.

32 mins gone and the order is: 1 RAI 1:22.409. 2 HAM. 3 VER 1:23.219. 4 VET. 5 SAI. 6 RIC 1:23.706. 7 STR. 8 GRO. 9 ALO. 10 KVY.

Daniel takes P6 with his opener, a lap of 1:23.706. Also on mediums.

Max, on mediums, into P3 with his opening time of 1:23.219. That's 0.810 behind RAI and just over 0.4s behind HAM.

Daniel and Max both on track now for their first runs of the day.

HAM moves to P2 on mediums - 1:22.779, that's 0.370s behind RAI.

Correction – it's STR who has been out on Softs.

All of those set on Medium tyres, with the exception of PER who has been out on Softs.

So, we're now 20 mins in and the current order is: 1 RAI 1:22.409. 2 VET. 3 SAI. 4 KVY. 5 MAS. 6 OCO. 7 VAN. 8 STR. 9 HUL. 10 PER.

Meanwhile, down in our garage, Daniel and Max have done their installs and are biding their time.

And there we go - RAI on top: 1:22.494.

Kimi Raikkonen on track now on the same compound, so he's likely to bypass that fairly soon.

Esteban Ocon is our current P1 man with a time of 1:24.784 set on medium tyres.

So, we're 12 mins into FP3 and and we've got a grand total of four times on the board, so you haven't really missed too much!

Truth be told we just forgot to hit the on-switch.

We tried to phrase that in best F1-excuse-speak as we could. Plausible?

Good morning everyone and welcome, a little belatedly, to final practice here in Barcelona.

Two weeks now to get those upgrades ready for Spain, where we'll get into the European season proper. can't wait... See you then ;-)

That's our lot from Sochi. We're off to the airport for the long haul back to MK.

But we will give the gong to the garage crew. It was tight to get Max's car to the grid after they found a mechanical issue but they kept their heads and made it work. Props to them!

Our Tag Heuer 'Don't Crack Under Pressure' award. Difficult one today as there wasn't much to write home about from our side.

We're back for a last shout of the day, which is....

The result means that VET extends his drivers' title lead over HAM to 13 points. He has 86 to HAM's 73. BOT is third with 63 ahead of RAI (49) and Max (35).

BOT is bang on - today was his 81st start.

1. BOT. 2 VET +0.6s. 3 RAI. 4 HAM. 5 VER. 6 PER. 7 OCO. 8 HUL. 9 MAS. 10 SAI.

"F••• me! That took quite a while, more than 80 races," says Bottas. "But it's well worth the wait." Many congratulations to him. Excellent, controlled drive.

VET is second ahead of RAI, HAM and Max finishes fifth.

Valtteri Bottas wins the Russian Grand Prix!

BOT passes back marker MAS but VET can't clear the Brazilian quickly. He's not happy.

VET inside DRS - 2 laps to go.

VET sets the fastest lap of the race 1:37.329. He's 1.2 off BOT now.

Max is now 24s ahead of PER, MAS has dropped to ninth as he had to pit with a slow puncture.


The gap between BOT and VET is now just 1.3s. Everywhere else it's pretty much settled with RAI in P3, HAM in P4 and Max comfortable in P5.


1 BOT. 2 VET +1.5s. 3 RAI. 4 HAM. 5 VER. 6 MAS. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 HUL. 10 SAI.


VET is really closing the gap to BOT. It's now down to 1.8s.

Max is 20s up on P7 man MAS. Lonely race to fifth at the moment for the Dutchman.

Max is currently lapping about 1s quicker per lap than HUL who has yet to stop.

So Max is now 21s behind HAM and 6.9s ahead of HUL.


1 BOT. 2 VET. +4.6s. 3 RAI. 4 HAM. 5 VER +21.5 to HAM. 6 HUL. 7 MAS. 8 PER. 9 OCO. 10 SAI.


VET pits, supersofts. 3.4s - not particularly quick. He rejoins behind BOT.


VET is now 20.6s ahead of BOT and has just been told to pit.

Hilarious from RAI. Engineer Dave Greenwood tell him he's 8.0s behind BOT. RAI asks "how is it we are behind him". DG: "he was leading the race, Kimi, he was leading the race". Oh...


HAM pits from P3. Supersofts on 2.9s.


Max also pits - for the same compound. Good stop - 2.3s. He rejoins ahead of HUL, still in P5.


RAI pits for supersofts.


BOT pits from the lead. He takes supersofts as P2 man VET is told to push now as he inherits the lead.


HAM told his temps are dropping a bit.


1 BOT. 2 VET +5.1s. 3 RAI. 4 HAM. 5 VER +16.0 to HAM. 6 MAS +7.7 to VER. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 HUL. 10 MAG.


HAM told his car is on the limit but to keep doing what he is doing for the moment. He's 14.8s ahead of Max now.

HAM is currently in the late 1:38s bracket. Max's last lap was a 1:40.271.

Some concern at Mercedes over the temps in HAM's car. He's told other are having similar issues. HAM asks to be kept updated on his situation.

Max now 10.4s behind HAM but 5.6s up on MAS.


1 BOT. 2 VET +3.6s 3 RAI. 4 HAM. 5 VER. 6 MAS. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 HUL. 10 MAG. 11 SAI. 12 KVY. 13 STR. 14 VAN. 15 WEH. 16 ERI.

So that's it. DNF for Daniel. Really, really frustrating.

HAM now reporting that he feels something is wrong with his car. He's told to cool the car on the straights, to get some air into the radiators.

That's so frustrating for the Aussie.

Fire extinguishers out, same wheel back on. Simon tells him to switch off.

Simon tells him they'll have a look and then Paul Monaghan will decide what to do, but Daniel says "they're gone".

Daniel pits.

He's slowing right down. Simon tells him to "come in please, we have a problem". Smoke clearly visible on the inside of the right rear.

Dan is repoeting that he has a brake issue. There's smoke coming from the right rear. Could that have been caused by the wheel-banging with Lewis?


Racing again. BOT holds his lead.

Looks like Daniel tried to go past HAM at the start. They banged wheels and that sent Dan slightly wide. Max went down the inside and MAS also got a run on Daniel.

11 MAG. 12 SAI. 13 KVY. 14 STR. 15 VAN. 16 ERI.


The order undet the SC. 1 BOT. 2 VET. 3 RAI. 4 HAM. 5 VER. 6 MAS. 7 RIC. 8 PER. 9 OCO. 10 HUL.

But we have a crash! PAL got tagged going through Turn 1, looked like it was GRO who hit him and then PAL was bounced into GRO's path. Both out. SC.

BOT takes the lead off the start. Max and Daniel swap places – Max instantly up to P5 and Daniel down to P7.

Ready to go now....

Extra formation lap required.

That's it for ALO. He's parked at the pit entrance. Really tough break for the McLaren driver.

Looks like ALO has some problems, could be ERS-related, he's talking about a charge issue? He's being asked to try various resets.

Formation lap underway.

Tyre news: Everyone is on ultrasofts except for VAN, WEH, ERI.

Five mins to go...

We have penalties for SAI (3 places for causing a collision last race, so he's now P14) and VAN (engine related grid penalties, so he's now P20).

11 STR. 12 KVY. 13 MAG. 14 SAI. 15 ALO. 16 PAL. 17 WEH. 18 ERI. 19 GRO. 20 VAN.

1 VET. 2 RAI. 3 BOT. 4 HAM. 5 RIC. 6 MAS. 7 VER. 8 HUL. 9 PER. 10 OCO.

So, as we have a full grid, let's look at the line-up, front to back.

A pretty frantic hour of work in the garage but a great job under immense pressure. Hats off.

The crew pulled out all the stops, though, to repair the issue and Max is now on the grid and ready to race.

That's worth saying as up until pretty recently was in doubt as a problem with the water pump on Max's car put his participation in doubt.

We're just about 12 minutes away from the race start and all cars are on the grid.

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the Sochi Autodrom for live coverage of the Russian Grand Prix.

That's our lot then from qualifying here in Sochi. We'll be back tomorrow with live coverage of the Russian Grand Prix. Join us then.

The top 10 order then for the Russian Grand Prix: 1 VET. 2 RAI. 3 BOT. 4 HAM. 5 RIC. 6 MAS. 7 VER. 8 HUL. 9 PER. 10 OCO.

That's Vettel's 47th career pole position in F1, but only his second for Ferrari. The last was in Singapore in 2015.

P7 is also Max's best qualiyfing here in Russia too.

Daniel equals his (and our) best qualifying result here with P5.

Max, though, lost ground in the final runs. He lost time in the final sector and failed to improve and he got jumped by MAS. So Max will line up in P7.

Daniel didn't manage an improvement on that final run but he'll still line up fifth on grid tomorrow.

VET is on pole ahead of RAI, BOT is P# and HAM P4. We think that's the first Ferrari front row lock out since France 2008.

Wow! that was some finish. Proper knife edge stuff.

The order is: 1 RAI 1:33.253. 2 BOT 1:33 289. 3 VET 1:33.426 4 HAM 1:33.464. 5 RIC 1:34.905. 6 VER 1:35.161. 7 MAS. 8 PER. HUL. OCO.

5 mins to go and Daniel is in P5 with a time of 1:34.905 and Max is P6, 1:35.161.

Everybody except Massa heads out on track.

Q3 is go.

Through to Q4 then are: 1 BOT 1:33.264. 2 RAI. 3 HAM. 4 VET. 5 MAS. 6 VER. 7 HUL. 8 RIC. 9 PER. 10 OCO.

However, out go: 11 SAI, 12 STR. 13 KVY. 14 MAG. 15 ALO.

Max is through in P6.

Daniel has abandoned the lap. P8 and safe.

Chequered flag.

Simon tells Daniel he needs a couple more tenths to be safe.

In the drop zone with 5 mins to go are: 11 KVY. 12 SAI. 13 MAG. 14 ALO. 15 PER.

Six minutes left: Max is currently in P5 on a time of 1:35.221 and Daniel is in P8 on 1:35.483. That's about half a second ahead of STR in P10.

Green light, pit lane open.

Through to Q2 are: 1 BOT. 2 HAM. 3 VET. 4 RAI. 5 VER. 6 OCO. 7 HUL. 8 RIC. 9 SAI. 10 MAS. 11 KVY. 12 PER. 13 STR. 14 ALO. 15 MAG.

Out though go: PAL, VAN, WEH, ERI, GRO.

Max was comfy in P5 and he eases into Q2. Daniel through too in P8 as HUL edges him for P7.

That drama masked the end of the session.

Caught too much of kerb at Turn 4 and the car bounced across the track and into the barriers. Hard hit but he's OK.

PAL has gone off track.

In the drop zone: ALO, WEH, VAN, ERI, GRO.

One min to go. Max is comfortable in P5 and Daniel is likewise pretty safe in P7.

Max is now P5, 1:35.301.

Daniel has bounced back to P7 with a time of 1:35.904.

Daniel has now dropped to P11 but is winding up again.

The current order: 1 BOT 1:34.177. 2 VET. 3 RAI. 4 VER. 5 HUL. 6 MAS. 7 PER. 8 OCO. 9 MAG. 10 KVY.

Max is then bumped to P4 by RAI. Daniel, meanwhile, slots into P9 with this opening hot lap. The time: 1:36.450.

Max into P3 with his first flyer - 1:36.021.

Max on track. And now joined by Daniel.

Q1 is underway....

One minute to go until Q1 now.

Ahead, Ferrari had the edge on Mercedesin FP3 with Vettel 0.3s up in BOT in third. RAI was second and HAM fourth.

In FP3 Max finished fifth and Daniel eighth and according to the drivers P5 and P6 are the most likely slots for us today.

It might be out laps, warm-up, push lap, or lesser or greater degrees of variation on that theme so finding the right window on track could prove tricky.

And that could have an effect on this session as team's pick their strategy and we end up with drivers running various programmes.

FP3 was all about trying to figure out just which lap of a more extended quali run than normal would yield the best time.

But here in Sochi those temps can't go high enough, as there's almost no deg here due to the smooth surface and getting the tyres into the working range is proving tricky.

Now at any circuit we'd be looking at those track temps with concern as we contemplated what kind of deg might occur on the ultrasoft that is the quickest tyre for quali.

The weather for this crucial hour of the weekend is pretty much perfect, with an air temp of 21˚C and a track temp of 40˚C.

Welcome back to Sochi, where we're live for qualiyfing for the Russian Grand Prix.

We'll be back in a couple of hours for Qualifying from Sochi. Join us then.

The full FP3 order: 1 VET. 2 RAI. 3 BOT. 4 HAM. 5 VER. 6 MAS. 7 HUL. 8 RIC. 9 SAI. 10 MAG. 11 STR. 12 OCO. 13 KVY. 14 ALO. 15 PER. 16 GRO. 17 VAN. 18 ER. 19 WEH. 20 PAL.

At the top Ferrari have a real edge on Mercedes at the moment, with VET in P1 on 1:34.001, RAI in P2 1:34.338. BOT is P3 +0.363 to VET and HAM is P4 +0.541 to VET.

Daniel ends the hour in P8 with a best lap of 1:35.830 +1.829 to VET.

So, Max finishes the session in P5 with a time of 1:35.45, +1.451 to VET.

Chequered flag.

Everybody is on longer runs now. Just counting down the last couple of minutes here.

Replays show Daniel stopping at the side of the track but he's running again.

Whoah, strange moment for Daniel there. He slowed massively on the pit straight, but then got going again.

1 VET 1:34.001. 2 RAI +0.337. 3 BOT. 4 HAM. 5 VER +1.451. 6 RIC +1.829. 7 STR. 8 MAS. 9 PER. 10 SAI.

RAI has gone into P1 - 1:34.338. But he's soon pipped by VET, 1:34.001. That's 0.680 up on P3 man BOT.

34.6 and 33.0 but he backs off a bit in S3, 28.1. It's still an improvement though - 1:35.830. P6 now.

Daniel setting his best sector times of the session so far...

Max is now 0.624 behind fastest man Hamilton.

Big improvement from Max there! He takes almost six tenths out of him previous best - 1:35.452. He's now P4.

Daniel and Max improving - Daniel now down to 1:36.040, that's +1.212. He's in P5. Max is now in P6 just 0.022 behind Daniel.

He's on ultrasofts.

Max on an out lap now.

Top 7 seven times all set on ultras. Times of MAS, SAI and GRO set of supersofts.

HAM is now into P1, with a time of 1:34.828. VET is P2 ahead of BOT, RAI, RIC, STR, VER, MAS, SAI and GRO.

Just over 20 mins in: 1 VET 1:34.933. 2 RAI +0.677. 3 BOT. 4 HAM. 5 RIC +1.440. 6 VER +1.780. 7 MAS. 8 SAI. 9 STR. 10 OCO.

Seems that the ultras are definitely delivering better lap time after a few tours Shape of quali to come?

VET, with his sixth lap of the morning, goes quickest 1:34.933.

So, Daniel has heeded Simon's instructions and has improved with another quick lap - 1:36.746. He's back to P3. Max now in P5 behind SAI, but Max is doing another quick one.

It's ultras all round at the moment with RAI now in P1 - 1:35.610. VET now into P2, just under two tenths behind.

They're both still circulating and Simon tells Daniel "let's think about keeping these tyres in the window".

And they've both opted for an out lap and single flyer.

Max, also on ultras, dislodges Daniel - 1:37.495 with his first flyer.

33.6 in S2 and 28.8 for S3. That's a lap of 1:37.547.